Avios sale – 50% off economy flights to certain long-haul destinations

British Airways has launched a January Avios redemption sale.  It is rather modest in scope – certainly nothing like what we saw last January – but it may work for you.

The following long-haul routes from London Gatwick are discounted by 50% in economy only:



Dominican Republic




Barbados Avios

The discount takes these routes down to 25,000 Avios per person, apart from Mauritius which is 30,000 Avios.

You must book by 4pm on Friday 23 January.  You must travel out by 19 March and return before 2 April 2015.

Taxes and charges are NOT reduced unfortunately and will set you back between £321 and £386 per person.

The one upside of these destinations is that they are available over the end of the peak season and into the shoulder season.  Whilst economy redemptions are usually not great value long-haul, this offer would be OK if a cash ticket would set you back £550 – £600 or so.  That would value your Avios points at 1p each.

Full details can be found here at ba.com.

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  1. A friend of mine travelled to Barbados last week and said that F was full, J was full, W was full but economy had only about 35% loading. ……… Not necessarily indicative of what is going on but perhaps a snapshot?

    • Raffles says:

      Barbados has never really recovered from the crash. We were there 3 years ago and some beach resorts were shuttered. The Four Seasons may never be finished. I think the Middle East has taken some trade and high oil prices, pushing up air fares, hit the middle market.

    • We always go during October half term on the last two trips we have had WTP redemption seats on one leg. This year all 3 of us were upgraded at check in at Gatwick (only blue status) on the way out. The year before 3 out of the 4 of us were upgraded coming home.

  2. Jeremy i says:

    Hey rob, just to let you know this didn’t come through by email this morning for me. Jeremy

  3. The link in the email is also wrong.

    • Raffles says:

      Worked for me, top offer on the landing page.

    • Henry C says:

      I got the email but it was in the old wordpress style (not mailchimp), and the link didn’t work as per Dave.

      • That was because I messed it up via the new system and I cannot send stuff on demand, so all I could do was turn on the old system and repost the article. I can get away with it because the list is 98% the same as it was last Monday – that won’t be an option if I mess up in 2 months time!

  4. Anyway….. just a post about the offer as opposed to the email issues – checked random date for Tampa and was 25000 avios + 324 cash – same cash flight was £470. So only about .58p per avios, less the earnings…pretty poor value.

  5. @raffles – re dkim/spf – yes indeed mailchimp will DKIM your mail etc as long as your dns is set up correctly. I have never received an email from HFP from any email address other than wordpress.com so I can’t look at the mail headers to confirm but poking on the internet I do not see any SPF records for headforpoints.co.uk (assuming that’s the mailchimp domain)

    dig headforpoints.co.uk txt + short

    If you want any help (no charge) let me know


    • That article is what I quoted – MailChimp, as I read it, uses its own DKIM and technically the emails come from them. The ‘from’ address you see is only a dummy, in effect.

  6. Does anyone know when the next bigish redemption sale will be? I have 2 2for1 lloyds vouchers I need to burn, economy only. And I’m just sat here crying, waiting for something decent to come up like Tel Aviv, so I can cry on the beach.

  7. I’m trying to book 2 f or club tickets to muc for September, I was going to bite the bullet and just get the pe seats that were available but someone on another forum said they areclikely to release more seats after this sale is finished so hold on I may get lucky – does anyone else think this likely? Daryl

  8. Sorry nyc not muc

  9. Fredrik says:

    Hi, I just called Avios to cancel a sales ticket I redeemed during their November 2014 Avios sale (GBP 1 in fees in stead of the normal GBP 35). I was surprised to learn that they wanted me to pay GBP34 to effect the cancellation (and get the Avios back). I thought the cost of cancelling a sales ticket was only the fee, whether GBP 1 or GBP 35.. Has the rues changed or have I just misunderstood?