£25 Amex cashback with London Restaurant Festival – and how to exploit it

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The London Restaurant Festival is back, running from October 8th to October 27th.

American Express is again sponsoring the festival, and is offering £25 cashback on your statement when you make 2 x £25 purchases as participating restaurants.

London Restaurant Festival

You need to register your card in advance at this site. It seems that only Amex-issued cards are accepted, not MBNA or Lloyds cards.

The list of ‘participating restaurants’ is here.

You might think that you won’t get much for £25 at any of the participating restaurants – although a few pubs seem to be included, and I am pretty sure that Amex won’t know the difference between food and beer spend.

If you want to take full advantage of it, this is probably the best way to approach it:

If you and your partner each have an Amex card, you should both register for the offer and split your bill as long as each payment is over £25.

If you were very aggressive, you could ask to pay the bill over three or four cards, even for just two people. (A cash tip may help here!). Keep each payment over £25.

You could even ask to split the bill and then pay both bills with the same card! That would trigger the £25 statement credit immediately. However, if you do this I would make two unequal payments. Amex may think it is an error if two identical charges are made on the same card within a minute of each other.

Gift vouchers are another potential opportunity.  D&D, the ex-Conran restaurant group, sells vouchers in its outlets.  They even do £25 vouchers!  You could purchase a number of £25 vouchers in separate transactions (two per Amex card) and then use them in one go for a half-price meal.  If you being really tight / smart, you could wait until the Evening Standard £15-£25 D&D meal promotion comes around again and spend the vouchers then!

(To see our complete list of all current credit card bonuses, click here to visit our ‘Credit Cards Update’ page or use the link in the menu bar at the top of the page.)

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  1. The restaurants participating in the Amex offer can be located here: http://www.londonrestaurantfestival.com/amex/restaurants/
    This is a smaller list than is participating in London Restaurant Festival, so would be catious about expecting a restaurant not on this list to do the credit back.

  2. squills says:

    When a registered Cardmember spends £25 or more on two separate occasions at any participating restaurants…

    I wouldn’t expect Amex to honour the 2 x £25 transactions at the same restaurant, on the same card, a few mins apart. That’s the same occasion in my eyes.

  3. “Amex may think it is an error if two identical charges are made on the same card within a minute of each other.”

    I frequently do this when booking flights (identical prices for 2 tickets but differing in the detail e.g. the exact dates / RFS tickets all cost the same / YQ on longer redemptions etc) and Amex has never said anything or blocked anything, except once when apparently I managed to spend £500 on a new card before activating it

    • Although with flights Amex also get eticket numbers, flight dates, destination as part of the transaction info so they would appear different even with the same amounts.

    • squills says:

      And Amex often do exactly that on your statement even if you paid for tickets in 1 transaction, ie they split the statement debit by ticket/ passenger so you end up with identical debits on the same day. Probably to justify the £5 fee?

  4. I split a £200 bill for 3 people at Skylon on Thursday between 8 different Amex cards.

    Anyone beat this?

  5. Just wondering if it works if you buy vouchers from the D and D website?

    • I’d be interested to know this as well. If you bought x2 £25 vouchers in two seperate transactions would that trigger the bonus?

      • No, it won’t. You would need to visit a restaurant in person.

        It would only work if, for some odd reason, all D&D restaurants used the same payment coding (ie they all said D&D on the statement and not the restaurant name). I very much doubt that is the case.

  6. Totally off-topic, but Raffles do you have any info about a return of the good SPG amex signup bonus this autumn? I’m holding off a big purchase for a few weeks in the hope it may come back in time.

    • Historically it launches last week of October or first week of November. I only get 48 hours advance warning on the odd occasion when I do get told.

