IHG Rewards Club ‘Big Win’ seems to be coming back

‘The Big Win’ promotion from IHG Rewards Club, the Holiday Inn, Crowne Plaza, InterContinental etc loyalty scheme, has been one of the most generous hotel offers in recent yearsIt is the only one that got me making ‘mattress run’ stays – where it was worth my while to book into the cheapest property I could find just to trigger the bonus.

It seems that a ‘Big Win’ clone will be launched tomorrow!

IHG Rewards Club

The initial impression is that it will not be as generous as ‘The Big Win’.  The information we have is based on comments at Flyertalk and Loyalty Lobby, which themselves are based on posters which have been put up early in certain hotels and an early leak by Lufthansa.

The promotion will be called ‘Into the Nights’

The requirements will be targeted.  The more IHG stays you have done recently, the tougher your criteria will be.

You can earn ‘at least’ 2 free nights or 50,000 IHG Rewards Club points or 10,000 airline miles

For new members, the targets look easy

Lufthansa has leaked the airline miles ‘new member’ version early on its website here.

This shows the following targets which are presumably what you are given if you are a new IHG Rewards Club member:

  • Stay three nights
  • Book two stays directly via IHG
  • Stay at two Holiday Inn hotels
  • Stay at two different brands

You could easily achieve this target with three one-night stays, two at different Holiday Inn properties and one at a third property in a different brand.  That would earn you 10,000 bonus airline miles on top of the standard miles from your stay.  That is an excellent result.

Press release

This is the press release from IHG:

ATLANTA (Sept. 4, 2014) – InterContinental Hotels Group (IHG) is kicking off the fall travel season by offering IHG® Rewards Club members more opportunities to earn toward free travel through its next hotel rewards promotion, “Into the Nights.” The promotion offers members at least two free hotel nights at any IHG®-branded hotel anywhere in the world including InterContinental® Hotels & Resorts, Crowne Plaza® Hotels & Resorts, Hotel Indigo® Hotels, Holiday Inn® Hotels, Holiday Inn Resort® Hotels, Holiday Inn Club Vacations®, Holiday Inn Express® Hotels, Staybridge Suites® Hotels, Candlewood Suites® Hotels and EVEN™ Hotels once a tailored set of offers is complete.

“We put great value on a loyalty program that builds relevant, rewarding travel experiences and cultivates a meaningful relationship with each participant over time,” said Bruce Lahood, vice president, Global Loyalty Consumer Marketing, IHG. “When our members told us they wanted a free night component in our next IHG® Rewards Club promotion, we created an even more valuable set of personalized offers. Members choose the reward for their loyalty that matters most to them – bonus points, miles or even free nights. It’s rewards on their terms.”

Registration for the “Into the Nights” promotion begins on Sept. 4 at www.ihg.com/freenights. Once registered, members will receive their tailored set of offers and begin earning IHG® Rewards Club bonus points or bonus airline miles when they stay at any IHG®-branded hotel between Sept. 4 and Dec. 31, 2014.

If it is possible to earn two free night vouchers – which would be worth 100,000 IHG Rewards Club points if used at a top InterContinental – it may be worth a mattress run to achieve it.  I would value those two nights at £500 and would be willing to spend half of that to earn the vouchers.

I will do another article on this on Friday when I have seen what my own targets are.  If you click this link on Thursday (IHG works on US time so it may not work until the afternoon) you should be able to see your personal target.  The link will divert to the IHG home page if the promotion is not yet live.

(Want to earn more hotel points?  To see our complete list of promotions from the major chains, click here to visit our ‘Hotel Promos’ page or use the link in the menu bar at the top of the page.)

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  1. How do you select two free nights rather than bonus points? (or will I be asked to choose if I qualify?)

  2. Stay 7 nights at IHG hotels = 9600 points
    Stay in 4 brands = 19600 points
    2 Saturday night stays = 4800 points
    1 night bonus point package with breakfast = 2000 points
    Stay in 2 different countries = 9600 points

    Complete 4 of these offers for a bonus 18000 points or 2 free nights…

  3. I’m getting this error too:

    We are sorry, but there was an error. Please try again later.
    I also only registered for an account an hour ago.

    • I’m also getting that same error message. I have however received an email from IHG confirming I’ve been registered for the promotion. Without being able to log into the microsite setup for this promotion I’m unable to find out what my targets are.

    • Mine is finally working now. Today I logged in, the system then asked me to enter my email and click to subscribe for email offers. Then clicked to submit my email address and I got shown my offer.

