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BA Club World to North America from Dublin for £945!

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British Airways is currently having another ‘luxury sale’ as you can see from the ad on the home page of

If you are looking for amazing fares, though, the place to look is Dublin.

BA is currently offering fares from Dublin via London and onto North America for as little as Euro 1,200, or £945.

The Euro 1,200 fare is valid to most of the East Coast destinations plus Calgary and Las Vegas. Other destinations in North America will cost a little more – you need to play around on

Here is a Boston screenshot showing it works, this one comes out at Euro 1,215:


The fare rules involve booking by November 12th and travelling between November 22nd and September 5th 2015 – a huge period.

A Saturday night stay is required. Tickets are non refundable. In theory the dates can be changed for Euro 300 but that would trigger a reprice on the day of the change which is unlikely to be attractive.

Two odd photos from Hamad International in Doha for a Sunday ....
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BA Sale
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  1. Do the Dublin routings require you to travel onwards from Heathrow on the same day? Or, is it possible to choose separate dates?

  2. 10% off Qatar Airways @ Paypal PAYPALUK02 – but won’t work on promotional fares.

    • See my other post today. It is not 10 per cent either, it is £30 off! There must be a £300 flight somewhere in the system to allow them to claim ‘up to 10 per cent’.

  3. can anyone help me to force a stop over on the return?

    • timezonehopper says:

      The fare rules for these I7SALE fares explicitly state “STOPOVERS NOT PERMITTED ON THE FARE COMPONENT.” I’m afraid.

  4. Anyone know how I can force to offer me LGW>DUB connection on return leg (meaning I avoid the baggage issue and can just get off at London). It’s offering me lots of options but not the LGW>DUB on Aerlingus as an alternative. Thanks

  5. Tim Rogers says:

    Presumably, the safest way to do this is not to check a bag? Then you can make an unannounced escape at Heathrow.

    • Definitely.

      • cpdc1030 says:

        I am going to be going on the tail end flight to Dublin (and back again for the final time on Aer Lingus to) London for my itinerary. Those last few tier points in Club Europe will get me to Gold:)

        I’m even going to stay in Dublin the night before to get some last minute Christmas shopping done…decent hotels can be had for under €50.

        Fares to Toronto at Christmas in Club from Dublin are almost the same as economy starting in LHR. And CW is much cheaper than WTP. I’m not complaining though!

        • I wouldn’t not take a bag for that reason. Just book the last leg via city or gat. Or make sure you have plenty of time between the heathrow connection and tell them you only want to check in to lhr. It’s fine I do it a few times a year and Is never an issue as long as you say something like . You need the bag for a few hours in London. Say it’s got your grandmothers birthday present and you are meeting her for a coffee. Or like I said book on a city or gat connection

          • But how can I choose a connecting flight with a long layover at Heathrow? The BA site only wants to given me options of 1.5-2 hrs as it’s assuming I will want as short connecting time as possible. As soon as I try multi-city and do the connecting flight within 24 hours the price goes way up. There is no way of forcing to give out more possible connection options, right? You get what you get? Thanks

          • Call them. And don’t worry about a bag. Just tell the check in dest to ONLY check your bag to London. It works

    • 10 days in US on just hand luggage? Too hardcore for me!

      • Softie. Done 2 week trips with hand baggage before. Hotels do laundry! 1 spare trousers, 2 spare shirts, underwear then use hotel laundry unless on a road trip.

        • +1

          Ive been travelling around the US the past month staying mostly in Holiday Inns and Holiday Inn Expresses, with a couple of Hampton Inns and other chains and I think only 1 out of about 20 hotels did not have a laundry room where you could do laundry yourself for a small fee.

  6. RIccati says:

    Can these sale fares be reserved via If so, how?

  7. Mycity68 says:

    Hi, if I fly Dublin to PHil to MCO I know I pre clear immigration at Dublin, can my bags be directed straight to MCO or do I need to collect them are re check in?

  8. Hi TigerTanaka/all
    Please can you share how you booked your route, leaving LHR-DUB to the next day and still getting the offer price? I have been trying all combinations using the multi-city booking section on, but if I include any stop in London (so I can avoid bags being checked back to Dublin), even for a change to LCY a few hours after arrival from the US to LHR, I get charged the full business price?
    Many thanks.

