Your profile is only 87% complete ….

If you have logged on to recently, you will have seen this message:

Your profile

My profile, it seems, was only 87% complete.   How could this be after 25 years of flying with British Airways?!

Obviously not wanting to appear unhelpful, I went into my profile to have a poke around.  I was missing my home telephone number so I slotted that in.

91% complete now ….

That still wasn’t enough.  The address section was missing a County, because I live in London.  Line 3 of my address was also missing, because my address does not have a 3rd line.

I made one up anyway.  This crashed the website, however many times I tried, so I gave up on that one.

I had no seating preference in my account.  This is because I prefer an aisle on short-haul and a window on long-haul.  I set it to aisle.

95% complete now ….

Then I got stuck!

The final 5% can ONLY be obtained if you select a special meal!  If I am to get to remove the annoying ‘your profile is not complete’ message, I need to face a lifetime of diabetic, gluten free, lacto ovo vegetarian (whatever that is) etc food …..

It may, of course, be an improvement.  I have friends who purposely select special meals on short-haul because they are invariably better than the standard food.  I don’t want to take the risk though!  It looks my profile is doomed, never to be 100% complete …..

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  1. I think it has changed today! My profile now shows as 100% complete, and there is definitely no special meal request…

    • Wyvern says:

      Still not working for me – I have a special mea preference and a seat preference already, but address is showing as incomplete (missing third line and county/state) even though it is a full UK address. Tried adding these and got “our systems are not responding”. It’s annoying especially as it takes time to load.

      It would be good if BA could record separate preferences for short-haul and long-haul seating and meals. Doubt we will see any such real enhancements though!

      • The links on BA pages, or via emails they send me, often don’t work and give the “our systems are not available at this time” message. I managed to navigate directly to the page I needed to confirm my new email address, but only because I already knew where it was. Their systems are rubbish.

        • Lady London says:

          + 1.
          I get really annoyed with websites that tell me “your profile is incomplete”. I often stop using these sites.

          Who cares?

          Why should I give information that you can use to segment me, market to me and possibly sell me?

          I’ll give you what I need to.

  2. I had identical problem for about the last month – stuck at 97% complete because I refused to select a special meal.

    I used to always select one as they had previously been much better, but that rapidly changed & I also heard that it almost eliminates the chance of getting an operational upgrade so I stopped that practice.

    Randomly, just a couple of days ago, it is now showing as 100% complete.

  3. The BA twitter team said they’d sort this out, however even if you get to 100% the message never goes away!! Yet another win for BA IT!

  4. Whatever you do, don’t choose a special meal as you’ll never be upgraded ever again. My wife and I were once upgraded to First and then they spotted her vegetarian special meal. After apologising they rescinded the upgrade. Devastating!

  5. nathanjf says:

    Is it also weird that a “seat choice” is needed for 100%. If you’re indifferent you’re not a 100% BA profile? I guess I’ll have to choose one…

    • FormalHall says:

      I’d be amazed if you were indifferent, unless you have an unusual fondness for the middle seat!
      I wonder with the rise of no seat selection on HBO fares, I wonder whether BA will at least take into account our window or aisle preferences, especially if they are pushing us to fill them in on our profile.

  6. They have definitely changed this. Mine was sitting at 96% initially and the only thing missing was the special meal requests. It has now gone to 100% without having to select a special meal. I think they underestimated how big a deal it would be, particularly within the frequent flyer community. We are bunch prone to paying attention to stats, numbers and status….

  7. I noticed exactly the same thing when the ‘pie chart’ appeared, but don’t get me started on BA’s IT ….

    I tweeted them months ago suggesting that the iPhone 6 and 6 plus had been out a few weeks (at that time) and asking if they might ‘optimise’ their app for those models.

    They tweeted back suggesting “we’re always looking at updates, hopefully it won’t be too long” …. still waiting [rolls eyes]!

    Surely if the My Flights app, run by a guy who also has a day job, can be optimised, why not BA’s?

  8. Baggageinhall says:

    A lacto ovo vegetarian is one who eats dairy and eggs as opposed to a vegan who doesn’t.