  4. My own offer seems to make me think that they are getting greedy. Both of the Big Win’s saw me obtain in exess of 175,000 points that were a stretch, but I did achieve them with only 1 x forced holiday to Washington DC. This time around, I have

    My offer is for 61,000 points with a 61,000 point bonus for achieving all 6:
    29 nights = 21,000 points – Will achieve this
    5 Saturdays = 7,200 points. Never book these
    7 different Holiday Inns = 12,000 points – Will achieve this
    3 bonus point packages with breakfast = 2,800 points. Never book these
    4 stays that include Friday or Sunday = 6,400 points. Never book these
    3 different Stays in 3 different countries from residence = 11,200 points. Will achieve this

    I also have a mysterious “Unlock bonus offers” at the bottom with nothing to click on. No idea what that is. As 3 of the 6 offers are completely outside of my stay habits which are 2-3 mainly UK hotels between Monday and Thursday, the odd weekend away is fine, but 5 Saturdays out of 15 with 4 made into a Friday / Saturday stay and 3 foreign trips (I have one planned) make me unwilling to invest in a relatively low number of points given that I have already earned 110,000 qualifying points and over 400,000 points in 2014.

  5. So I’m a Platinum member with 28 nights this year, and this is my offer…

    Complete 4 of 5 offers and earn 19,000 bonus points or 2 free nights
    * Stay 19 night(s) – 14,000
    * Stay at 5 brands – 20,800
    * Stay 2 Saturdays – 8000
    * Book 1 stays using the Bonus Points Package – 2000
    * Book 5 stay(s) including a Friday or Sunday – 7200

    As my work patterns have changed I won’t be achieving any of these.

    • I also have 28 paid this year so far. I am getting the error message just now but it will be interested to compare between two which have the same amount of nights so far for reference.

      • Hmmm, like the second big win my offers bear no resemblance to what my stays trend as. I’ve had quite a few not post and they had to be manually added, I wonder if this brings down the number of nights stayed on their system in some way. I’m certainly not complaining with what I’ve been offered it’s more than doable.

        50k or 2 nights – no brainer if IC PL is included
        Download the app and book – 500
        3 nights – 1,000 (Q4 last year I had 16 qualifying nights)
        2 stays on the IHG web/mobile site – 1000
        2 Saturdays – 1000
        2 HI – 1000

        I’ve also got the unlock bonus offers for additional rewards (not sure what that’s all about).

        The 1,000 for the different sections etc is pretty poor but when bundled all together it’s a doddle and fairly attractive. Three nights will get the lot.

  6. Pretty useless promo for me:

    Complete 6 of 7 offers and earn 18,000 bonus points or 2 free nights
    10,400 Stay 10 night(s) at any of IHG’s 4,700 hotels worldwide – no chance
    12,800 Stay at 4 brands – unlikely
    1,600 Stay 2 Saturdays at any of our IHG hotel brands – little benefit if not going to hit main target
    1,600 Stay at 2 Holiday Inn hotel(s) – do-able
    8,000 Book 2 stay(s) including a Friday or Sunday night (stay must include 2 or more nights) – rarely have 2-night stays
    1,500 Book 1 stay(s) with your IHG Rewards Club Black Visa and earn 1,500 bonus points. – already booked one of my stays, so too early, and the others will be reward stays!
    9,600 Travel 2 time(s) internationally – would be fine but reward stays don’t count according to the T&Cs

  7. Mine has worked but mums account which hasn’t been used is coming up with sorry but there has been an error. Shame because I’m sat here waiting to book a holiday inn in her name for this evening, that’s how it goes!

  8. I’ve had 14 nights this year over HI and HIX – 9 paid, 5 reward redemptions.
    My offers are:
    Stay 5 nights, earn 8400 points
    Stay at 3 brands and earn 17600 points
    Book 2 stays directly for 1900 points
    Take a survey for 100 points
    Stay 2x Saturdays for 4800 points
    Complete any 4 for 2 free nights or 17200 bonus points.
    I currently have one work night booked midweek in a Crowne Plaza…

  9. Twobfair says:

    My partner who has had an account for a few months but has never used it is getting the same error message. It seems to be a common theme with those who have new/rarely used accounts.

  10. I’m also getting the error message: We are sorry, but there was an error. Please try again later.
    My account is also relatively new, although I’ve already got 4 bookings for a trip later this month. Could work out well with this bonus, if I could just register! I’ll try again tomorrow…

    • Twobfair says:

      Managed to log in but there are no offers to complete with no bonus points available even though it states to complete 1 offer for two free nights..very strange.

  11. 2 quick questions, 1 do reservations I have already made count? and will reservations using the BMW promotional rate count towards this? thanks,

    • I have same question about already-booked stays. Also, one of my targets is to download the app but I already have it so not sure how I can unlock that one.

    • Yes and probably yes as long as the discount is not under 30 per cent from the Best Flex Rate

      • Thanks for the info. Hopefully it is included. The rate is the one where you get the club room and benefits for standard room rate.

