10 more free Avios via Avios Suitcase

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If you have been taking part in the Avios Suitcase ‘game’ on Facebook, another badge has been added.

Avios is getting less generous with this promotion as it goes along.  This new badge is only worth 10 Avios points.  In order to earn it, you need to share a badge on your Facebook timeline promoting the fact that you can earn points for joining car breakdown group RAC.

(You can adjust your Facebook settings at the point you share the badge so that only you see it, not your friends.)

Avios Suitcase

If you haven’t played Avios Suitcase before, you can earn a couple of hundred Avios points by completing all of the existing tasks.  I seem to have 15 badges now!  You can learn more about it in this post.

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  1. SingingDwarf says:

    Another company still trying to get to grips with social media!

    Someone must be doing the maths on this promo at Avios!

  2. Brian says:

    Off-topic, but Loyalty Lobby says you can get another 50 Avios from Iberia plus entry to a competition for various flights. This is in addition to the one discussed some days ago. http://www.iberia.com/summerflights/

  3. MaltaPoints Tom says:

    I don’t wish to get all Cub Scout competitive on you Raffles, but I seem to have earned 19 badges. Have you just not bothered with 4 or not been offered them?

    For what it’s worth, mine are:

    -Tesco prize
    -Avios goal
    -Dropple gamer
    -Dropple (again)
    -Video share
    -Big reward
    -Fathers day

    • Andrew says:

      I’ve only been offered 17. I don’t have Paris, Rome or Stretch but do have one you don’t seem to have: Avios Adviser (share your Avios collection tip for 20 avios). I wonder what decides which stickers you’re offered

      • I’m up to 22 stickers now.

        The 20 mentioned above plus Big Reward Nomination Last Chance (between Fathers Day & Paris) and Quiz New York (after Quiz Rome).

        I think some of them are only available for a short period, hence why some people have a different number.

  4. Morten says:

    Just a reminder that if you don’t feel like spamming your friends, when earning the badges, you can change the privacy settings for individual “shares” on fb, so that only you can see it. I’ve done this with all of them and I still receive the badges and the points.

  5. Singing Dwarf says:

    This badge seems to be no longer available to those who don’t already have it?

    If anybody already has the badge, can they please click on it and then share the link – this worked for a previous badge that I had earned, but my wife no longer had access to.

  6. sircrusticroc says:

    Can’t be rsed to get a FB a/c

  7. I just set my Dad up with an account and got him 470 Avios.

    There were 3 quizes about the Big Reward (Paris, Rome and New York) which are still working which I don’t think were mentioned on HFP, the link for the Paris quiz is below, just change the id to be 37 and 38 in the link to see the other 2.


    In fact you can see all the stickers that have been available by starting with an id of 1 of going up from there, not every number has a sticker though and most of the ones that do don’t work now.

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