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New Amex offers: £25 off £100 at Eurostar and £25 off £50 at Argos (buy gift cards!)

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On Saturday I ran through the latest run of American Express cardholder offers – including a generous £50 cashback on a £500 Apple purchase – and surmised that this would be it for the year.

I was wrong.  A very generous offer with Argos turned up yesterday.

You can find the offer on the website under ‘Shopping’.  If you go via this route you will need to register via the Foursquare smartphone app.  Alternatively, you may find it on your American Express online account on the statement pages of one of your cards.

You will receive £25 cashback when you spend £50 at Argos before 31st December.

Only 20,000 registrations are available.  I recommend registering all of your American Express cards sooner rather than later as this target is likely to be hit.  Head for Points readers are likely to take 2,000 or so.

What should you buy at Argos?  Gift cards!  Most Argos shops stock a range of gift cards for other retailers.  Some even stock the £53.95 Visa gift cards which come with a £50 Visa credit you can pay into a bank account, to HMRC, to a utility etc.

Note that this is an ‘in-store only’ offer.  Transactions on the Argos website will not count unless they are ‘click and collect’ and you pay in-store.

You can only register one American Express card per Foursquare account.  If you open multiple Foursquare accounts, each requires a different email address.

Eurostar 6

Meanwhile, a new Eurostar offer is about to launch.  It does not yet show up online but you can register by clicking here.

The deal is worth £25 cashback on a £100 Eurostar sale (either online or at a Eurostar ticket office in the UK) before the end of January.  There is no limit to the number of people who can register for this.

Eurostar no longer sells gift vouchers online.  You can buy paper vouchers via the phone but this could well be run by a third party and not trigger the cashback.  Your best option to maximise the bonus is to break down a trip into chunks of £100, potentially booking each passenger separately.  As you can select seats after booking there is no risk of your party being split up.

(Thanks to Tim for Eurostar)

Comments (188)

  • Simon says:

    This appeared on the HUKD site yesterday.
    It might even be gone already, I can see the offer on Foursquare but can’t seem to ‘Save to Card’ as per previous ones.

    • TimS says:

      You can only save to card via a mobile device, not via desktop.

    • Oscarthegrouch says:

      I came to the conclusion that The foursquare link is broken. I tried all the apps, and website on different browsers last night with the same results as you.
      For amex issued cards just use the member offers. It is rather upsetting that I can’t register my 4 MBNA cards too though….

      • TimS says:

        I had issues with the mobile app at first, getting as far as the “save to card” button but without the next page loading.

        I copied the mobile web page address that wasn’t loading and pasted it into my desktop browser and it then loaded fine and now appears on my supplementary amex.

  • David says:

    Argos offer showing up in Card members offers in online account but is it possible to add offer to supplementary cards as well? Cannot see anywhere in my accounts to do that.

    Also re Lloyds Amex and MBNA do I need to go the Foursquare route to get offer on those or are those cards not part of the offer?


    • Idrive says:

      Woth mbna yes you need to register via Fs

    • TimS says:

      Supplementary cards can be added via foursquare if you have a separate foursquare account for them.

      • David says:

        It’s worth registering your supplementary card for Amex online services separately from your main card. Once you add the Argos offer via Foursquare, it will appear instantly in your “My Offers” section of the Amex site, along with a list of participating Argos branches. This could provide some extra reassurance.

        • Trevor says:

          If you look at the Amex account online, it shows your nearest stores, yet these don’t match with what foursquare shows at participating. bit confusing, are only some stores valid?

          • kevin cottrell says:

            But how do you go about registering your supplementary card for Amex online services separately?

          • Trevor says:

            If you register the supp card with the FS account, then login to the supp Amex account and view offers, it’ll show the offer as loaded to the card.

  • john says:

    I didn’t know about the Argos offer. I bought a camera at Argos yesterday, now showing in pending transaction. I have just saved the Argos offer to that card. Will I get credited £25?

    • TimS says:

      Possible but unlikely I’m afraid.

    • vmep says:

      Return and rebuy instantly in store

      • john says:

        Not sure if they will let me. I spent a lot of money in Argos yesterday and the day before. I got a photo camera and a GoPro camera. All are now unsealed, parts of packaging thrown away (I am going overseas tomorrow and had to set up and pack things).

        I will visit Argos today and be honest with them about this promotions–see if the can do a credit and debit.

        • Luke says:

          You should do. Its the actual settlement that triggers the credit.

          • john says:

            I think you are correct. I read the T&C and it is the statement that will trigger the credit, so I most likely with get the £25.

        • callum says:

          Or just buy the same thing again today but return it with yesterday’s receipt.

  • jason says:

    does it matter which argos store you sync offer to??

  • Richard Kenyon says:

    The Eurostar worked OK for my BA Amex. However, the MBNA issued AMEX (Emirates) wouldn’t work :-

    Unfortunately This Campaign Is By Invitation Only.

  • xcalx says:

    Got the last 6 £50 Visa gift cards at an Argos in Doncaster yesterday morning. Still had plenty of the £25 ones.

  • apoorva says:

    I signed up for the argos offer, the terms and condition mention “Corporate and pre-paid Cards are excluded from this offer”. Does this mean we cant buy gift cards for 50£?

  • Mycity says:

    Am I correct in saying, you just click the save button and it auto registers on the card linked to 4square.