Win a day pass to the new Regus business lounge in Terminal 5

The new Regus business centre at Heathrow Terminal 5 is due to open today, August 11th.

Based on the Arrivals level (landside), it offers visitors the chance to relax and work away from the bustle of the main terminal.  There will be plenty of space to sit and work.   High speed wi-fi is free, as is unlimited tea and coffee.  You can also book a meeting room if you need one.  Printing, scanning and copying facilities are available.

I write a lot of Head for Points in Regus centres around London and can recommend them to ‘wandering’ self employed people!

You will need a Regus Businessworld Gold, Platinum or Preferred card in order to use the centre in Terminal 5.  These are available for free to members of various loyalty programmes – you may already qualify for one.  I wrote this article in January on the various options.

Additional Regus centres are currently under construction at the Gatwick South terminal and at Birmingham International Airport.

Regus Heathrow

5 Day Passes for the Terminal 5 business lounge to give away!

I have five day passes for the new Regus Terminal 5 centre to give away today to readers who do not have a Regus Businessworld card.

If you would like one, please email me at raffles [at] before midnight tonight (Monday) with ‘Regus’ in the subject line.  You must include your postal address (UK addresses only) and whether you want one or two passes if you win.  I will open emails at random and, depending on whether people want one or two passes, keep opening emails until all five are allocated.

(Please do not put any additional questions or comments in your email, as I will only open those from the winners!)

Please only enter if you are fairly sure you can use it, or you will be depriving another HFP reader.  Consider these points:

The pass must be used before 30th September

The lounge is only open Monday to Friday, 6am to 7pm

I will post the passes out on Tuesday so you would receive them Wednesday or Thursday

The lounge is landside on the Arrivals level in Terminal 5.  You could use it before a flight but you would need to give yourself enough to time to get through security on the Departures level.

The best use of the lounge would be for someone coming into Heathrow with an hour or so to kill before they need to set off for Central London, or who would be meeting someone arriving on a flight.

If you want to find out more about the lounge, see the Heathrow Airport website here.

PS.  The photo above is the image used on the day passes.  However, I don’t think it is actually taken at the Heathrow lounge so don’t expect it to look exactly like this.

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  1. Which reminds me… I have a Regus gold card from bmi days. I have never used it. I recently stopped at Cambridge services on the A14 and noticed they had a Regus lounge, so thought it was my chance. But the card reader wouldn’t let me in and I couldn’t find anybody to help. Do all Regus lounges have unmanned entry or should I go to a city centre location to speak to a human?

  2. squills says:

    Let’s see if Virgin silver upgrade works this time – link is still active – free gold Regus included 😉

    Congratulations on registering for our Flying Club offer! You’ll be receiving it very soon.

    Meanwhile, keep an eye out for our award-winning monthly e-newsletter Well Red which is packed with even more great offers.

    • Link please. I remember 1 floating around. But my account was never upgraded to silver

    • I’ve never used my VS one, but maybe I’ll try the lounge before popping into galleries for my jacket potato 😛

  3. Slightly diff topic, but i have Cathay Pacific Gold card – do you think ba will allow me to take my wife and 3 year old in the lounge at t5? Travelling economy.

    • Officially not, depends how busy they are though. Remember there are Club lounges at both ends of the terminal so if one turns you down you can try the other!

      • Oh yeah thats a good shout – i will give it a go. Thank you

      • czechoslovakia says:

        May I ask, is this because of the age of the child? Was there in July (myself Cathay Gold) + wife + infant. I went there expecting to be told to go away, but OW sapphire lets me take 1 guest. If we do the same trip next year, my son will have his own ticket, and presumably that makes 3 of us?

        • Kids without a ticket do not count as a guest for the purpose of ‘cardholder and 1 guest’ rule. Once the kid is 2 they need guesting in like an adult.

        • czechoslovakia says:

          Thanks Rob / Justin. Really do need AMEX to get me a OW gold card for next year, otherwise flying BA with the family thru T5 is going to be a no go. Any plans on a Priority Pass lounge at T5 at some point in the future?

        • No, seems not, doubt Heathrow would sacrifice space that could be used for more shops!

        • Hi yeah my child is 3 and on her own ticket.

      • I have cx gold (equiv to ba silver) but do I need to be flying ba to use a ba lounge?

  4. rotundo says:

    Can you get to the T5 Regus lounge if you arrive in T1 then have some time to kill before catching a flight from T5? I’m not sure if you have to stay airside or if you can go landside then go back through security.

  5. Can’t use the cards as do not usually fly from Heathrow but nice competition again Raffles 🙂

  6. Thanks for the tips! I just signed up for a free Regus BusinessWorld Preferred account with my Avis Preferred number via Amex Plat 🙂
    Do you think I can get another one with the United MileagePlus program (which is free for all) – or is there a limit of one per person / per annum?

    • I would leave it and wait until you’ve used up the visits on your first one, because if nothing else it resets the clock on any expiry period for the visits. No point getting two now if you won’t start using the 2nd one for 6 months and there is a 12 month expiry (not sure, just surmising).

  7. Stefan O. says:

    Yes, please! I’d love pass for T5 as I don’t have to sit with the masses any longer.

  8. David Shem-Tov says:

    Looks like the free offer for AAdvantageelite has been pulled out.

  9. FIRSTclstraveller says:

    Raffles, just FYI and trying not to steal your thunder! I received an email from Heathrow Rewards with a link to claim a free pass, see here

  10. Yes, just saw this in the Heathrow Reward newsletter!

  11. Thanks for the tip – I’m sitting in the Regus lounge now, using it for a few hours work after missing a flight. It’s quite small with just 8 chairs in total – 6 around a large table and two armchairs. However, it’s a quiet pleasant place to work for a couple of hours, with free coffee and fast wifi. I feel like I’m being more productive too, without the temptation of the drinks in the BA lounge.

    It’s at the far South end of T5. From arrivals, continue past the red lifts, and go up to floor 1 on the last set of escalators.