480 Avios for £10 with an Olly Murs CD ….

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Tesco Direct has launched a new CD pre-order promotion.  This one is for the new album from Olly Murs, Never Been Better.

You will receive 200 bonus Clubcard points (480 Avios, 500 Virgin Flying Club miles) when you buy a copy for £10.  It will be delivered at the end of November.

Olly Murs Never Been Better

There is a snag with this deal.  Unlike most pre-order promotions, the points for the CD are not added to your account immediately.

The terms and conditions of the accompanying competition (you could meet Olly!) say:

“All customers who pre order the Olly Murs album will receive a bonus 200 Clubcard points. Clubcard points will not show up in a customer’s Clubcard account immediately upon purchase. These will be available prior to their next statement being issued in February 2015.”

This is frustrating, because you need to remember to keep an eye out on a statement which you won’t receive for three months.  That is extra paperwork I could do without.

Because of this rule, I would not risk ordering multiple copies of the CD.  If the points did not post and you had to ring up Customer Services to get them added on, there is a chance that they would refuse on the grounds that buying more than one broke Tesco rules on bulk buying.

It isn’t worth buying this CD purely for the points – at 2p per mile it is far too expensive.  However, if you know an Olly Murs fan then it might be worth picking one up and keeping it for Christmas.  The link to buy is here.

PS.  It may still be possible to get a grocery order placed for delivery or ‘click and collect’ on Monday – the last day – to earn 1,500 Clubcard points via this offer.

Love Clubcard, don’t collect Avios?  You should be reading our sister site, Shopper Points (www.shopperpoints.co.uk), which covers the latest Clubcard and Nectar offers without any distracting frequent flyer talk!  Why not check it out now?

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  1. andy stock says:

    I can think of far less painful ways to collect avios points

  2. When i looked at this in the week i also thought £10 a cd for a pop chart artist was expensive. I am sure you could get this £7.99 on the day of release from other places so be mindful in case you wanted to chance selling a few or more on ebay. Seems a lot of risk for this route if they didnt give you the points at the end of next quarter.

  3. I read on another forum this is almost how the instore game preorders will work: spend £5, get coupon for game and a second coupon for the 500 points when you actually buy the game in person…

    • I read that as well, possibly on the same forum. The 500 points were a till split in this case but clearly stated 500 points for pre-ordering and purchasing the game. When the game was pre-ordered the coupon for 500 points was stapled to the £5 pre-order receipt and would be added when you purchased the game.

    • Sounds like they’ve noticed how the number of preorders isn’t being converted into sales. I gave my preorder vouchers for a couple of Xbox games to a colleague who has a bunch of grandchildren.

  4. squills says:

    £15 off £75 existing customer code TDXR-WRTP

    • squills says:

      The answer to that would be to have a look in your local store. If the Hudl2 comes in a promotional pack (ie with £60 of vouchers in the box) – that’s what you’d get in your Groceries order. Because the pickers just pick from store stock; they don’t wait for Hudl2 to get delivered to store especially for you.

    • squills says:

      TDXR-WJXD, TDXR-NGTP (Direct)

    • squills says:

      Works on mine TDXR-WRTP

    • Is the £10 off £50 direct code a generic xx code or a long code on the voucher?

      • If you mean the £10 off £50 Direct code in the box, I haven’t bought a Hudl2 yet so I don’t know. But T could hardly offer it as an incentive to buy, without it working. I guess the codes will be unique and will work just once.

        • Looks like I am wrong, see what sb else says: [if it’s FIRST groceries & direct codes, worth diddly]

          RIGHT……Got the info at last – verbally at least but it seems to add up.

          The £60 of offers inside the box comprise:

          £10 BlinkBox movies credit – Unique Code
          £5 BlinkBox Premium Music for 30 days – Unique Code
          £10 Off F and F Clothing (£50 order) – Unique Code

          £10 BlinkBox Books – Generic Code
          £15 off your FIRST Grocery order of £60 – Generic Code
          £10 off your FIRST Tesco Direct order of £50 – Generic Code

  5. squills says:

    This one should appeal a bit more if you’ve never had a Tesco car insurance quote (no code needed, just put your clubcard number in):

    Reads: Tesco Car Insurance Quote – 500 Clubcard points! …Just received this leaflet through the post from Tesco…It’s offering 500 clubcard points to every potential new Tesco Bank Car Insurance customer who obtains a quote between 10th October 2014 to 30th November 2014…This offer applies to new customer’s and it’s not available if you get a quote or purchase from any price comparison sites…Clubcard number must be provided during quote. One offer per customer. The clubcard must be in your name and the points will be added to a future clubcard statement.

  6. I believe that you can get a Hudl at half price if you pay using ClubCard vouchers but many would prefer to swap for Avios (I certainly would).

    • Erico1875 says:

      it would be crazy to use vouchers to half the price when you can get it for £86 .

  7. Can’t find anything on the website about 500 bonus bonus points for a quote. Do you have a link?

  8. I find more often with these buy now, credited later deals that you have to call (usually several times) to have the points added. They very rarely get added when Tesco say they will.

  9. James67 says:

    For those of you considering following up on Squills posts the hudl2 is getting decent reviews on one of the most comprehensive and objective tech web sites. OT, but for those of you wanting a higher end android tablet then you can haggle a good deal on galaxy tab s 10.5 with amoled screen at O2 stores if my experience was typical. I got an unlocked LTE version for £33 less than the RRP of wifi only model. It cane with a bunch of magazine, nowtv etc subscriptions included.

    • FTPinguin says:

      How did you do that then?

      • James67 says:

        It started with a discussion about priority moments offering £20 off at Currys or PC World compromising O2s own sales after I popped in to just have a look. The sales assistant then offered me discounts to take it that day but I said I was undecided over this or ipad air 16g wifi only which was appearing time to time for under £350. He then said best he could do was £386 which I would have happily settled for ut stuck my neck out for the priority moments discount to be applied at O2, his manager ok it so £366 all in. They didn’t even ask me to put any credit on the sim! It is thinner and lighter than ipad air, and has the versatility of expansion with memory card. Screen is much better than ipad air too and in direct comparison with a relatives ipad it has better battery life. Although I like android better than iOS I was seriously considering ipad air as apple has always been more accessible in my experience being visually impaired, however, I was surprized and delighted to learn that kitkat has not just equalled but surpassed iOS in this regard too. So, personally, I couldn’t be happier with both the deal and the tqblet.7

        • FTPinguin says:

          That sounds like a great deal you got. Thanks for the info and your opinion of the tablet – I’m thinking of getting one myself.

        • James67 says:

          You’re welcome. Good luck with it, it may be if O2 is having bother shifting them then you might even bettrr the deal. However, I have noticed in past with galaxy s phones the best price at O2 is soon after launch whereafter they raise prices and thry dont come back down significsntly again until a new launch is imminent.



  11. I entered the fantasy golf game and had an email from RSH about my team but since then not had any emails from them and if i try to sign in to the account where the game was entered it does not recognise my email address?
    When i manage to login into this account, where are the points earnt from the game, are they under e-vouchers section?

    • The golf points were credited to people’s RSH accounts on 20th October and will appear on the “Loyalty” page of your RSH account.