  9. My profile was at 95% for a couple of weeks and has now changed to100% with no further input from me.

  10. The BA website is getting more and more frustrating. I have been trying to change th address linked to my Avios account for over a week and keep on getting an error message when I try and it doesn’t update. I also noticed the % complete point too, such bad UAT – BA should be embarrassed.

    • The website really is a technical minefield and rarely does the things it should.

      I informed BA of a problem on the booking page. Advertised a CW upgrade and when selected, upgraded to WTP. It was obviously a mistake as priced at €211 but I’m sure not everyone would notice and then expect CW. This seemed to be triggered as the return was with AA and the only upgrade option on the return leg is business.

      They have yet to fix the problem which would likely form part of the contract with the buyer and they could reasonably expect CW as advertised as the class of travel.

  11. Cheshire Pete says:

    Yes, mine was 97% now 100% suddenly. Again no special meal was set.

  12. Physci says:

    Do keep up Raffles, this was fixed by BA a few days ago (mind you there are plenty of other IT related things they should also fix!)

  13. All my passport information went missing a few weeks ago! Gone back in today to change my meal info back to ‘none’ today – thanks for the info. On another note my first Iberia Plus points have just posted after buying a case of wine last month – 480 + 500 bonus avios!

  14. It was fixed yesterday. Bad timing. 🙂

  15. BA’s IT is a pile of penc. It took me an hour the other day to work out exactly what they had as the first line of my address (which hasn’t changed in 15 years) so that I submit the form to change the email address on my account in order to allow me to log back in after the “hacking” incident. For 2 weeks, the Customer Service staff said the IT team were looking into it and would get back to me. the term “Epic Fail” is now firmly lodged in my mind and I couldn’t give a toss whether my profile is complete.

  16. The meal choice doesn’t allow for “I’d like something vaguely tasty and appealing by I’m allergic to sea food and prefer not to eat eggs I haven’t cooked myself”.

  17. Graeme says:

    My address section was on 88% though filled in correctly. After many attempts to get to 100% what worked was to split the number and street onto two lines, i.e. first line: 29, second line: Acacia Road. Then for line 3, also not mandatory, I used my London district Tooting, and for county/state Greater London. Finally 100%!

    • Number only on first line was what caused all my problems. Make sure you keep a note of it for later issues. If it’s a common thing, then the Customer Service people ought to know about it.

  18. Still there for me. “100% of your profile is complete, please update your profile so we can improve the quality of service we provide you.” D’oh!

    On the subject of poor user experience (you’d really think a company of BA’s size, whose business is heavily reliant on its web site, would hire in some top-notch expertise in that area, but evidently not), does anyone else get the Company Travel nav menu auto-expanding every time you login and every time you navigate anywhere within the Exec Club section? Incredibly annoying. (I don’t have an On Business account incidentally).

    And does anyone know of a way to change your frequent flyer number on a redemption booking, that doesn’t involve a detour to the Finnair web site? 😉

  19. Think Square says:

    Sort of related – every time I log in, I get a big red banner telling me “Sorry, these flights have been cancelled:” for two upcoming US Airways flights that have already been rebooked. I can’t find any way to tell it I’m happy with the changes.

    • John F says:

      Same for me,(US Airways ORD-CLT-TPA in November) even though flights have been rebooked and confirmed the original “sorry message” remains, actually it was only a time table system update, all flight numbers, seat allocation and times are the same,(I spoke with an agent at BA and they removed the original flights that appeared crossed through but said the sorry message would remain) and on the 100% profile issue mine went to 100% when I booked a meal for my flight to Seattle end of April, (made sure of the beef )

      • Me too. Cancelled my Washington – Miami flights and suggested a rebook 10 mins later. Wouldn’t let me accept changes online so I spent 40 minutes on hold to talk to somebody at BA’s Indian call centre. Said they’d fixed it but still showing as cancelled!!! This is the first time I’ve dealt with BA after years of flying Virgin and I must say they’re not convincing me to make the switch!

        • Sadly the warning message not disappearing is a new thing, however I’ve not once managed to rebook online (especially as sometimes it suggests the longhaul flight out of London is rebooked to one *before* the domestic connecting flight appears!) and have always had to phone them up. If they sorted their website they wouldn’t then have such big queues on the phone lines!