A joke for anyone who has ever used the Servisair lounge in Heathrow Terminal 1

If you have never been to the Servisair (eg Priority Pass etc) lounge in Heathrow Terminal 1 then you won’t understand the humour in this.  Anyone who has ever set foot in the Servisair lounge will smile though.

As I mentioned in my article on Aer Lingus on Thursday, I couldn’t use the new Aer Lingus lounge in Heathrow Terminal 2 last week because it had yet to open.

Instead, I was offered the chance to use the Servisair lounge in Terminal 1 instead.  I was given the following set of instructions:

Take the escalator, lift or stairs to gate level

Make your way through the Departures lounge towards Gate 16, past the Play Area which will be on your right hand side

Continue walking straight ahead, following the signs to Terminal 1, walking past the Special Assistance Area on your right hand side

At the end of the corridor take the lift or staircase down one level then turn left out of the door

At the double doors, take a right

Follow the signs to Terminal 1 departure lounge.  You will be walking in the opposite direction of the travelators.

Upon entering the departure lounge, at the end of the travelators you will WH Smith on your left hand side

Walk past WH Smith towards Hamley’s and Clarks

On your right hand side, you will see a staircase and lift. Use either to make your way to the Servisair lounge which is located on the first floor.

And then, after all that (and remember you have to come back again!) this is what you will find:

Servisair T1

…. although, for the full Servisair experience, you need to imagine that every single seat is taken by a coach party that threw in access as part of a package tour.

I promise you, it’s not worth it ….

Luckily Aer Lingus was offering £20 food and drink vouchers as an alternative, so I popped into Caviar House and bought half a bottle of champagne to drink that evening!

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  1. Horburyflyer says:

    Certainly put a smile on my face…..so not worth it for sure. I am pleased Virgin Atlantic Little Red stopped using this sometime ago, though they offer a £10 costa card!

    • ‘Due to customer feedback’ says the Little Red website !!!

      • Horburyflyer says:

        Indeed it was, I remember meeting the Director of Short Haul at VS and he said the feedback about the Servisair lounge was pretty clear, it just wasn’t good enough!

  2. Brussel Sprout says:

    Is the upside that the process will work in reverse and you can walk through from T1 to T2 to use the Priority Pass invitations there instead?

  3. CliveJ says:

    Eager to use my Priority Pass from the Amex Gold card, I sought out this lounge on a weekend hop to Dublin a few months ago. I was working from memory with the directions and went the wrong way. After a bit of wandering around I found a BA lounge, where they politely told me the PP was worthless. By this time I had gone through security and couldn’t get back. So I ended up at Costa Coffee; but at least I signed up for their loyalty card so it wasn’t completely ‘pointless’ 🙂

  4. It would put a smile on my face were it not for the fact that I’m still trying to get over the shock of a recent experience in that place. Horrendous. I only used it because I was travelling with family and didn’t want to risk getting turned away with the kids at the BA lounge, since it’s beyond another security check point and no return etc.

    I also learned a hard lesson on Priority Pass. This was the first time I actually used my PP card, and word to the wise, read the ticket very carefully before you sign…despite explaining that one of the kids was under 2yrs old, and should have been free, when I signed for “5 users” I ended up paying £15 not only for the other 2 kids (wife was free, tks to Amex Plat), but for my 16month old daughter as well. Users = guests apparently. Staff on the desk don’t talk, they grunt….I could go on..

    The fact they charge anyone to use this place is a joke, I’d think twice about using it again even if they offered to pay me!!

  5. Yes I’ve spent a fair few hours in that place and it isn’t fun – and I guess it isn’t going to get an overhaul now. But on the note of coach parties, I am finding this a headache at a lot of lounges these days. Manchester T3 Escape lounge is the old Flybe one, now open to all and sundry so PP, DC, Angel, pay as you go etc and annoyingly, the coach parties…but to top off the misery the Escape people reserve large swathes of the lounge for boozy scousers on said trips who pillage every morsel of food in sight “because it’s free”, get blind drunk, noisy and then leave. The lounge experience should be limited to parties of no more than four and they too should have to find a seat when they arrive like I do (in my case when turning up with a near £500 return flight on Flybe).

  6. Trickster says:

    They are not all bad. The Servisair Aspire lounge (which I believe us a recent renovation) in Manchester was nice, plenty of light, great views of the airfield, and not too busy. Good choice was limited though.

    • Manchester is great, I wrote about it last year. Better than the BA lounge.

      • trickster says:

        It was Terminal 1 we were in, but I believe they’ll all been updated.

      • Czechoslovakia says:

        Totally agree, ask Janice there for some her fruit cake, its amazng!

    • No 1 Edinburgh and Aspire by Servisair Edinburgh both very nice – much better uses of lounge passes than the LHR T1 Servisair by many orders of magnitude 😀

      • Agreed, I prefer No.1 Lounge to the BA lounge at EDI, very fed up with BA sandwiches and biscuits.

      • Flybe now use the Aspire lounge in Edinburgh – so you might find it getting a bit busier.

        • Ah interesting. Hopefully p2 of the renovations are now complete and the enlarged lounge area has now opened – will see in a couple of weeks! (and will send Raffles some photos :D)

  7. InsideIndustry says:

    Thankfully T1 is being demolished next year.

  8. Andrew S says:

    Flying from the regions a few years ago these servis air lounges were the only option. No food was present so on top of the 15quid entrance you needed factor in a further 8-9quid on food somewhere.

    Thankfully competition (do we thank no1 lounge or falling revenue?) has forced the change to aspire which is much improved.

  9. Oh! Matron! says:

    Ryanair don’t do airport lounges. But if they did….

  10. Was in T1 Servisair this week before flying out to Frankfurt-Rio-Curitiba. I’d got access for the family through booking the flights through RBS account services. Whilst I get the point it’s hardly top brow, it still beats the busy seating areas and crowded cafes below and offered a bit of respite before a gruelling journey. It was mid-afternoon on a Wednesday and there must’ve been around 40 people in there including ourselves so not heaving (though I did see the T3 one at well over capacity once).

  11. Not quite T1, but No1 Gatwick was full on one of my trips (have PP with Natwest Black). Overheard woman in front of me ‘What do you mean it’s full. I have the AMEX Platinum card. I bet nobody else here has an AMEX platinum card’. Not sure if she wanted the desk to throw out the ‘coach parties’ but was quite funny. Ended up sitting in F&B next door.

    Lounges are getting busy now so not sure of benefit anymore on UK side. PP does come in useful when coming back though.

    • Andrew S says:

      Perhaps this will encourage some new startups and provide a little more competition? 🙂

    • squills says:

      Anybody who’s there just for the free beer should get slung out on their arse.

      Oops 😉

  12. Richard Brown says:

    Have never found a Servisair lounge I have liked, the best so far being a few years ago at Manchester. The one at Gatwick south is dire, overcrowded and with poor catering!