1,000 free Avios in Iberia Plus if you have an Android phone!

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(EDIT, May 2015 – this offer still works, but the bonus is now 400 Avios rather than 1,000.)

For the last couple of months, the taxi ordering app Hailo – which is now operating in Madrid and Barcelona – has been running a special promotion with Iberia Plus.

If you download the Hailo app and create an account, you get 1,000 free Avios in Iberia Plus.  No purchase required.

Full details can be found on the Iberia website here.

The snag is that the Hailo app knows where you are, thanks to the GPS system on your phone.  You are only able to add your Iberia Plus number to the app if you are in Spain at the time.

Thanks to readers Craig and Paul, we have found a solution.

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You need an Android smartphone to do this.  It seems that you cannot fake the GPS co-ordinates of an iPhone without jailbreaking it, which is not recommended.

This is what you do:

If you don’t already have Hailo on your phone, download the app and create an account.  Use the same name as the name on your Iberia Plus account.

Download a free Android app called Fake GPS

Open Fake GPS and move the marker on the screen to Madrid in Spain

Re-open Hailo.  You see will a message on screen saying ‘Welcome to Madrid’.

Click on ‘Profile’ in the menu section of the app.  Scroll down to the bottom and you will see a menu item called ‘Iberia Plus’.  Click on this and enter your Iberia Plus number.

That’s it!  1,000 Avios points should arrive in your Iberia account.  They only seem to post them once a month so you may have a bit of a wait.

As well as getting you 1,000 Avios, this activity will also ‘activate’ a new Iberia Plus account and therefore allow you to move your points to and from ba.com and avios.com.

This offer closes on April 30th so I would get onto it ASAP.  You can find out more on iberia.com here.

If you happen to be in Spain before April 30th, you can also earn 10 Avios for every €8 you spend riding with Hailo.

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  1. elGuiri says:

    One thing possibly to note is that the FakeGPS app requires granting permission to modify system settings. As a paranoid guy, I check out a bit further if such permissions are required – and this app developer’s website link does not work.
    Add to the fact there are only a couple of hundred reviews compared to some of the competing apps, I decided to find another.
    “Fake gps – fake location” has thousands of reviews, and doesn’t require permissions to modify system settings. I installed it and it worked fine for setting Madrid location for me for Halo.
    I am not affiliated in any way with it, and have not used either of these apps before, but am very wary of granting unnecessary permissions to apps. Just i case you are too, I thought I’d mention it.

    • Lady London says:

      unnecessary extra permissions….. I guess you can’t have anything Google on your account then 🙂

  2. Feel free to laugh at my naivety but once done can you clear out the fake location straight away? (Sorry!)

  3. Successful report from the US. I was able to sign-up with an US Google Voice number on an Android tablet (not phone). HTH

  4. Hi did we come to a conclusion whether to include the IB in the Iberia number? I only entered the digits. Thanks

  5. Just did it, though my hailo account isn’t new, it’s a couple of years old in fact – will the Avios still post?

  6. Ashley says:

    I’m in the US, my iPhone has a US number with US/Canada-only calling plan. I followed the set-up steps described in this article, installed fake GPS, successfully entered my credit card number and Iberia plus number, but the App never told me to wait for a code text to my iPhone to register the account. I also never received a confirmation email and text message to confirm the submission of my registration form, as per what Hailo’s UK web site said should happen as soon as a registration form is submitted. However, the app shows taxis available in Madrid (where I pretend to be) and my credit card is on file, as if the account is up and running and ready for use. What is the 3-digit registration code that folks wrote about on this thread for? Since I never received this code, does this mean my account is not yet properly set up to enable me to activate my Iberia Plus account?

  7. Wonder if you can use the same phone to get the bonus for multiple IB accounts.

  8. Wondering the same thing as JQ…anyone have any ideas?

  9. My Starbucks app is happy to tell me where all the nearby coffee is in central Madrid, but Hailo still thinks I’m sitting on my sofa faking my location and tells me there are no cars in my area.

  10. Roberto says:

    I downloaded the Hailo app and did the fake GPS thing added my IB number and logged out. I then re-opened the app and created an account for my OH and added her IB number. I deleted the app (as it dont cover my area) and hopefully earned us 2000 avios in the three mins it took to drink a cup of Nespresso.. Lets see how long it takes to post..

    Thanks for the tip..

  11. Stuart says:

    Do you get any sort of confirmation? I did this but didn’t see anything confirming the points would be added.

  12. mikeact says:

    Award Wallet has just popped up…500 Avios, not the expected 1000.
    Ah well, no big deal.

  13. My 1,000 posted overnight.

    Combine My Avios seems to be down (again) though so they may be sitting in IB for a while ….

  14. Dominic says:

    My 1,000 points have posted but now my points are stuck in Iberia Plus as I can’t pull them into Avios for some reason.

    • Mine are stuck too – seems to be linked to the need to reset my password after the hacking fiasco. Tempted to sit it out rather than waste my life on the phone to them.

      • Have got mine now too – had to reset my PIN though as it seemed to have been locked out. Will hold of transferring for now as only 1250 in the account after I cleared out the Economist ones earlier in the year!

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