Tesco – NO Avios conversion bonus and CD’s for £1 via Clubcard Boost

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First off, here is the ‘no news’ you were probably expecting. It has been confirmed to me that there will be no ‘Tesco Clubcard to Avios points’ conversion bonus this quarter.

Instead there is the competition which a couple of readers have already seen promoted in-store by an Avios marketing team. Convert £5 of more of Clubcard vouchers and you can win one of 200 prizes of 9,000 Avios. Ho hum.

Moving on …

This is slightly off topic, but I thought it was worth mentioning as the Clubcard vouchers from the last quarter should be showing in your online account now and are available for redemption.

As I posted two weeks ago, Tesco is – until August 4th – offering 150 Clubcard points when you buy a long list of CD’s.  These are not pre-order CD’s, these are CD’s which are already for sale.

Take a look at the list here.

Calvin Harris

All of these CD’s are included in the current Clubcard Boost promotion.  As I wrote here, you can buy ANYTHING from Tesco Direct using Clubcard vouchers and receive a 100% bonus on their value.

This offer combines with the CD promotion.

Let’s take Calvin Harris, pictured above.  His CD costs £4.50 with 150 bonus Clubcard points thrown in.

This is how the transaction works, although you need to spend a minimum of £10 to use Clubcard Boost:

Cost of Calvin Harris CD (collected in-store):  £4.50

Pay using 225 Clubcard points:  – 225 points

Gain 154 Clubcard points for the purchase:  + 154 points

Net cost of CD:  71 Clubcard points

That isn’t a bad deal by any stretch of the imagination.  Even if Calvin Harris is not your thing, there are plenty more CD’s in the offer at around the £5 mark.

Remember that you need to order by August 4th to get the 150 bonus Clubcard points.

Love Clubcard, don’t collect Avios?  You should be reading our sister site, Shopper Points (www.shopperpoints.co.uk), which covers the latest Clubcard and Nectar offers without any distracting frequent flyer talk!  Why not check it out now?

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  1. Frenske says:

    Not sure you will get a 100% bonus on a bonus. Is this tested?

    • squills says:

      The 100% bonus referred to is the Tesco Boost – where £5 of TCC points = £10 when you buy from Tesco @ Tesco Direct.

      You’d only get 150 points per CD – not 300 if that’s what you were thinking.

      • Frenske says:

        D’oh … I am so absorbed with collecting points that I did not read that it cost 71 club points and read instead gain 71 points.

  2. This ‘no news’ at least leaves open the possibility of a conversion bonus after this quarter.

    My unconverted Clubcard stash is reaching levels where the risk of not converting to Avios at the usual rate is significant in case the rate is reduced or Avios dropped as a partner. Both unlikely I know but still the risk is there. Who, at the time, would have thought the Airmiles contract would switch from Sainsburys to Tesco ?

    • Danksy says:

      @tim with the way tesco trading is at the moment I wouldn’t bank on it!

    • MaltaPoints Tom says:

      Based on correspondence I have had with Nectar, it would not in the least surprise me in the least if Nectar (i.e. Sainsburys etc) introduced an airline partner (beyond easyJet).

      I am not saying this means Tesco will lose Avios (or anyone else), but simply that there are likely to be movements on the Nectar front.

      • ankomonkey says:

        Interesting MaltaPoints Tom. Not expecting you to break a confidence, but is there any indication if it would be a major player (I put BA and Virgin into that category) or a minor player (I put Easyjet into that category)? Unlikely though it is, I’d love to see it being possible to earn Avios and VS miles through Clubcard AND Nectar, although it may kill availability even further and lead to devaluation if numbers of miles/points in circulation increases significantly. Maybe it’s not such a good idea. I choose Emirates and Nectar since I live near BHX and the Emirates lounge there is excellent in my experience. Maybe also a One World member that isn’t BA…

        • MaltaPoints Tom says:

          Most certainly a major carrier, but beyond saying that I’d be speculating wildly.

          As you note, they’ve already got easyJet on the minor carrier side.

      • Erico1875 says:

        For economy long haul, due to the high taxes and charges, and limited availability,with BA and Avios , Nectar and Expedia are a real viable alternative for sub £550 flights in my opinion.

      • Didn’t know that, thanks

      • MaltaPoints Tom says:

        You can get a !0% points rebate on easyJet redemptions with Nectar’s “Collect more, fly more” promotion: http://www.nectar.com/collect/shop-collect-fly.points

    • squills says:

      It’s a bit of a worry, I might convert (say) 1/3 just to mitigate the risk a bit. Tesco & Avios certainly don’t seem particularly ‘loud & proud’ about the relationship, possibly a bad sign.

      • squills says:

        On the Tesco site they say: Upcoming Offers : If you missed the opportunity last month to say ‘thank you’ to someone to win flights with British Airways, don’t worry. There will be more opportunities to win prizes with Avios this summer with upcoming offers and prize draws.

