4,800 Avios for £20 via Blinkbox Books – extended to 31st July

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Blinkbox, the Tesco-owned streaming media company, has extended its current ebooks promotion until 31st July.  It was meant to finish on Monday.

Blinkbox Books

The Blinkbox Books homepage is here.

This is how the promotion works:

You receive 100 Tesco Clubcard points (worth 240 Avios, 250 Virgin Flying Club miles) for every ebook you buy

The minimum price to qualify for the 100 points is £1

You can receive the bonus on up to 20 books, for a total of 2000 Clubcard points

The last day to order is now 31st July

Here are the terms and conditions in full.  It works out at 0.4p per Avios point which is clearly a good deal.

It is easy to find books priced at exactly £1.

Go into a category, such as ‘Childrens Fiction’, search by price and you will find 15 titles priced at exactly £1. There are plenty more across other categories.

Unfortunately, you can only buy one book per transaction.   You will need to make 20 separate transactions to order the maximum 20 books which are allowed under this promotion.

The bonus points are posting OK so far.  They post in arrears and appear to be posting for everyone at the same time.  You may have to wait a few weeks until the next posting run but experience so far shows that you will get them without a fight.

Love Clubcard, don’t collect Avios?  You should be reading our sister site, Shopper Points (www.shopperpoints.co.uk), which covers the latest Clubcard and Nectar offers without any distracting frequent flyer talk!  Why not check it out now?

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  1. Lipton says:

    Can you use different clubcard accounts to get the 2000 points more than once ?

  2. That will be because the website is rubbish!! Constant errors

  3. The app is crap too. I managed to read the first few books Ok but I cant read any more. Useless.

  4. Yeah i biught around 10 books none got credited. I dont know how it works very unstable and error prone.

    • Have you checked back in your Tesco account to the date of the purchase to check if the points were credited?

      Unlike some Tesco CC transactions, the points are dated the day of the purchase, not the day they added to your statement so mine appeared a month earlier in the statement sequence rather than at the top. I hadn’t noticed they had added at first until I checked back down the transaction history.

  5. Howard0181 says:

    Mine were all added. Might go back in for some more on my daughters club card/

  6. Elena says:

    I just checked my account and the blinkbox appears however it says 0 points! Very interesting

  7. Sully says:

    Checked my account last week. 16 lots of 100 cc points and 2 lots of 200 cc points.
    All present and correct though

  8. Chris says:

    Hi All,
    I bought 20 books at a total of £25.87. They have posted onto my debit card as 20 separate transactions but no CC points yet. I also bought the Game of Thrones Box set (16.99) from Blink-box Movies and that shows at 16 points but no bonus yet.
    Word of warning – as they went through as separate £1 transactions my bank detected it as fraud and suspended my account. A 5 minute phone call reset it but something to be aware of.

  9. squills says:

    Catch up lol

  10. squills says:

    Raffles: so is Rocketmiles – which advertises on your site – really worth 8000 Avios for a first hotel stay?

    • No, because Avios is not a currency they do. You could get 8000 American miles, Etihad or whoever else you wanted. Site is perfectly legit, only issue is that the hotel booking is treated as a 3rd party one so you don’t get status benefits (possibly at a Hilton or Hyatt) and definitely no points or status credit from the hotel.

  11. Howard says:

    have bought 20 for myself, wife and son but I just realised that I have two different club card accounts in my own name.

    Is it to risky to buy 20 more using my second club card?

  12. My points posted after about 7 days I think – all present and correct..

  13. PalCsaky says:

    Off-topic: I noticed that clubcard points aren’t posting into my account from fuel purchases where I used Tesco credit card as a clubcard but paid with Amex. This started in the beginning of June. The points show on each receipt but never post into the clubcard account. Have Tesco closed the loophole now or is it just me being unlucky?

    • Odd. Has Tesco separated your two accounts? If they are on the receipts then its hard to believe they aren’t turning up.

      • PalCsaky says:

        I paid with Tesco credit card for some high street shopping and the points have posted ok. It’s just fuel points that never turn up. I rang the helpline numerous times but they tell me a different thing every time. The latest advice I’ve been told was to use the normal clubcard for fuel purchases.

  14. squills says:

    Actually you can stray over 20 books and still get another 100 points per book.

    I doubt very much whether Tesco will monitor this and even if they did, 22 or 24 is hardly abuse, just enthusiasm 😉

    • Andrew S says:

      No, I accidentally bought 22 books but only 2000 points hit my account.

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