How to earn 7+ Avios per £1 at Next, via Directory and in-store

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For non-UK readers, Next is a hugely popular mid-market chain of clothing and homeware stores, possibly best known for the huge crowds which always attends its sales.

If you spend at Next, there are two ways of earning a lot of Avios points for your shopping.

Via Next Directory

Many people don’t know that you can pay off your Next Directory account using Next gift cardsThis page on the Next website explains how.

Next gift cards can be bought at Tesco.  They are one of the most common gift cards they sell – a tiny Tesco Express may only sell 3-4 gift cards but Next is often included.

Next store

As most Head for Points readers know, you earn 150 bonus Clubcard points for every £50 you spend on giftcards (excluding Tesco gift cards) in TescoTheir website confirms it here.

This means that you are earning (150 x 2.4 =) 360 Avios per £50 of gift cards you buy (7.2 Avios per £1).

If you have an Amex Gold, you would also earn an extra 1 point per £1.  Supermarket shopping in your first year earns 2 Amex points per £1 whilst Next usually earns 1 Amex point per £1.

You can overpay your Next bill to empty out each gift card in full.  The balance sits on your account as a credit.

Via Next shops

You can use the same method when purchasing good in-store at Next by buying gift cards from Tesco in advance.

That is a bit risky, of course, because you might get to Next only to find that they don’t have anything you want to buy!

If you have been a Next Directory customer for more than six months, there is an alternative.  You can ask for a Next Directory Card.  This allows you to buy items in-store and charge them to your Next Directory account – from where you can pay the bill at your convenience using Next gift cards from Tesco.

Love Clubcard, don’t collect Avios?  You should be reading our sister site, Shopper Points (, which covers the latest Clubcard and Nectar offers without any distracting frequent flyer talk!  Why not check it out now?

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  1. I still buy 3V vouchers at Tesco and use them to buy John Lewis vouchers which I spend at Waitrose.

    • Janes are you getting 3v or the new cards? Am needing some v fast right now!

      • I think that the new cards are still a rumour, although allegedly they should be out this month. There are still a few of the old ones lurking, but you will be lucky to find any.

        • The Tesco rack filler I talked to said that they’d been told that the new cards were due imminently. Presumably stores are clearing old stock they’ve searched out in store rooms (it not as if they can discount the old season cards when the ones with the new look arrive).

          Initially wondered why anyone would want to buy the 3V business at all. Presumably the profit margin in is breakages, ie balances not redeemed.

          But have come to the conclusion that, unlike in most cases, this rebranding may well be a success.

          A casual gift card purchaser looking at the rack may not grasp what 3V is supposed to mean. is a lot clearer (am surprised the brand wasn’t already in use) and should increase sales, leading to wider availability for those of us who read this site.

  2. I do this as am a Next Directory Customer. Didn’t know about the account card. Last year I must have put £1000 through as bought an oak coffee trunk and nest of tables that came to £575 when refurbishing, plus other related spends.

    Maybe Raffles singled out Next as with the directory you can pay in gift cards before you trade them against spend. Not sure how many store accounts have that flexibility. You can use 3V as well if you can get hold of them, but it’s more faff. I’d call Next a very successful company by today’s standards, the stores always seem to have people in them who are buying which is more than you can say for a lot of other places.

  3. To clear things up regarding my opening comment on impact on credit ratings.

    If you are making a few credit applications in the same time window then this could mean you get rejections. It’s not hard to rack up enough applications to impact – couple of credit cards, new phone contract, switch a couple of bank accounts for incentives etc.

    The key question is this. Applying for a Next storecard might get accepted and allow you to grab a few hundred extra Avios, BUT if this is the credit application that tips your file over the edge then is it worth doing in place of an Amex Plat application that may net you nearly 100k Avios?

    • The_Real_A says:

      There is a relativity to your income and other debt also – If you earn £20k a year you might be concerned about a NEXT account, however if you pay higher rate tax its hardly a concern provided you manage your debts well.

  4. My local Tesco has 4 racks of cards and the Tesco in the next town is similar !! ( just outside Glasgow ) I will buy a couple if hundred tomorrow and test over the phone with council tax … And on line with Scottush Power … If it works then that’s a couple of grand towards the AMEX spend.

    Is there a difference when the new ones come along ?( fee/ spend restriction )

    • I don’t suppose BA accepts them to pay off holidays? I have about 1.5 to pay ?

    • no problem with Scottish Power; council tax varies.
      Also gift cards for supermarkets from HSV.

      • Hey guys, just tested my first 3V cards, one on BA Holidays and the other on Scottish Power.

        BA went through fine with £24 out of the £25 going through. Scottish Power, I paid £24.64 (minus1.5%) but they never took the 1.5% still 36p on the card.

        Couple of questions:

        How long does the £1 take get refunded to the card by BA, theres another 56 of them to go through lol

        On BA website it states I need to travel with the cards I used to pay….. will I have to take all these cards and activation receipts with me, or will my BA Amex that I Used to pay the deposit be fine?

        How do i Transfer the change from the cards to Amazon?

        Thanks Guys

        • You should never pay the credit card surcharge as 3V are Visa debit cards; make sure you select this if asked.
          You send yourself a gift card from Amazon for the change (not sure about 36p but try it). You have to add the card to your Amazon account and then delete it after use. When the second email arrives click on the link and it will add it to your gift card account which will be used first when you make a purchase. You need to clear each card separately.

          • HMM.. sounds a bit confusing ..but im sure il get it …… 3V also state that you can transfer funds back to your account using an IBAN number ?

            Do you know how long the BA refund takes?

          • 3V charge a fee for transfer out. Just buy a gift card from Amazon (with yourself as recipient), enter the card details as usual at checkout and then delete the card from your account once you’ve redeemed the gift cert 🙂

          • Its asking for a claim code which include letters? Am I at the correct bit?…. sorry fr being a pain

          • and Allan!

          • GOT IT!!!!!! and it works perfectly…. thanks Mark for all your help !

  5. thanks guys i’l do a tester with a few tomorrow. ….. just when I thought the devaluation would close one door……. these cards open another …lol.

  6. hey guys…wondering if any of you know if and when BA refund £1 card verification charge to your 3V when paying towards a holiday. I still have not had a refund.

    if its a case of calling for every card then I don’t think it would be worth the hassle paying this way ?

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