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I’ve nothing to add to the BA hacking saga, but feel free to add your comments here!

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A huge percentage of Head for Points readers, including myself and my wife, are currently locked out of their Avios accounts.

Changing the password simply shows a zero Avios balance which BA appears to have confiscated ‘for my own good’.

I don’t know anything more except what has been said in the email below. Looking at reports on Flyertalk, it seems that there is NOT a specific exterior service causing the problem.  AwardWallet and TripIt have NOT been compromised.

However, my best guess is that BA is trying to find accounts which HAVE been the target of suspected hacks.  If you are registered with AwardWallet then your account will have been accessed from outside the UK by AW on a regular basis and this may have flagged you as high risk.  This is only a guess.

I have nothing more to add which adds to the discussion, to be honest.  We can use this article for comments on the topic, however.

The letter from BA goes:

Dear Customer

British Airways has become aware of some unauthorised activity in relation to your Executive Club account.

This appears to have been the result of a third party using information obtained elsewhere on the internet, via an automated process, to try to gain access to your Executive Club account.

We understand this was login information relating to a different online service which you may have also used to access your Executive Club account.

We would like to reassure you that, although it does appear that the login attempt was successful, at this stage we are not aware of any access to any subsequent information pages within your account, including your flight history or payment card details.

We have now locked down your online account to protect it from further access. As part of the lock-down process we have also changed your password and you will need to reset it before you are able to use your account.

If you use the same login details for your Executive Club account as you do for your online accounts with any other organisations, we would also recommend that you change the passwords for these accounts, as well as exercising vigilance regarding any unusual or suspicious use of your personal data.

For a short period of time, as a precaution, we have also suspended the use of Avios on your account. We will let you know when this suspension period is over.

In the meantime, however, if you wish to spend your Avios please contact us via your local Executive Club service centre. We will be able to reactivate your account by asking you some additional security questions.

We are sorry for the concern and inconvenience this matter may have caused you and would like to reassure you that we are taking this incident seriously.

British Airways Executive Club team

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  1. Thomas says:

    Just to update – just had a generic email from BA (nothing to do with this) about “Making your travels easier this Easter” – this had my balance etc. which was back to full, and checking BAEC site, all AVIOS are back. I never called them but did change passwords etc. so looks like they are catching up.

    Hope the rest of you are slowing going back to normal as well.

  2. All avios are back. Still no email from BA though!

  3. I have just had an email telling me my account is reactivated and I can use the account again because they do not think that anyone has penetrated my history or taken points. The only thing is that according to my account I have no Avios in it anyway…… I can feel a lengthy telephone call coming.

  4. Peter Taysum says:

    No email, checked trash. Wasn’t allowed to hold was booted off. Emailed and received info similar to the email I didn’t get.

    I’m all for security.

    There is competition. I wish BA good luck with that, they’re going to need I think.


  5. I’ve had no emails at all and keep getting the message that my username & password combo is not recognised. When I put in my email address to reset my password, nothing happens – and hasn’t done since Saturday morning. As you need to log in to contact them about BAEC issues, that just leaves twitter/FB, who are just in fobbing off mode.

    • Thomas says:

      Took ages to get the email reset to work, it did eventually, and then I could log back in, so for me I had to persevere with the reset option on the website – frustrating, but easier than trying to get through on phone.

  6. Just a quick update on my situation….Locked out on Saturday morning, gave them a call later that day, and my points magically reappeared last night. So it does look like they are working through the affected accounts!

    Hope this situation resolves itself for others too!

  7. Waribai says:

    I followed Raffles advice. Didn’t bother phoning the call centre up. Just took it easy over the weekend. Reset my password yesterday evening. Lo and behold…I’m back in the game!

  8. Waribai says:

    Incidentally, my wife never acted upon the email instructing her to change the password. Couldn’t login at the weekend but now everything is fine again!

  9. Thomas says:

    Just got a reworded email from BA letting me know they believe there has been an issue and that someone un-authorised has gained access to my account (but have not accessed any sensitive data) and therefore they have changed my password and locked the account – account is accessible fine, so looks like this should have been sent a few days ago. Looks like their systems are playing catch up, but since yesterday I have all AVIOS back, and account working fine.

  10. I’m now locked out… and similarly cant get a reset password email…

    • Fenny says:

      Give them a call. If you use a username to log in, rather than BAEC number or email, there are some issues. If they can’t get an email to you, there is an online form to change email address, but it may also throw up a problem, so they will need to raise an issue with the service desk.

  11. i’m probably too late for this info to be of any real use, but i use AW and my baec account has been perfectly ok, all avios accessible and password works fine.

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