Exclusive: Tesco Clubcard to Avios November promotion revealed

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Tesco Clubcard vouchers will soon be dropping through letterboxes. The key question is ‘Will Avios be running a conversion bonus this quarter?’

The answer is no, unfortunately.

Instead, there is a competition.

Clubcard vouchers

Every day from November 4th to December 4th, there will be a prize draw for everyone who converted that day. Six winners will receive a random prize of between 1,500 and 100,000 Avios.

You receive one entry for every £2.50 you convert.

If you automatically convert your Clubcard points to Avios, you will receive ONE entry every day. Anyone who has a very large amount of points autoconverting will be worse off whilst anyone with a small total will be better off.

This is not desperately exciting stuff, to be honest. There is no word yet on whether Virgin Flying Club will be running a conversion bonus.

Love Clubcard, don’t collect Avios?  You should be reading our sister site, Shopper Points (www.shopperpoints.co.uk), which covers the latest Clubcard and Nectar offers without any distracting frequent flyer talk!  Why not check it out now?

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  1. A hotel company (possibly IHG, but I’m not sure which one exactly) were recently forced to display all-in prices from the beginning, rather than having a price which seemed very cheap and then adding on taxes to make it less attractive. Don’t see why the same shouldn’t apply to airlines.

  2. If the Clubcard/Avios conversion was devalued, what’s the chances of it happening without giving people at least a reasonable amount of notice?

    I could be wrong but it would be very surprising if it happened practically overnight without giving people the chance to convert before the devaluation occurred?

    I’ve been saving clubcard vouchers up but getting a tad concerned re the devaluation chat.

    What’s the thoughts on this?


    • squills says:

      I’ve been waiting for about 2 years I guess, last thought about it seriously in the summer but there has been a lot of bad news since then. Starting to think that a bird in the hand might be a decent option. I think it went down 800—>600 last time, so wouldn’t surprise me to see either 400 or 500, which would make me pretty unhappy 😉

      • squills says:

        No rush, highly unlikely to happen before Dec 4th I suppose.

        Re: that point about reasonable notice – anybody remember how much notice there was last time?

    • RIccati says:

      It depends on how strongly the boat is rocked. If people who sit on piles of vouchers choose to convert them, Tesco would have to act to stop the outflow of cash.

      Lack of long-haul Avios availability helps because people don’t have that much use for Avios. I guess now is different from when it was 800 Avios for £2.50 and people had more opportunity to book family holidays/four seats in Business, etc.

  3. I too would be disappointed if the conversion rate were reduced, but let’s be serious.
    On seven occasions this week I paid £45 for £50 in 3V cards (using Helping Hands) and received 360 Avios each time. Then there were the wine offers, Blinkbox etc.
    If you were a Tesco senior manager what would you do?

    • squills says:

      The 3Vs thing is a bit silly but I guess T gets it back in full, ie whatever they charge suppliers for the 150 TCC points. There you have a classic example of a product where T has no particular incentive to push sales by funding the bonus points themselves, (I can’t believe the margin on the cards is that brilliant for T), so the suppliers are funding it all.

      • Disagree. Tesco is doing this to ramp up headline sales artifically (well, not artificially – lets say ‘easily’ instead). The Clubcard points come out of marketing expenditure, at a guess. Pretty sure the ‘150 points for £50 giftcard sales’ is part of the accounting wheezes now being investigated.

        • “Pretty sure the ‘150 points for £50 giftcard sales’ is part of the accounting wheezes now being investigated.”


          • Because it is. The margins on gift cards are puny, but they take up little space so stores sell them. 150 CC points would wipe put much of the profit on a £50 sale. However, with Tesco desperate to show its investors that it can stop the decline in sales, what better way to encourage you to substantially boost your spend than this?

        • On a side note there is now promotional material in my local store with the 150 points for £50 giftcard. Offer is valid through 25th February 2015.

          Still no 3v cards however, 9 weeks and counting…

          • Ross Parker says:

            I think I am the only person playing this game in the South West. There are always plentiful 3Vs in my local – I rarely buy them all, but have seen at least 100 on two ‘rails’, of which I typically buy 20 (then group into four at checkout).

