Amex offer at London Westfield’s – £20 off £100 spend

American Express is running a promotion with both of the mega Westfield shopping malls in London.

Until 31st August, which does not give you long, you will receive a £20 statement credit when you spend £100.

Unlike most Amex promotions, the £100 spend does NOT need to be at one single store.  You can shop at a mixture of stores, on different days if necessary.


Frankly, the easiest thing to do is to buy £100 of gift vouchers at a participating outlet.  Waitrose is participating, for example, so buying £100 of John Lewis / Waitrose gift cards (yes, they have finally started doing plastic gift cards and got rid of the paper vouchers!) is an easy one.

I won’t be back in the UK before the 31st, unfortunately.  If I was I would be tempted to register every Amex card I can find and buy £100 of Waitrose vouchers on every card, given we shop there every week.

The site to register, and which also has the list of participating stores, is here.

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  1. Combined with the house of Fraser £10 off £70

    Makes this a great deal.

    Personally, I fancied 20% off at Apple 🙂

  2. Richard says:

    Just had not only he confirmation on Amex of a £20 credit in respect of £100 spent in Waitrose on Thursday, but actually had the credit applied to my account on Friday. I’m impressed with the speed of it.

  3. Spent over £100 in Westfield yesterday, no email or statement credit showing up yet!

    • You won’t get the credit until after the original charge shows up. If you used an MBNA or Lloyds Amex you rarely get emails either.

      • Thanks for the clarification. With some offers in the past, I’ve received immediate emails just after I completed the transaction.

    • RIccati says:

      It is also a weekend.. transactions might take an extra working day to appear on the statement.

  4. Does it take longer to receive the £20 credit on MBNA cards? I spent over £100 on Friday and it is on my online statement but no credit yet

    • Just got the confirmation email today. That was a long wait but glad it worked out!

    • I got all 9 emails today having used all 9 cards on Friday. Only the Amex issued cards already have the credit applied today.

  5. Got the £20 back for spends on Sunday where the £100 was all at one store, but not where it was from a mixture of stores. All transactions have posted. How long should I leave it before sending them a secure message?

    • You should wait a much longer time and not be too impatient – there is no rush! The card issuers besides Amex would most likely not have even posted the transaction to your statement yet, nevermind a refund. Sometimes they come within a few days and very often longer, while their t&c’s state it can take up to 2 billing cycles, so you have no grounds to complain or demand just yet.You should wait at least a month.

      • I wasn’t about to complain or demand anything! It would just have been a polite question… anyway the statement credit has come through today 😀

        Was just a bit concerned as all the transactions that went through said e.g. Waitrose *Westfield* but the ones that took a day longer were small amounts adding up to 10 merchants which all were located in White City!

  6. As an added bonus, Avios were not taken away for the statement credits. So on the BAPP I got 150 Avios for an £80 net outlay.

  7. Hi,
    I used my Llyods Duo card to make a purchase – 2 separate transactions on 29th. They are reflected in the statement, but no credit applied. As someone mentioned, does it take close to 2 billing cycles?

    • It is a lot slower on cards which are not issued directly by Amex, but definitely not 2 billing cycles.

    • It might be worth sending them a secure message or giving them a call as I had an issue of the credit not posting on my Gold card.

      It turned out that only 2 of the 3 transactions I’d done on 30th August had flagged up for the offer even though all 3 appeared on my account as confirmed. The third transaction was still showing as pending on 1st Sept and only moved to confirmed on 2nd Sept (with 30th August date) so I think it missed the automated system cut-off.

      To give them credit, CS responded within 24 hours and posted the credit the next day once I had pointed out the 3rd transaction that took the spend over £100.

  8. Registered a Amex issued by Barclaycard received the registration confirmation email and spent the required £100. But have yet to receive the £20 credit, yet my another issued Amex cards have all received the credit.

    I have no idea who to contact, I’m not sure Barclaycard would have a clue about the offer?