  9. Iain2014 says:

    Found a €1450 Dublin to LA return via london in 2015

    Outbound is dublin to gatwick then heathrow to LA (American Airlines – business) with a 4 hour connection.

    Given the difference in london airport do I really need to fly the first leg (Dublin to london) ? Any thoughts appreciated!

    • squills says:

      Unless you are good at smuggling yourself onto flights and have got a mate who’ll fix the data lol …do you actually get the point here?

    • YES! You absolutely *must* fly the first leg otherwise the rest of your ticket will be cancelled!

  10. Iain2014 says:

    Please explain…

    • If you don’t take the flights in sequence all subsequent sectors are cancelled, clearly this only works if you miss the last leg. Don’t do it too much though or BA will be after you for the fare difference! AA are much stricter, especially on Caribbean routes, and have often been known to come chasing up money!

    • squills says:

      The point is about avoiding UK departure fares which include certain taxes – plus there’s the bit about BA having a captive mkt in UK but needing to offer more attractive prices outside UK to meet load – don’t worry sweet head lol – means hopping over to Dublin in this inst you can avoid taxes, get cheap flight, double back to UK then fly over the pond for a song etc etc

      But you do need to ‘start’ from Dublin in this inst.

      See my post about flying to Sydney, Australia with BA for £650 return from Barcelona

    • Iain, you have to fly the DUB London leg! Please just understand this… Get the drift please! You are saving several hundred £ this way, just go with the flow, study the blog, it really is that simple! Help him here Squills! He is not getting the point here! The flight HAS to start in DUB, you have to get to DUB YOURSELF separately, by avios on BA whatever, Ryan air, aer lingus v simple… Then you either get off the plane in LON on the way back, IF you have a LON DUB flight from ANOTHER airport, or get conveniently stuck in traffic as above or whatever! You actually don’t have to fly back to DUB , if you have your final leg from ANOTHER airport in Lon. You can always book your final leg from LCY or LGW, so that way they have to check your bags to LHR so you can pick them up, and then STAY in the UK . But you have to ask the check in staff In the USA to check your bag to LON only! Hand baggage of course makes it much more simple. But please read the blog in detail, so you get the drift. Please don’t make it too obvious.with your questions…it’s an amazing price, just check it out, it’s all on previous blogs. Cheers

      • squills says:

        Couldn’t put it better myself Pollster!

        Iain you’re very welcome here, tune in & you’ll get the vibe!

        Just off to read a bit of the Divina Commedia, sends me to sleep

      • What is wrong with booking the outgoing starting from Dublin or Amsterdam and leaving via LHR or LGW as a one way trip and then booking the return flight as a one way trip direct to mainland UK thereby negating the requirement for the unwanted final leg to DUB or AMS ?

      • So do I have to take the Dublin to London flight or can I just get on at heathrow? 😉

        • You must start the flight in DUB as we have emphasised repeatedly before. Otherwise the complete ticket is CAncelled! The reason is it so cheap is you are avoiding UKPD fees surcharges etc etc by commencing the flight outside the UK. For newbies this concept might be hard to understand, but the more you read the tips we give, the more it makes sense. As raffles mentioned in previous posts, if you are doing this from ex EU somewhere, you get to spend time in another nice city overnight etc..instead of handing over many £100 s to BA ever expanding pockets! Eg, as Squills mentioned the Aussie thingy, get a night each way in Barcelona, using avios to get there and back with RFS. Or cheapo Ryan air, whatever! Always best to do an overnight stay each end though, in case of missed connections! And the hostels all have lovely en suite options too if you chose to travel ex EU. Enjoy!

        • You MUST take it. You can skip the return though.

  11. There is loads of cheap prices from Dublin to the US right now to match the BA sale.

    United is now offering a direct flight to New York for 1079€ in Business which gives you pre-clearance in Dublin.

    LH is also offering a 1036€ to JFK via FRA in business saver (so 100% miles but no upgrade).

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