          • No I’m playing it too, just struggling a little for an outlet for them.

  4. All my points this quarter auto converted to Virgin miles, so no entries for me.

  5. Sprout7 says:

    Anyone else getting a Tesco conversion rate of 800 miles per £2.50 or am I just somehow lucky?

    • squills says:


      • How does the legacy aspect work to get the 800 miles conversion?

        • thechiefexecutive says:

          Many, many years ago Tesco wrote to Clubcard holders who spent something like £30 a week inshore and offered them the chance to sign up for a higher BA miles (as was) earning rate. It was a no-brainer. No commitment to do anything (not even auto-convert) and the rate has been grandfathered. I have this.

          • I always thought that it was the original Airmiles conversion rate and when Tesco devalued their conversions, those of us who had previously converted kept the old rate. I never signed up to anything. When the change happened, I hadn’t converted anything for a while and was expecting to only get 600 AM per £2.50, but was surprised to still get the 800 AM.

            However, as I’ve been collecting Airmiles since the Sainsburys and Nat West days, I may have misremembered.

          • Richard says:

            In the very very old days, Tesco Clubcard essentially had status tiers. You didn’t have to apply for anything – just like an airline scheme, if you qualified you got upgraded automatically.
            If you were on the higher tier, you got a better exchange rate for airmiles (as they were at the time). I don’t remember whether you could also convert to BAEC points back then, but if so I bet you got a better rate there as well.
            When they abolished the tiers, you were left for all time on whatever tier you happened to be on just then. And even after all this time, you still get a better conversion rate if you were left on the higher tier. Which is obviously daft, so presumably they’d accidentally written something into their T&C’s somewhere which had that effect.

  6. Hey,

    I was reading the section about foreign currency and saw this comment

    Use the Amex website (www.travelmoneynow.com/britishairways) and have currency delivered to your home or office. Amex is still charging this as a purchase on Amex-issued Amex cards, which is a fantastic extra bonus.

    Does anyone know if its still classed as a purchase on AMEX?



  7. The promo is on the Avios website now


    The 1,000,000 Avios give-away

    We’re giving away six prizes, ranging from 1,500 to 100,000 Avios, every day between 5 November and 4 December – that’s a total of 180 prizes.

    To be in with a chance of winning, all you’ve got to do is exchange at least £2.50 of Tesco Clubcard vouchers for Avios between 4 November and 3 December. For every £2.50 exchanged, you get one entry into the following day’s prize draw.

  8. To encourage others. It does work. I was unaware of the previous promotion (this time last year) and without even being aware of the competition won two economy Avios tickets to Vienna which we took in March. I thought the notice was a scam but it wasn’t. 🙂 Use of IHG points and a great RA upgrade at IC Vienna gave a pretty decent vfirtually cash-free4 night trip. Just done two lot’s of transfers for wifey and me totalling £100’ish. Good luck all.

  9. Caroline says:

    Any idea of the potential impact on the clubcard scheme if the below occurred?

    “The third option that is being studied closely is a sale of Dunnhumby, the division behind Tesco’s Clubcard scheme. It is understood that Tesco has been encouraged to look at disposing of Dunnhumby following a flurry of private equity interest.”


    • squills says:

      It would possibly indicate Tesco is slightly less convinced by the value of Clubcard as method to understand consumers and leverage sales.

      Could also mean just getting mkt value for an asset when Tesco needs cash. And dunnhumby doesn’t exactly do retailing.

  10. squills says:

    A sale of Tesco’s failed Blinkbox video streaming service is under way, with potential bidders sought out in recent days. The company has hired Lepe Partners, a City advisory firm, to handle the sale. However, retail figures believe Blinkbox is unlikely to fetch much money, if any at all, given that it is heavily lossmaking and could end up being closed down instead.

  11. Noticed Virgin is also having a competition this quarter.

    Convert your Clubcard points into Flying Club miles between 7 November and 5 December 2014 and you’ll automatically be entered for a chance to win our top prize of 50,000 miles plus our ultimate pre flight experience – a Guest List Package, or one of four prizes of 50,000 Flying Club miles.

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