My new-style IHG Rewards Club credit card arrives – available from 23 June

My new IHG Rewards Club credit card arrived this week along with some promotional literature.

Unfortunately I can’t find a picture of it anywhere online.  I think it looks better than the old Priority Club Visa but a friend of mine who also got his disagrees!  (The image below is the membership card and not the credit card.  It is also different to the look of the US credit card.)

IHG Rewards Club

Here are the key things you need to know about the card:

It relaunches to the public on June 23rd

Whilst Barclays now has an Amex licence, for some reason they have decided to keep this card as a Visa-only package

All of the benefits remain the same – in particular, the free IHG Rewards Club Gold status on the free card and the free Platinum status with the £99 Black card

The Gold / Platinum status is, at last, being publicised as a benefit of the card.  I won’t need to answer any more emails from readers who want to know if you really get status or not!

The Black card will continue to give a free night in ANY IHG hotel for £10,000 of annual spend

The card is now contactless

We don’t know yet what the sign-up bonus will be.  I imagine that it will remain (for the Black card) at 20,000 IHG points via the public website and 30,000 points if you use a link from  The free card will probably stay at 10,000 points via the public site and 15,000 points via the link.

Unfortunately the old 40,000 points link which I was promoting on HFP will presumably now be dead.

Let’s see if there are any surprises when the application website finally goes live in a week or so.

(To see our complete list of all current credit card bonuses, click here to visit our ‘Credit Cards Update’ page or use the link in the menu bar at the top of the page.)

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  1. Clive J says:

    Not seen the IHG card yet but got the HHonours one through. Same 23rd start date and also contactless.

  2. Chris says:

    Thanks Rob as ever for your great advice! I’ve had this for 3 months now and contactless looks like the main improvement with the new card.

    One point to note from those of us who have been spoiled by Amex over the years is the glacially slow point crediting process both for the 30K bonus and monthly spend. Worth having this in mind if you hope to quickly earn and spend. The service centre gets there in the end but you need to push them!

    Not sure if the free night voucher is as much of a problem?

    • Sadly they’re just as slow with that – takes about six weeks or so (as opposed to the 241 voucher with Amex which posts within a couple of days!)

      • Do you know if the Hilton voucher is a physical voucher or a code they email to you?

        • A code. It’s not even a code, I seem to remember last time I was told it was on my account and I had to ring to book (this was a couple of years ago).

        • Indeed – they’ll email you a voucher that theoretically you’ll be asked for at checkin (although I never have) – just call the HHonors service number to book, they’ll see it on your account. Don’t know how it works with IHG yet bit pre presumably it’s similar.

        • they email to you

        • Stuart says:

          But when you book via the telephone it appears on your account

        • Stuart says:

          Bit off topic but Any idea if you can use the hilton free night for someone else? I’d like to use our next one for my brother in law so they have a different surname.

        • Should be fine, yes

        • Yes you can make Hilton reward bookings for others so this shouldn’t be any different.

  3. mike sanders says:

    My assumption when reading your articles on credit cards is that they are only for UK residents using UK bank accounts.
    Here in Hong Kong I have an airline linked Amex card for which there is an annual fee but every year I telephone them when I see the charge on my bill and after the usual to-ing and fro-ing it is always removed.

  4. Star Shaped says:

    Just note that the charges for foreign usage have changed for the worse with the new card (should that be something of interest to anyone).

  5. Stuart says:

    Any idea what the Barclaycard policy is on number of cards. Currently have the hilton card so will they allow me a new IHG card as well?

    • Chris says:

      Shouldn’t be a problem. I have the IHG one, 2 standard barclaycard and the freedom one or whatever they call it this week. I do work for several different companies and have the different cards in order to ensure I keep the expenses speared as it’s a nightmare if I get mixed up.

      I only got the last one six months ago and they had no problem. I bank with them though so they can see all my history etc. not sure if it makes a difference as all that would be visible on the credit check anyway.

  6. gnarlyoldgoatdude says:

    The (paperwork for the) new cards have the worst peel and reveal pin codes that I’ve ever seen. Both my code and my wife’s were badly damaged, with it being almost impossible to separate the layers to reveal the numbers.
    I had to get a new letter sent out.

    On the plus side my Big Win IHG card points have posted meaning that I had an effective sign on bonus of 65000 points.

  7. I was one of those people emailed in to ask about the terms of Platinum status with the Black card, the unwritten bit is that you actually have to use the Visa in order to get the status. I left my Black visa unused for a whole year thus my IHG status got dropped. A quick online purchase and a call to each IHG & Barclaycard solved the issue.

  8. flibbly says:

    I rec’d my new Black IHG card a few days ago. However it arrived the same day that I rang them to close the account as I was totally fed up of them.

    I got the £99pa card around September last year and was given Gold status. It took a few months of email ping-pong with IHG customer service to get them to issue me with Plat instead (I was told it would take 6 months at one stage, but they did hurry things up when I asked if it would also take 6 months to downgrade me should I cancel the card).

    Just a few weeks later, sometime in January they sent me another Gold membership card and it transpired I’d been downgraded as some sort of annual review for not having enough stays/nights the previous year. Cue another few volleys of email ping-pong.

    Then the last straw was a few weeks ago when yet another Gold status card arrived in the post.

    The woman from Barclays who I spoke to when cancelling was astounded by the level of service from IHG and in trying to retain my custom offered to get in touch with IHG for me and “guarantee” my Plat status. I don’t see how she could guarantee they wouldn’t bugger me about again, and the miserly benefits it offers aren’t worth the hassle anyway so I declined.

    I’m sure this card is worthwhile for some people, but I won’t be going anywhere near it again.

  9. Not sure if it’s been mentioned but BA have started their 25% bonus avios for hotel points transfers.

  10. I only received a PIN, not a card yet. Unfortunately I am going away for 2-3 weeks, I wonder if the old one will work after the 23rd of June.

  11. Trevor says:

    Received my new card & pin same day (great security) and while I couldn’t give a hoot about what it looks like, I also don’t care that it’s now contactless – a feature I so seldom use on cards I carry with me. What a waste of money to rebrand and “upgrade” this card – doesn’t IHG realise after using it once for the Big Win I’m finished with it? I’ll keep it til my anniversary, and off chance I may use it only to earn a few points to round off a points balance to something usable.

    • Lipton says:

      I have both the hilton and ihg cards and the new ones arrived yesterday along with both pins !! . The hilton honors customer service is appalling. Was transferred between Scotland, Bahrain and USA within in the same phone call.

  12. Jamjaw says:

    Does anyone know what will happen to my free night if I cancel the card?

  13. George says:

    23rd of June is here, and no sign of new applications opening up 🙁

    • The Hilton card has appeared on the Barclays website and there are two spaces next to it, so give it a day or so. No link on the IHG website either.

      • George Kyriakos says:

        Hilton has now a 1 July opening date. I suspect the IHG will slip too. No rush!

  14. HomeKey says:

    IHG CC site Still not live.