£100 cashback on £300 Amex Travel spend for Platinum cardholders

(EDIT:  as per the Comments, it seems that there is a technical issue with card numbers whose 5th number is a 0 resulting in a “by invitation only” message and a refusal to register you)

American Express Travel has launched a very decent bonus promotion for Platinum charge card holders who spend £300 or more at their website.

To qualify for the £100 rebate, you need to spend £300 or more on pre-paid hotels, plane tickets, car hire or experiences in one transaction before 26th February.

You MUST also register your Platinum card at this website before booking.  Only 6,600 registrations will be allowed.

Amex Travel

This bonus is in addition to the standard bonus of 1 extra Membership Rewards point per £1 spent, on top of your base earnings.

This offer is probably best used for airline tickets or car hire.  Bookings hotels through American Express Travel runs the risk of it being treated as a third party booking and not qualifying for points or status credit – although you have a better chance of getting credit via Amex (because of their huge business travel booking business) than Expedia etc.  That said, for a £100 discount you may be willing to take the risk.

Note that hotel bookings via Fine Hotels & Resorts are specifically excluded, although this would be the case anyway as these bookings are never pre-paid.

If there is a chance that you might be spending £300 on flights or hotels before 26th February, I recommend that you register here just in case the 6,600 target registrations is hit.  Don’t bother trying if you don’t have a Platinum card as it will reject the registration.

PS.  The article I wrote for the American Express Travel blog is still there, take a look if you missed it the first time.

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  1. Do you think applying for the Plat card would happen in time to take advantage of this deal? Reckon any of the 6600 registrations would be left by the time the card arrived?

    • You should be OK. The card will arrive within a week, there aren’t that many Platinum cardholders out there and – more importantly – this has not been promoted directly to cardholders. It is simply a rotating banner on the Platinum website.

  2. Charlie says:

    Thanks Raffles, just booked a week’s US car rental via Amex Travel, choosing a car at the sweet spot of just over £300, fingers crossed for the £100 statement credit.

  3. There is one for centurion CM’s also

  4. Dominik says:

    I tried to enrol my Amex Gold out of curiousity and received an e-mail from Amex saying that I did so successfully… Has anyone else done the same? Do you think the credit will go through?

    • I was just about to book some flights when I saw this offer. I thought I may as well try and enroll my gold card and like you I was told I was successful. I went ahead and booked the flights but weirdly neither the initial transaction or credit have appeared on my statement. Usually after 6 days something would at least appear in pending transactions. Very odd!

      • I’m in the same boat (plane).
        Booked the flights-the charge did appear as “pending” for a few days -but now they’ve totally disappeared altogether.
        My statement was made up a few days ago and nothing on there (not complaining).

        Got the PNR for the lfights and the booking seems OK – so not unduly worried….

  5. Do you think I could book a flight and an activity and still qualify for the bonus – I’d be checking out once so it would be on one transaction?

  6. Shayele says:

    Just booked over the phone as needed premium eco its showing up as ba moto gbp payee Im gonna have to fight it out with them. I hate that part.

  7. Off Topic-

    I can confirm now I’ve received the 50,000 bonus points from adding 5 supplementary cards to my Platinum.

    Thanks Raffle’s for posting and letting me know about the fantastic offer.

  8. Good spot, I will get that into a post.

  9. Shayele says:

    Hi at that link it also says plat card holders. How do you know that it is for non plat too?

    • SImonSchus says:

      Hi Shayele,

      Yes, I noticed this as soon as I had posted and just wrote a response above as soon as I had realised.


  10. Antoinette says:

    Is there a way of booking 2 unrelated flights on one transaction. I need 2 flights-1 to Malta in April and 1 to Oslo in May. Separately they cost less than £300 but if I book them together they are just over. Would I still get the credit?

  11. It has accepted my registration on my gold card, and I received a confirmation email. But it does not show in my offers on amex.co.uk, which all previous successful offers have. Can anyone confirm if it shows in ‘my offers’ if you have a plat card and successfully register?

    • Not in “My offers”. I have registered and used the offer.

      The transaction has completely disappeared from my account. Was in pending now it’s nowhere.
      Booked nearly 2 weeks ago.
      Got the invoice and PNR so not unduly worried….

      • Shayele says:

        Amex have an issue with their invoicing system it can take up to a month for the charge to be put through. I had the same experience as you. Im still fighting wiht them to credit me with tickets I bought over the phone on premium eco.

        Anyone got their 50000 points for sup card holders yet? Did you have to call mine is still not showing (yes I know its 90 days) but like to know if there is any method to their madness

        • Charlie says:

          Same here, car hire booked for Summer has completely disappeared from my card spend history. Not got my 50,000 MR points for supplementaries yet either.

        • My flight booking has finally appeared after 16 days of booking.
          Now lets see how long it takes to get theh £100 (x 2) creedit.

          Still not got the full 50,000 points yet either.

  12. Hi
    Just wanted to check, is it possible to get statement credit if you booked a carhire or flight for someone else using amex travel website.