Last chance for 3,600 Avios with a £60 Tesco grocery order

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This is a final call for anyone who has yet to use the current Tesco Grocery bonus code to earn an easy 3,600 Avios or 3,750 Virgin Flying Club miles.

Using code XXPJPY, you will receive 1,500 bonus Tesco Clubcard points when you do a £60 grocery spend.  The code is due to expire on 30th June.

This code does not work for everyone. It will definitely work if you open a new Tesco Clubcard account. It is also working for people who have not done a Tesco grocery order for ‘a while’ – although it is not clear how long ‘a while’ is.  It worked fine for me but I have not done a Tesco grocery order for at least a year.

The quickest way to see if it works is to go to the Tesco grocery site and do a dummy order for £60 (search for ‘veuve’ and put two bottles in your basket!). Click checkout, select a random delivery slot, go to the payment page (do not put in a credit card number) and enter the code. The box is halfway down the payment page.

If it has worked, you will see this on your screen:


The voucher is then stored on your account. You do NOT need to complete the dummy order – the code will still be there if you do another grocery order later on.

If you don’t want to order your groceries from Tesco, consider spending £60 on some wine, nappies, dishwasher tablets or other expensive branded items which you buy anyway. It is a very easy 3,600 Avios or 3,750 Virgin Flying Club miles if you only buy items you need anyway.

Remember that Tesco has recently dropped the price of off-peak delivery slots to just £1 so the delivery charge may be nominal if you pick the right time.

You order needs to be delivered by Monday 30th June because the bonus points are not triggered until the goods are packed.  If you want to get a delivery slot over the busy weekend period then you should get onto it today.

Love Clubcard, don’t collect Avios?  You should be reading our sister site, Shopper Points (, which covers the latest Clubcard and Nectar offers without any distracting frequent flyer talk!  Why not check it out now?

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  1. I tried to register it about a month back online; however after registration I can’t login as no clubcard number is issued.

    Heard nothing for Tesco except marketing emails; any clue how to find my clubcard number.

    • chris says:

      if you have a blinkbox account (one you put you cc number in anyways, you can find it there in full detail, really an oversight for the check on the cc points site of entering numbers *since altho people shouldnt most use the same pw and email for all accounts*)

      how i log in to tescos now since its effort to get my cc card out so just log in to blinkbox and copy the cc numbers needed,

      tho since you most like talking about a new account to get the points this post if worth less lol,

      you can use the £15 of £60 tho with new accounts (email only) with out a cc number, what some people do every other week / month

      • Sorry I didn’t understand what you are saying.

        I’m not looking for £15 off £60 or this offer. I just want to know the clubcard number I register on

        Any one?

  2. Peggowski says:

    just tried to use it and it says it has reached the maximum number of uses.

  3. David says:

    I also got the “maximum times used” message. I used it but the OH had not completed an order, so I think Tesco have decided to pull it.

  4. Its ages since Ive used a Tesco grocery code – do they still work on the pre-offer total I.e. if you bought £60 worth of BOGOF products and therefore the actual total only came to £30?

    • chris says:

      that would work but only if they not BOGOF at todays prices, but tomorrow (or whatever the delivery day is for)

      since the price is worked out when the order is picked, so if you found something going to BOGOF tomorrow (but cost £60 today) than it would work

      • Thanks Chris

        • chris says:

          a lot of people do this the day before alcohol goes on sale, while is the the normal price

          tho for the cash off not cc points

          the other week tescos had litres for £20, but going on sale for £15 the next day

          so 3 litres ordered at £60 with £15 off to make £45 at a guide price, tho since when picked for delivery the price was only £15 x 3 at £45, than £15 off, it was a total of £30 or £10 each litre,

          easiest way to find things going on sale tomorrow is to look at all special offers and do a ctrl + f for tomorrow, same works for points (how the world veg ware found when at 25 points, most likely)

  5. “Sorry, this eCoupon cannot be accepted as it has already been used the maximum number of times.” 🙁

    • It’s just you, I promise you it is still working for other people!

      • pazza2000 says:

        Yep, working on my account/s I haven’t ordered from in a while. I assume even though the code sticks once added, come June 30th the code will expire and erase itself?

  6. Not related to this, but to Tesco Credit Card. What’s the best non-amex card to get Virgin Miles? The Virgin White MBNA Visa or the Tesco Credit Card? I got both, so I got both the sign up offers, but for the long term which would be better?


    • Hilly says:

      Thanks for the reminder. Used the code no problem this morning on my first ever Tesco online shop. Easy points.

  7. George says:

    Didn’t work back during the days of the original post… and doesn’t work now. Which is a shame, because despite having an account, I haven’t actually done a tesco grocery order, ever.


  8. Fenny says:

    Nope. That’s what comes of buying a 6 month delivery pass when laid up with a bad back in March. TBH, the ease of being able to do my shopping from the sofa and have a lovely Tesco bod deliver it makes up for not being able to use this coupon. Especially useful on weekends when I’m going to visit Ma and I can get anything she’s forgotten added to my order.

  9. Worked for me – picking up two bottles of bubbly and some Fairy Liquid bright and early tomorrow morning.

  10. Used this code a few times over the last couple of weeks, on a number of accounts that I hadn’t used in a long time plus a couple of new ones I registered last week. Orders all successfully placed and being delivered this week. How long does it take for these points to appear in my Clubcard account(s)? The delivery note shows that the bonus points were awarded, but so far (delivery +3 days) the points have not appeared.

    Thanks for the heads-up with this code. Much appreciated!

    • squills says:

      Points should be added to a/c within 24 hrs normally

    • Give it another 24 hours. All the points will arrive at once (base and bonus).

      • Thanks, points appeared overnight. With the help of that bonus points code I think my Avios total might exceed a quarter of a million for the first time. Just triggered an Amex companion voucher so I think the next reward flights for us might be a rare treat in First. Thanks once again for highlighting the code.

  11. idrive says:

    how much time does it take to receive a clubcard at home?

    • I’m getting a bit concerned about this, too. I collected my order on Monday, and no points (base or bonus) have posted. I’ve been to tescos since then, and those points have hit.

      • idrive says:

        the clubcard was delivered 5 days after . Though, when updated the clubcard number with the one printed on the card, the points on the old one disappeared and still have not been moved to the new one…

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