  12. I was getting the error earlier, but I’m now in, so keep trying.

    As a lapsed IHG user, I’ve got:
    500 Download app and book a stay
    1000 Stay 3 nights
    1000 Book 2 stays on website or app
    1000 Stay 2 Saturdays
    1000 Stay 2 Holiday Inns

    Complete all 5 for 50000 points or 2 free nights.

    Thanks IHG, that’ll do nicely 🙂

  13. It’s been a long day so sorry if this appears a stupid question. I am a platinum member with four stays this year. I have been given the offer of 54000 points or two nights. To achieve that I must
    1. 500 points. Download and book on the ihg app . Already have it on my phone. Do I delete it and download it again ?
    2. 1000 points. Stay three nights at any of IHG’s 4700 hotels.
    3. 1000 points. Book 2 stays directly on the ihg.com web/mobile sites
    4. 1000 points. Stay 2 Saturdays at any of our IHG hotel brands.
    5. 1000 points. Change your view. Stay at 2 Holiday Inn Hotels.

    So, as I have no stays planned, to decide whether this is worth my while doing, can I stay for three nights in total on three separate occasions, two of which have to be Saturdays and one could be at a Holiday Inn Express and the other two nights at two different holiday inns ?

    • 1. Don’t know
      2-5. Yes, 3 one-night stays or ‘1 x 1 night and 1 x 2 nights’. If the latter, both must be HI, if the former then you could do 1 at a HIX. Two of the stays must include a Saturday.

      If mattress running, I would do 1 x 1 night and 1 x 2 nights just to make it easier, doing both a different HI’s.

  14. Thanks Rob. I assume you mean by mattress running, checking in and ruffling the bed sheets before disappearing and checking out from home over the phone ? !! Do they count holiday inn express as a holiday inn ?
    Can I use the free night for four of us in a room ie two queens or is it the basic double albeit I have platinum status ?

    • Yep – basically a stay you wouldn’t otherwise have made 😀 Holiday Inn and Holiday Inn Express previously counted separately for the Big Win promo, so I’d expect the same again here.

      • Thanks Alan. There are two very reasonable holiday inn express hotels within 6 miles of my house. If it is confirmed that holiday inn express is classed as a holiday inn for the purpose of this promotion then happy days

    • Free night will be a standard reward night, if you find a hotel with 2 queens for a standard reward you can book it.

  15. Mine looks similar to others….

    500 Download app and book a stay
    2000 Stay 3 nights
    2000 Book 2 stays on website or app
    4000 Stay 2 Saturdays
    2000 Stay 2 Holiday Inns
    Complete all 5 for 50000 points or 2 free nights.

  16. Any idea what the cheapest Holiday Inn would cost on a Saturday? Just wondering how much I will need to outlay for these points?! Thanks

  17. Here is my points list to add, I am a platinum member till october and only stayed twice (unlucky for me as the stays were last weekend) Anyhow:

    I need to complete all 6 offers for 32,000 Points or 2 Free Night(s)
    9200 Stay 7 night(s) at any of IHG’s
    2900 Book 5 stays directly on the ihg.com web/mobile sites or IHG App
    100 Take our survey.
    5600 Stay 3 Saturdays at any of our IHG hotel brands
    5600 Stay at 3 Holiday Inn hotel(s)
    8600 Download and sign in to the IHG App and book a stay.

    So I came across this whole point thing via google last year, and earnt a fluke 180K in the big win (still not sure where to spend them, will they devalue the points with all this free points everywhere?), the second win was useless for me so zero points and this one, looks like I may download the app and pick up 8600, not planning on any further stays.

    Thanks HfP for the heads up and I am a newbie to your site, its really cool 🙂

  18. So offered 13,400 to download and book via the IHG app, which I did. Booked Osoyoos BC, arrived at hotel just after 3 pm today and was greated by Shelley who seeing that I was gold (thanks to this website) had taken the opportunity to upgrade me to a suite.
    Thank you very much HFP

    • The only offer of mine that is worthwhile is 15.4k for using the App.

      I’m gold and haven’t paid to stay in an IHG since last Christmas. But I have stayed over 20 nights in 2014, all from big win (plus extra promo code) points.

  19. Twobfair says:

    Logged in this morning and still showing complete one offer for 1 night or 50,000 points – no offers available and 0 bonus points. Very odd!

    • My offers appear to be working this morning:

      25k or 1 night for 3 complete offers, plus:
      25k or 1 night for 5 complete offers

      500 IHG App
      2000 Stay 3 nights
      2000 Book 2 stays direct
      4000 Stay 2 Saturdays
      2000 Stay at 2 Holiday Inns

      So it looks like I’ll do 1x Saturday stay at one Holiday Inn, and 1x Friday & Saturday at another. Thanks!

    • I have a similar situation. “25000 points or 1 free night” shows up two times, but I can’t see what I need to do to achieve those goals. Up above it states 0 offers available. Strange? Is it because my acount is just a few months old and I haven’t registered a stay on it yet?