1000 Avios, Miles & More, Etihad or Virgin miles with new Heathrow Rewards sign-up bonus

Heathrow Rewards – the loyalty scheme for Heathrow’s duty free shops – has launched a new sign-up promotional bonus in conjunction with Etihad Guest, although you can redeem the bonus with any of their partners.

This sign-up bonus is different to many we have seen in the past:

The offers runs for the whole of 2015 so there is no rush to sign-up

You receive 1,000 miles (more than usual) for  a spend of just £25 (lower than usual)

Heathrow Rewards gives you 1 point for every £1 spent in Heathrow (1 per £10 on foreign exchange) or on Heathrow Express tickets (online bookings only).

You can redeem your points for Avios (in either avios.com or British Airways Executive Club), Virgin Flying Club miles, Etihad Guest, Miles & More miles, Heathrow shopping vouchers and some other odd bits and pieces, usually at 1 point = 1 mile.

Even though you will be joining the scheme via a referral from Etihad Guest, it makes ABSOLUTELY NO DIFFERENCE as to where you can redeem you points.

Full details of the Heathrow Rewards scheme are here.

Heathrow Rewards

New members who join Heathrow Rewards will earn 1,000 bonus points when they spend £25 in a single day at Heathrow before December 31st 2015. You will also receive 100 points for signing up.

To sign up:

Visit this page on the Etihad website and click through to the Heathrow Rewards joining page

Complete the application form – you MUST insert code ‘EGJAN15’ in the ‘Promotional Code’ box on the application form if it does not appear automatically

For the purposes of this promo only, bureau de change transactions are not qualifying purchases – although you still earn points when you exchange money at Heathrow.

Note that the Etihad website says that the £25 must be spent in one transaction. However, the small print confirms that you simply need to spend £25 on the same day.  This is normal rule for Heathrow Rewards offers.

You may well already have a Heathrow Rewards account. If so, you have three options:

open an account for someone else who shares a BA or Avios household account with you, then transfer the Avios to that account

Heathrow Rewards now lets you transfer points between different people – you could get a card in a random name, spend £25, and then ring Heathrow Rewards to transfer the points to yourself.

if you have only previously converted to one airline programme, you could open another account in your name (different email, different postal address) and then send the points over to Virgin, Etihad or Miles & More if you usually send them to Avios (or vice versa).  If you have only ever converted to British Airways, you could still convert to avios.com via  a new account.  Do not use the same frequent flyer number on two accounts.

If your card does not arrive before your next Heathrow trip, don’t worry. Save your receipts and scan or post them to Heathrow Rewards and they will add them manually.

PS.  If you have the Etihad Guest credit card, you are entitled to join the premium tier of Heathrow Rewards for free!  This means that you will receive 2 points per £1 spent instead of 1 point.  You need to activate this feature by following the link on this page.

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  1. Remember that (at least in the past) you cannot use the same postcode for two different accounts, even if the name is different. That’s my experience. It is a bit stupid, since I don’t see why more than one person in a household should not have a HR card.

  2. I’d just like to confirm what Brian has reported.
    I’ve just tried to set up an account for my wife but site won’t allow it because we live (surprise, surprise! ) at same address

    • Matthew says:

      I got past this last time by putting my postcode as AB1 1BA and AB11BA which allowed me to open an account for me and my wife at the same address.

  3. Mikeact says:

    How come then that I’ve just signed my wife up then ? (40+ years here together !)

  4. Can’t believe it – I just signed up for this card at the weekend! Bummer!

  5. Q: Does the Heathrow spend include airside shops, or landside shops as well? Just asking because I’m not going to fly, but am going to pick someone who’s arriving at heathrow.

  6. Just to add, there are 4 HR accounts set up at my address, all working ok since being set up over a year ago. Separate email addresses but that was all.

  7. Would a car park booking via the Heathrow website (you enter your membership number) count?

  8. appreciate this site is targeted for miles, but 1000 points will be worth £20 off pre booked parking so its almost a £20 worth of points for a £25 spend…

    Shame I have a card already, will try to register for my wife…

    It’s a bit fiddly but they have a passbook card so you don’ t have to remember to take the card…

  9. Off topic… Has anyone had the 60k points from the IHG card yet? The points from my first statement have been added but no sign of the 60k bonus points.

  10. Raffles, completely off topic, I have the Virgin Black Card. I am purchasing a new house, and considering putting the stamp duty on the visa card (as the revenue doesn’t take amex), at a charge of 1.4%. The stamp duty is just over £14,000. In your opinion is this worth doing

    • Excluding any introductory offer?

      1.4% of £14,000 = £196
      £196 cost for 14,196 Virgin miles.
      You can buy 15,000 Virgin miles in the current promotion for £195 cash – So not really……

      However it would also qualify for:
      Upgrade from Economy to Premium Economy + Companion reward flight at the end of the year.

      If it was me, I would possibly take out another card with sign up offer based on spend (I realize not always possible when buying a new home).

      I’d recommend either the IHG (nice sign up + Platinum) or Hilton (Free hotel stay + Gold after spending £10K) Barclaycards

      • Paul Irving says:

        I think the spend has to be on the AMEX card for the flight upgrade, so the visda spend would not count for this,

    • No, 1.4p per mile is too much to pay unless you have a specific plan where you know it is worth it. At half that I would do it, but not at 1.4 per cent.

      Only reason to do it would be if it was the only way of spending enough to trigger the upgrade vouchers – and as they are tricky to use ( requiring a semi flexible, not refundable, Premium Economy ticket to be bought to get into Upper Class) you would also need to be confident of using them.

      • The upgrade vouchers are not tricky to use. They upgrade an economy flight bought with miles to a premium economy reward flight. You only need availability in Premium to book. They can not be used at all for upper class. (The free companion flight is the one you have to book a paid for flight in a certain class)

        • Good point, blame sunstroke!

        • Richard says:

          Since this has come up, a thing I’ve been trying to find out but can’t – is the upgrade voucher for a one-way flight or a return? The former seems more likely, but there’s some text on the website which could be read the other way.

        • A return. You can use it for a one way but not 2 one ways, you’d lose the return portion in effect. If you get a particularly helpful flying club rep it is possible to use it for a one way flight for two people but technically against the rules.

  11. Michael says:

    Do Boots generally sell their own giftcards at Heathrow? And would that count? Coukd not find giftcards at Boots Heathrow recently.

    • PalCsaky says:

      I didn’t get any Heathrow Rewards points for purchases at Boots. Only Boots Advantage card points have posted.

  12. James67 says:

    Does spend at presecurity whsmith etc also count as qualifying spend? Never bothered with this before but running short on avios so may give it a go.

  13. Alexwlkr says:

    Gift card spend does not normally attract HR points. Especially if the card is swiped directly through the till point (WHS and Boots). However Dixons sell Itunes cards and they have an old fashioned HR swipe terminal, so just persuade the sales assistant to swipe ! 😉

    Combine of course with the Foursquare £10 of £30 Dixons spend 😉

  14. The website is currently unavailable ?deluged by HfP readers