1000 Clubcard points (2400 Avios) with Braun products from £24

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Tesco has a launched a new Clubcard promotion in conjunction with Braun.  This offers potential if you are in the market for super-plush hairbrushes, would like to go into an ebay business selling hairbrushes, or are looking for a new shaver or hairdryer!

Take a look here for the list of items in the offer.

You receive 1,000 Clubcard points (2,400 Avios or 2,500 Virgin Flying Club miles) for every item you buy.

Braun BR170

The cheapest item is the Braun BR170 “hair brush with active ions and IONTEC technology” which sells for the odd price of £24.36.  That means you are paying exactly 1p per Avios point if you do ‘click and collect’ to avoid postage costs.

There is already an active market for these hairbrushes on ebay as you can see here.  The Tesco price seems a bargain compared to what is being asked by many sellers, so I would expect you to be able to get much of your £24.36 back.  That said, you may need to wait a while before selling as there may be a glut following this promotion.

The Tesco ‘1000 points’ deal runs until 8th September.

PS.  There is also an offer for 1000 Clubcard points when you spend £100 on Fisher-Price toys.  See here for details.  This deal also runs until 8th September.

Love Clubcard, don’t collect Avios?  You should be reading our sister site, Shopper Points (www.shopperpoints.co.uk), which covers the latest Clubcard and Nectar offers without any distracting frequent flyer talk!  Why not check it out now?

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  1. Hairbrush out of stock…why am I not surprised!

  2. There is also a Braun promo for 500 points, for some cheaper items, including the Braun Mobile Shave M90 electric shaver, £19.50.

    Cheapest item for 500 points is some sort of trimmer for sideburns, at about £14.

  3. I considered purchasing a few for resale purposes but looking yesterday the cheapest version does not sell that well and new listings since this offer began has driven the prices lower and lower. Glad i didnt go for this in the end. Resale on ebay comes at a cost which lots of people dont always consider like p&p, jiffy bags, recorded post rates on a small parcel, paypal fees and reducing your prices to stay competitive. Considered also the more expensive versions but then as your list prices go up so does all your ebay / paypal fees. There didnt seems to be any mention on here of the 500 point offers for smaller braun items?

    • If you cut your costs to the bone then you are still purchasing Avios on the cheap.
      If I were to sell one of these at the cheapest price I can see on eBay, £18.75, and only send via small package rate of £3.20, (only proof of posting required for small value items, I have had to make a claim before and the PO paid up within 3 weeks. But always send first class to comply with my top rated seller status) pop into a bubble envelope (25p). Final selling and insertion fee approx. £1.50, paypal 45p. You are paying about £10.50 or there abouts for 2.4k Avios.

  4. OOS now on the cheapest version so post will need editing to reflect the price of the next one up. May see this version OOS by tomorrow also?

  5. OMG.
    The £41.25 next cheapest version is also OOS now.

  6. Bit of a non-deal with the cheapest product available being £50…

    • Set a stock alert, they may come back in next 2 weeks

      • Think the posting header needs to be ammended now as the £24.36 cheapest version used in the introduction has now been removed completly. The £41.25 version is now the cheapest with a stock alert button attached. Must of been limited stock of the cheapest version.

  7. Oscar the grouch says:

    OT: But does anyone have any inside info on any upcoming amex MR bonuses? Personally would like one to SQ….

  8. Do we not get into Mr T’s “bulk buying” investigations again?

  9. When on Tescos site does it show all of Tesco offers for bonus clubard points?

  10. Erico1875 says:

    This selling on ebay all seems a lot of hassle.
    The 53.95 gift cards is a much simpler method.
    Buy 7 for £377.65 get 1050 bonus CC points(2520 Avios)+ 775 MRpoints
    Dump £350 into NS&I
    Generate 14p per litre fuel save (worth a fiver)
    Total Avios 2520 +775 =3295 Avios
    Cost 27.65 minus 5 = £22.65
    About 0.67p per Avios
    I normally do a mix and match, spending about £1500 between 53.95 visas, B+Q,Argos, Mothercare and 3vs a month
    The last few months we have had a lot of money off till spits and we also got sent a couple of £8 off £80 voucher booklets which has been handy to reduce the Avios cost down to about 0.3p

    • Thanks Erico, interesting. I will write something on the £53.95 cards again soon as I haven’t covered them for a while.

    • There is a 2k limit on the 53.95 cards but there is an easy way to get around that by not registering them on the gospendit website, NS&I accept non-registered cards, it also makes redeeming them a bit quicker.

      If you aren’t in the first year of your gold card or don’t spend a lot on petrol the maths doesn’t work out to be quite as good. I normally only get some if I get a til split or if AMEX have an offer on at Argos.

      • Erico1875 says:

        Yes I was thinking about that. We will probably switch to the BA card when the year is up.The 2 for 1 vouchers mean we are effectivly still getting 2 Avios per £1. It also means our bonus CC points have in effect doubled too.as we will only need half the Avios to redeem for a pair of seats.

    • NS&I stopped working months ago

      • It stopped working on the 3V cards which cost £50. All financial transactions AFAIK continue to work OK with the £53.95 cards, which are not issued by 3V. Because that company makes its money from the £3.95 fee they couldn’t care less if you empty the card into a bank account.

        • Has anyone an idea of who makes money from 3V? Seems we are buying £25 for £25 and Tesco are paying Amex a little and giving us 3% cash back + the reduction on petrol. Difficult to see what Rafael & Co are making either.
          If I am right I hope they don’t notice soon, although the new management of Tesco are going to have a thorough review apparently.

        • It works on break costs. Most average people will get one, use it to buy something for say £19.99 and then never get round to clearing the balance. Once the monthly fee kicks in later on that small balance drops to zero quickly.

        • Thanks Rob, I had not thought of that. I suspect that quite a few are never used at all as it is not very easy for a non-computer literate person.
          I foiled them yesterday by buying £300 worth and using them within a couple of hours on Council Tax and JLP vouchers.

  11. Guesswho2000 says:

    OT, but the VS Black card would appear to be offering a 25k sign up bonus again! Just been browsing the MBNA site this moment, the white one doesn’t appear to have an uplifted bonus, still says the standard 3k.

  12. A bit OT here. Is anyone else waiting for their Tesco’s gift card from mightydeals? With one of my orders they’ve lied about not redeeming it! If anybody wonders why they’re banned on HUKD….

    • Here is my story. I got my order email with the code and went to the redemption site. Went through but no confirmatory email. Nothing arrived.

      2 weeks ago, just before the 30 day expiry, I went back to the redemption site. Oddly, it accepted my code again. This time, I got the email AND the gift card dropped through whilst I was away last week.

  13. How much do you have to spend to get 1000 tesco points?

  14. Doesnt look like the hairbrush is coming back, bought a few things to see if i can get close to my money back on e bay or gum tree

  15. Bought a few of these to sell on e bay

  16. Deal now finished.

  17. Conveniently the hair brush is back in stock… The day after the promotion finished.

  18. sir crusticroc says:

    Get 1000 points on the wine deal

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