  7. I got the £15 Morrisons credit even though after linking the offer to my card I didn’t use it, AMEX wrote to say they were paying out because they had been some IT issues with those who tried to apply it

    • AndyGWP says:

      I’ve had a “PREMIER INN – Spend £100 or more and get £20 back” – don’t know if its targeted but could be worth people looking out for 🙂

      • If it was properly targeted I doubt it would have gone to Platinum card holders, which it has 🙂

        • I’ve also had a Ryanair offer £10 back when you make a booking, although doesn’t seem to mention a minimum spend. Some potentially good deals such as leeds to dublin – currently on sale for £9.99 – making you 1 pence profit?!

        • That would work OK, definitely. There was no minimum spend for the Ryanair offer.

        • gnarlyoldgoatdude says:

          I think I know what you’re getting at, but “low cost” options such as Ryanair and Premier Inn can still be surprisingly expensive. Every little helps.

  8. MBNA and Lloyds issued Amex’s are fine as per the T&C’s:

    “An “Eligible Card” is a valid American Express card issued in the UK by American Express Services Europe Limited, Lloyds Bank plc, TSB Bank plc or MBNA Europe Bank Limited. Prepaid cards, gift cards and corporate cards are not eligible”

  9. Lloyds, MBNA and TSB Amex cards are fine (as will barclaycard Amex)
    An “Eligible Card” is a valid American Express card issued in the UK by American Express Services Europe Limited, Lloyds Bank plc, TSB Bank plc or MBNA Europe Bank Limited.

  10. Andrew S says:

    “If you were very aggressive, you could ask to pay the bill over three or four cards, even for just two people. (A cash tip may help here!).”

    Raffles – you have clearly been out of the North for too long! You should try organising our team lunch/dinenrs. We are usually there for at least 10 minutes whilst the server run’s all the cards. Fairly usual i would say.

  11. Here is an interesting article for the ones who dont know which restaraunts to pick http://londonist.com/2014/10/london-restaurant-festival-is-back.php

    We have gone for Mash, Foxlow, Roux and afternoon tea at the Harlequin.

  12. Does this offer apply to supplementary cards too? In the past others seem to have made it work, but I was unable to.

    • I think (happy to be corrected if I’m wrong) that Amex-issued supplementary cards are OK but MBNA and Lloyds supplementary are not

      • This is right – the card numbers need to be different in order to register a supplementary card.

  13. Steve M says:

    Registered last week. Went to London for the weekend. Spent about £30 each in 2 x locations – Tiger, Tiger & 5th Floor Waterstones – and by Saturday evening had an email from Amex confirming they would credit my account with £25. Great fun and worth it!

  14. pazza2000 says:

    I would be confident that 2 transactions in the same restaurant, even just minutes apart, will earn the statement credit. However for the purpose of playing it safe I would perhaps put forward two slightly different amounts. What D&D restaurants are taking part?

  15. Tracking is super quick – you get a pretty much instantaneous email both for the first and second purchase, and this was with a Lloyds and MBNA Diamond Club card

    I would highly recommend going to more than one restaurant though, that’s the point of the festival, to try new places! So far I’ve been to Picture and Foxlow, and they’ve both been excellent.

  16. AndrewM says:

    Despite what the website quoted says, I went into 4 D&D restaurants and 3 of them said they never sell gift cards, and the last one says they have sold out….

  17. squills says:

    Ooh I’m in the top percentile 😉 – how come I always feel poor?


    • If you have $3,650, including the value of your home, you’re among the wealthiest half of people in the world. (This is net wealth – so, once debts have been subtracted.) The other half own less than 1pc of global wealth, while 77pc of adults – that’s 3.3bn people – have less than $10,000.

    • The top 10pc of people – membership requirement is $77,000 – hold 87pc of the world’s wealth.

    • You need $798,000 to make it into the top percentile of the world’s wealthiest. This select group accounts for almost half – 48.2pc – of global assets.

  18. do you need to spend at least £25 at the SAME restaurant in the period? or 25 at each of at least 2 of the participant ones?

  19. Systemet says:

    Does it matter on which day its spend on? Eg. Saturday and Sunday’s?

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