Regus tightening up on free BusinessWorld Gold cards

You may remember that I wrote a piece last year recommending Regus business lounges.  At that time, Regus was, amazingly, giving away free access (unlimited visits) to their lounges via a number of loyalty programmes.  Recently, though, Regus has been tightening up and you need to be more cunning.

Let’s take a step back, though.  The company Regus may or may not be familiar to you.   They are the worlds leading provider of ‘serviced office space’.  This is, fundamentally, treating office space like a hotel.

You want an office for a day / a week / a month / a year for 1 / 2 / 5 / 20 people?  They can provide it.  You don’t need to worry about furniture, IT, cleaning, receptionists etc – they provide it all.  It is an effective route for start-ups or for businesses which are growing quickly.

However, it is the other side of the Regus operation that is the point of this post.

Almost all Regus centres feature a ‘business lounge’.  A large percentage of Head for Points is written in Regus lounges!  They vary in size, but most feature open-plan seating areas, 1-4 Apple Mac computers available for free use and 1-10 ‘pods’, available on a first come, first served basis (for free) which provide a semi-private work area.

Free Wi-Fi and free tea and coffee are provided in all lounges.   Here is a picture of 1 Poultry in the City of London, which is next to Bank tube station (the pods are the blue and white things at the back):

Regus lounge 1 Poultry

If your job takes you ‘out and about’ a lot, or you work for yourself but simply don’t like sitting in Starbucks or your house all day, then working out of Regus lounges is a very viable alternative.  Regus also has a global network, so you can pop into centres pretty much wherever you are in the world.

Frankly, even if you buy an UK annual pass for £420 + VAT, it is a bargain if you use it a lot.  I use a Regus lounge 2-3 times a week, so £420 + VAT would be worthwhile.

Historically, though, you didn’t even have to pay that.  There were numerous loyalty programmes that issued a FREE BusinessWorld Gold card to their members on request.

Recently, though, Regus has clearly been tightening up.  They have introduced a new card called ‘Regus BusinessWorld Preferred’.  This is now the card of choice when giving out freebies to members of travel loyalty schemes.

Regus BusinessWorld Preferred is not a bad card.  You get 15 free visits per year to Regus business lounges, which is still very handy.  However, if you are there once a week or more, it clearly won’t do the job.

I have taken a look at some of the offers currently available via loyalty schemes (EDIT: I have updated the original list with suggestions from reader comments, thank you everyone):

IHG Rewards Club – offer seems to have ended

Avis Preferred (available free to Amex Plat holders) – downgraded to Regus BusinessWorld Preferred

American AirlinesGold still seems available to elite members

United MileagePlusonly offers Regus BusinessWorld Preferred

Miles & More – offer seems to have ended

Virgin Flying ClubGold still available to Silver and Gold members and Black credit card holders.  Importantly, as you can see from the link, Virgin offers their base level (free sign-up) members the chance to buy a BusinessWorld Gold card for half price at £210.  You will also receive 3,000 Virgin Flying Club miles.

TripItPro – offers BusinessWorld Preferred but also throws in a free day office voucher.  Not a bad deal for the $50 cost of TripItPro.

Diners Club Germanystill seems to offer BusinessWorld Gold (link deleted as now dead).  Not sure if you could activate this with a Diners Club card number from a different country.

National Car Rentalwebsite says that Emerald level members receive BusinessWorld Gold, but when you click through it only offers you BusinessWorld Preferred

RICS (UK Chartered Surveyors)now only offers BusinessWorld Preferred, although ironically the activation code remains MSREGUSBWGOLD

Deltastill offers Gold but only to those who have purchased Sky Club annual memberships

If you know of any other Regus BusinessWorld promotions available via travel loyalty schemes, please let me know.

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  1. Andrew (@andrewseftel) says:

    Very useful promotion indeed. You’ll occasionally spot me at the Berkeley Square one when my Mayfair office is overflowing and out of hot desks(!)

    Krisflyer ended too. Searching Google for ‘free Regus gold’ yields results, albeit for promotions that you’re not entitled to.