        So probably no immediate urgency to convert?

      • callum says:

        Why would they be “loud and proud”? They don’t make an enormous fuss over any of their other partners.

      • I trimmed a little off my Tesco CC position today – around 20%. I think that perfectly reflects my judgement of the risk. Each make their own!


  3. kirill says:


    Raffles, there are some new amex offers which can be found in your account and loaded on the card.

    I am seeing:

    WORLD DUTY FREE / Spend £60 or more and get £5 back
    EUROSTAR / Spend £100 and get £15 back
    HOUSE OF FRASER / Spend £70 or more and get £10 back
    FIRST GREAT WESTERN / Spend £50 or more and get £10 back
    SKYPE / Spend £10 at Skype and get £5 back
    FENWICK AND BENTALLS Spend £70 or more and get £10 back
    FINE DINING RESTAURANTS WITH D&D / Spend £100 or more and get £15 back
    THE SAVOY HOTEL / Spend £500 or more, get £100 back

    Furthermore, there are some new offers on http://www.cardmemberoffers.co.uk/ including a dining and hotel discount, and some new hotel credit backs. Nothing looks too exciting but might help someone out.

    • Saw them yesterday, annoyingly my Skype account is only letting me buy $10 credit at a time 🙁

      • Czechoslovakia says:

        Used to be the case that you could change the currency you bought Skype credit in, USD, GBP and EURO, in multiples of 10 or 25 respectively. But this was hidden deep down in your settings somewhere.

        • Indeed, unfortunately their website refresh seems to have hidden that option!

    • Thanks for the tip off, kirill. I’ve got all of these except Eurostar showing; don’t suppose there’s a direct link to opt-in?

    • AndyGWP says:

      Thankyou – we also have a £5 off £40 Argos spend too 🙂

  4. Well they wouldn’t run an Avios bonus at the same time as a VS bonus would they. That’s just common sense.

    • squills says:

      Not sure it’s Tesco running those promotions: isn’t it the other way about? Obviously in coordination with Tesco – but Virgin or Avios/BAEC marketing dept would control the promotion, surely?

      Which side tipped you off, Raffles – Tesco or Avios?

    • Worzel says:
      • You’ve linked to a 2 year old post. Well done. Have a cookie.

        • Indeed – the last time there was an Avios conversion bonus, I believe. Fancy a cookie too?

          • No cookie for me, thanks.
            Still don’t see what your point is.

          • Sully, his point is that the last time Tesco ran an Avios conversion bonus, it was at the same time as one for Virgin…exactly what you suggested they WOULDN’T do “due to common sense”.

          • implying tescos have common scene is just wishfully thinking

            tho i think BA / virgin decide when to run promos (ofc tescos has a say in it tho not the deciding say)

            and for BA or virgin it makes sense to run them at the same time (tho ofc not planned but done after their offices got news of the deal, or i.e if you have 2 of the same type of stores across the street from each other, store A runs an offer with a big board outside, than ofc store B will see it and and try to beat that offer or atless match it since they want to get some money to, or everyone would go to store A)

          • The only thing that interests me is that, obviously, Tesco pays BA when you convert. Do they see a bonus as enhancing the value of Clubcard (good) or costing them cash by triggering redemptions (bad)?

    • They have in the past. And Amex actively encourages multiple bonuses at once to justify a mailshot.

  5. Back on topic… 4 decent cd’s for £20 minus £5 off £20 spend voucher = £15 rewards but £7.50 due to clubcard boost. 615 clubcard points earned on transaction. Happy with that.

  6. squills says:

    TDXR-JHG6 – expires 10/8 – works for everybody (?) – £5 off £20

    • sure you know by now (as most tesco cc collectors do or should, just from seeing it over the years)

      codes starting TDX/TD- are for everyone, codes starting TDXR- are for certain customers either via email or handing hand / receipts (tho ofc work for more than just the people they get issued them)

  7. still waiting and hoping tescos are silly enough to repete the offer from last sept for 750 cc points for hp inks, with the cheapest at £6 (£12 for 2) so 600 cc points for 750 cc points and 2 inks to sell or recycle for more points

    • On the latter point, it was the HP364’s that were cheapest last time, note the following: “Please note that from Monday 21st July 2014, HP 364 cartridges will no longer be eligible for points on the Tesco ClubCard scheme. Cartridges that are processed after Friday 18th July 2014 will automatically be donated to Tesco’s charity of the year, Diabetes UK.”.

      Off topic, but Raffles it might be worth mentioning that Tesco’s recycling factory page has recently published a revised valuation list!

      • Thanks Paul, will add it to the to-do list!

