airberlin status match offers you another route to BA lounge access!

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The Qantas status match ended on the 16th.  This was a tricky one to get, since you needed a New Zealand mailing address to take part, but if that was not a problem then you could have obtained a year of British Airways lounge access by matching any existing frequent flyer status you have.

Whilst that deal has gone away, there is another oneworld status match going on.

airberlin is currently matching any non-oneworld frequent flyer status you hold.  This was originally a limited time offer until the end of April but the deadline has now disappeared from the application form.

Full details can be found here, in English, on the airberlin website.

airberlin Gold

If you have British Airways or Cathay Pacific status then that will not work here.  It is a shame that Virgin Atlantic ended their BA status match on March 1st as that would have solved the problem easily.

The Etihad status match is also now over – but it is less likely that you would succeed in matching them as they are the biggest shareholder in airberlin.

If the only status card you have is with oneworld, you need to get creative.  You need to engineer a match with another oneworld airline and then get airberlin to match you back.

Pull that off and another year of BA lounge access and free seat selection can be yours.  airberlin status will also give you benefits when flying with Etihad and potentially with other members of Etihad Airways Partners as well.

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  1. Colin JE says:

    Question: how does the free seat selection on BA work if you have an AirBerlin Gold card?

    • RIccati says:

      Use Finnair website to change FF number. Then Manage Booking at to select a seat. Then back to Finnair to change FF back to BAEC.

    • You need to use the Manage My Booking Section on Finnair or Qatar to add the AB frequent flyer number. Once that’s done go back to the BA website and free seat selection should be there. Usually works straight away, on one (recent) occasion had to wait about an hour for the BA website to update.

      • Colin JE says:

        Wow! It works, got to choose my seats for free. Thanks Guys. How on earth did you discover this?
        Just a thought, but if I leave my BA flights with AirBerlin number, will I get any miles or tier points awarded at AB, even if it’s a reward flight?

        • You won’t get any points on a reward booking, so it really doesn’t matter where you credit the flight to. Do take the AB Gold card with you when accessing BA lounges just in case though, they can be a fickle bunch, or as proof when using priority boarding.

          I prefer to use the airline which has status on the booking, as then the oneworld status shows on the boarding pass (or at least it used to, didn’t on the last flight).

        • Colin JE says:

          How do I change my frequent flyer back again? I keep getting an error, on both websites saying I’ve used the same frequent flyer number more than once

          • I wouldn’t worry about it on reward flights, both your FF numbers are now in the booking. If you really want to change it, the lounge staff and check in staff can amend it.

          • I think the fact that you booked it as a BA Avios award is the cause of the issue. I have the same issue with an Air Berlin avios redemption – BA shows all seats with my Exec Club number in MMB, but having attached my CX Gold number I no longer see it when I log into my Exec Club account, only if I enter the booking reference number and surname.

            Looking at the booking on other OneWorld sites shows the CX number and I cannot change it to my Exec Club membership number as I get the same error.

            Slightly annoying as I no longer see the booking on my BA phone app.

      • Do you need to be a member of finnair or qatar to be able to log in?

  2. mikeact says:

    I received AirBerlin Gold match last year, but only for six months, and they said it would only be extended if I did a million miles give or take So I might try again as I have a few BA/AA flights coming up. I guess I might try with a different email address, and maybe my sons London address, as it would be useful for the lounge.

  3. I have just received Qantas gold thought the NZ status match – thanks Raffles. A quick question: if I book BA tickets and use the Qantas gold to select seats for free, will it work if my BA address (UK) is different to my Qantas address (NZ)?

    • Also just received my Qantas status match overnight. Although there is the oneworld benefits, there is also the Emirates perks to be had.

      I wouldn’t think there would be an issue if you addresses don’t match, others may know for sure. Perhaps its time to move back from NZ.

      • pauldb says:

        Wife and I also got our match overnight. Nice!
        I can’t see any issue with addresses not matching, but we’ll see I guess. I just don’t see where they would be cross-checked.

  4. What is the correct procedure when travelling in ow flight, I want to credit my miles into AA advantage but also using topbonus gold (ow sapphire) to gain the lounge access? I have encountered a few times where the counter denied to do this and claimed that I only can credit to the ow sapphire account in order to enjoy the sapphire benefit.

    • It is a problem with untrained agents. Often you have little choice but to let them change it and then change it back in the lounge or at the gate.

  5. Howard says:

    I tried the Etihad status match from Marco Polo Gold on day after Raffles mentioned it. I had email saying offer closed. I wrote back and sent a screenshot and I think I had another spin answer saying offer closed. I wrote back but with no response.

  6. Howard says:

    I just checked my Etihad account for a print out of my card and the colour is GOLD…I have had no email confirmation.

    Have I been lucky on this?

    • Seems so. I was never notified last year when mine was upgraded.

      • Interesting although no good if you didn’t have an Etihad account to begin with! 😉 I’m off to send them a Tweet about it given the autoresponse to email.

  7. Completely off topic. I want to upgrade my wife’s Amex from gold to platinum (I know Raffles recommends cancelling then reapplying in 6 months time but this works for us this way).

    Problem is it does not ask for household income when you apply for this, only personal, and hers is way off the 40K required. How likely is she to get rejected for this and is it a typo on the form and should be household as there is no other place to put extra income info?

    • If you are paying the £450 I’ve found they don’t care. It’s also combined income for the household not solo. Good luck!

  8. Lady London says:

    Is AB card matched by anyone else?

  9. Empers says:

    Great service from AirBerlin. I emailed them a scan of my Gulf Air Gold card (status matched from CX Gold) at 4pm, then at 8:30pm I had an email saying I was Ab Gold and would receive my new card within the next 14 days!!

    Now we can get into T5 galleries lounges as a family, even for the Mark Warner
    Holiday BA charter flights.

    Thanks Raffles, without your excellent website this infrequent flyer would not have enjoyed lounge access and fast track security on the rare occasions I have flown over the last 2 years!

    • Howard says:

      Agree with Empers

      Raffles. Thanks so much for your brilliant advice and hard work. My wife and I have First Return to New York from LHR. Would not be possible without your hard work.

    • Oh! Matron! says:

      Mine took a little longer, over the weekend, but confirmed this morning 🙂

      Now to stop the BA staff from *adding* my air berlin number to my booking when going into the lounges at heathrow

  10. Good to hear fellow travellers are getting such fast responses. Am Gold Elite (no called Platinum) with Etihad + Emirates Gold + Virgin Gold. Sent everything when Rob mentioned on the site and no response yet…let’s wait and see!

  11. Nathaniel says:

    Thanks for this article. I filled out form on Friday. I’ve already been matched on Monday!
    SAS Eurobonus Gold to Topbonus Gold

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