  2. Nick Burch says:

    Do you know how to check if your existing Regus BusinessWorld Gold card is still valid, if you got it via an airline partner? (Mine doesn’t seem to have any expiry details printed on the card)

  3. squills says:
  4. The CX Marco Polo club offers some benefits although no specific mention of a Business world Gold card. I am not familiar with the Regus offering, but this could be useful to someone :

  5. Waribai says:

    So is the only difference with the gold card, unlimited access rather than the 15 visits with the preferred card?

  6. Regus Business Preferred is complimentary with TripIt Pro subscription. Doesn’t look like a bad deal for a $50 TripIt Pro membership

  7. Any idea what they’re doing with old Gold cards? There didn’t seem to be an expiry on them!

  8. Brett Voyager says:

    I used to be a client of Regus in the West End. Service was pretty poor. Came in one weekend for a go live and all the telephone lines were down! Just got a shrug of indifference when I complained to staff on the Monday. Since then I’ve attended training courses run by companies at their various sites and while passing the business lounges that looked swanky, but busier the LCY on a Monday morning, the actual rooms were of a poor quality. The chairs were worn or rickety and the projectors and screens blurry. They’ve been buying up other serviced office companies, and expanding into odd locations, but their core product seems to be neglected. Maybe that’s why they are withdrawing benefits and increasing charges for this product?

  9. I still have one from when I had BMI Gold.
    When I asked if it expired (admittedly when BMI still existed) they said there was no expiry date- wonder if it is still the same?

  10. I have a free Gold card from Business Traveller plus a free one issued about 5 years ago from a tie in Australia with Diners Club which you could apply for in the UK by making up a pretend Australian account number if I remember correctly.

    I have used them in New York, Rotterdam, Hong Kong and London and Berlin for checking email, coffee and facilities. In Rotterdam the staff all left for the day at 5:00 pm and the cleaner and I were left alone with the coffee machine and computers.

    I have always assumed they never expire.

    • I used the new ‘flagship’ one near Grand Central last year. A year before, I used one in an office block on Times Square which was interesting – one of these never-renovated 1930’s buildings!

  11. AndyGWP says:

    Thanks Raffles – decided to go for this but wouldn’t have done without the reminder.

    My AA Gold expires next month, so it’ll be one of the last benefits I receive with the card 🙂

  12. When i activated mine it says gold on the membership rather than Preffered but i still have not used it yet. Iam. Waiting for the physical card to arrive first. So we will see when it comes what it says on it. Anyone knows how long it takes them to send the cards out?

  13. What are the opening hours of the lounges?

    I have a Gold card from BMI days that I have never used, but I’ve just realised some of their London lounges would make good alternative to station waiting rooms.

  14. IIRC, when I last asked in London the lounges are open 8.30am to 5pm – that may be 30 mins out either way, but gives the idea.

    Got mine from the IHG promo two years back. Think the card was with me in about 7-10 days.

  15. pazza2000 says:

    Do you need the physical card for entry? I’ve accessed ‘once’ before with my membership# (via email) & ID.

    • No, a bit of paper should do it – my card often fails to swipe and they are happy to key in the number. Not sure what the official policy is however.

  16. uclalum says:

    as far as I can tell, Emerald Club members get one year of Gold Membership free:

    But when you click on the link it will only activate a preferred membership. Have had gold for ~3 years but never used it once.

    I also have the membership from another partner, can can’t remember: Delta Platinum, Marriott Gold, IHG Gold, AAA Plus, Costco Executive, AmEx MR (Green)….one of these…

  17. Mark S. says:

    As I understand it, Regus Businessworld Gold still comes with Delta Sky Club memberships.

  18. The lounge I’m frequenting was almost always empty – now it’s bursting with people at 8 AM. Guess the good times are over 🙂

    • I was in Lombard Street on December 27th and I was totally alone!

      If you’re in a city with numerous options, its worth visiting a few to get a feel for how busy they are. There are very weird anomalies in London where some are heaving and some are dead. Any that are inside an office block away from the ground floor tend to be quieter because they are more trouble to get into.