      • you ware off topic to begin with tho so was i, just hoping tesco do being back 750 on inks

        and with your 364 info

        best would be going the cash route via the recycling factory on 301s at £3 (£9 cost) for black and £3.35 for color (£11 cost)

        900 cc points for 750 than and a for sure £6 cash back from TRF, still sounds pretty good, tho ofc dreaming that tescos would be silly enough to add 750 points too during boost

      • Someone on PTS reported The Recycling Factory processed all their cartridges to Tesco’s charity of the year as they suspected them of being bought from ebay.

  8. The only reason I bother with Tesco is because of Avios, otherwise I wouldn’t go near their awful stores, with their terrible food. If they end that relationship they will lose loads of customers I would have thought.

    I’m actually really pleased to see the downward spiral they are on, considering they kept quiet and didn’t stick up for customers during the devaluation of air miles changing to Avios.

    • Lady London says:

      So, CC, you quite like Tesco, then?

    • callum says:

      You’re pleased that Tesco is struggling because they didn’t force British Airways to make their frequent flier scheme exactly as Tesco customers want it!?

      Just how much influence so you think Tesco have over BA? I’ll give you a hint, not a lot!

      • Don’t know about force, but could have stuck up for their customers, loyalty points influences where people shop. They know how many consistently converted at the time, and knew full well people were not going to be happy, but not a word from them, or Lloyds etc

        And actually its the overall poor quality of shopping there which makes me pleased they are going downhill, hopefully they will turn it around, if they do I will shop there more, its more convenient for me.

    • surely tesco will just get an airline of its own to keep you as a happy customer after reading your comments,

      you might crash land half way across the ocean (due to the planes being tesco value and may or may no contain nuts and or bolts) but im sure they let you use your points

      • Thanks for that thought of crashing, really looking forward to my next flight now!

        Although Tesco are probably more experienced in aviation than what you give them credit for, they are used to flying a lot of their dodgy products half way around the world every day!

    • CC, you seem to be working on the assumption that most Tesco clubcard collectors redeem their points for Avios.

      In reality, i expect only a relatively small percentage do so why on earth would you expect Tesco try to influence the decisionmakers within Airmiles/Avios regarding the devaluation? It will have made little impact to Tesco (or indeed the majority of its customers/CCP collectors).

      Just because many people on here will see Tesco as a source of Avios, MOST clubcard collectors probably see Tesco as a source of CC points to use as an (admittedly inefficient) method of saving money on their grocery shopping.

      If Tesco ended the Avios relationship I expect they will lose SOME customers, but only a very small amount (even in terms of serious CCP collectors), but nowhere near as many as you seem to believe they would.

      Sainsbury didn’t seem to suffer a significant adverse drop in sales when Avios and Nectar went their separate ways.

      • What you are saying is good point, it probably is a really low percentage that convert to Avios. So that’s why they didn’t care, wasn’t going to make a difference to their profit, that actually makes even more pleased they are on a slippery slope!

        Bottom line is, when I buy a twin pack of ripe avocados I expect them to be bloody ripe.

        • “Bottom line is, when I buy a twin pack of ripe avocados I expect them to be bloody ripe.”


  9. @TimS says:
    1 August 2014 at 3:45 pm

    Sully, his point is that the last time Tesco ran an Avios conversion bonus, it was at the same time as one for Virgin…exactly what you suggested they WOULDN’T do “due to common sense”.

    Yes, my point exactly. They did it two years ago and have not done it since, due to seeing common sense.
    Really people, you are dumb sometimes.

    • No, they haven’t done it since because they haven’t run a bonus of ANY kind since then, whether clashing with VS or not.

      Nothing to do with “common sense”, just commercial reasons.

      If you can’t see that maybe you shouldn’t start throwing insults around without looking closer to home. Just saying…

    • Aside from the obvious historical precedent already noted, I don’t get your “common sense” argument. To me, it makes sense that BA should want to run a bonus at the same time as VS. Personally I collect in both schemes. I’d be reluctant to justify moving Tesco cc points to BA at a time when I could move them to VS and have them worth significantly more due to the bonus. Is it not in BA’s interest in this scenario to run a bonus too, which may encourage me to move the points to avios and fly with them instead? I don’t see your rationale as to why you think it’s common sense they would explicitly try and avoid a bonus at the same time.

      • since i dont follow miles or vs (more of a rolax via goldsmiths / resale guy)

        but i dont think virgin has run any bonuses since nov last year when BA did,

        tho yes it would make sense for BA to chase customers when virgin do offer bonuses, to try to get some of the customers that would otherwise go else where,

        and ofc tescos doesnt mind if they offer bonus at the same time, ofc tescos would love us all to spend cc points in store at times 1, but either way 1 bonus or 2 running they making a profit since cc points are free to them (im sure ba/vs pay them more for marketing then they give out)

  10. The competion is now on the Tesco Boost site, it runs until the end of August.

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