Bits: more free Avios Suitcase points, free Wi-Fi call credit for IHG Platinum & Ambassadors

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More news in brief:

Avios Suitcase adds new points-earning badges

If you have been visiting the Avios Suitcase app on Facebook occasionally, it is worth checking back.  New ‘badges’ – Avios Apple Watch App, Instagram Avios For Apple Watch, Twitter Avios For Apple Watch – are now available.

Simply by clicking on each and completing a short task, you will earn a few points.  Other new badges may also be showing depending on how long it is since you visited.

The points are not huge – usually 20 per badge.  They are credited to and not British Airways Executive Club, although you can merge them using ‘Combine My Avios’.

You can learn more about Avios Suitcase in this HFP article here.

Avios Suitcase

$10 of free wi-fi call credit for IHG Rewards Club Platinum and Ambassador members

IHG Rewards Club, the Holiday Inn / HI Express / InterContinental / Crowne Plaza etc scheme, has launched a free ‘IHG Translator’ app for iOS and Android devices.

Covering 12 languages, all IHG Rewards Club members get access to 40 key phrases, a free audio lesson per language and local travel information.

If you have IHG Rewards Club Platinum or Ambassador status, you get free access to the Premium level.  This gives you use of a voice translator, 3 minutes of free access to a live dial-up translation service and over 2,000 phrases per language.

Here is the interesting part.  The Premium level also includes $10 of free Wi-Fi telephone credit for a service which works in a similar way to Skype.   This can be used to call anywhere in the world.  Even if you have no interest in the translation features, you may want to download it just for the free $10 of call credit if you are eligible.

(Thanks to Paul and Uncle G)

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  1. The latest avios suitcase badges are a bit more generous than normal at 120 points each.

    • If you can get them all to work that is !!!

      • I managed 2 of the 4. I don’t have instagram and couldn’t check in to Apple Store using FakeGPS app.

      • Managed to get them all except the iWatch badge. Despite a Facebook check-in at the Covent Garden (?) Apple Store I still haven’t received it.

        • Stuart says:

          The check in one is the only one I can’t get to work. I don’t live in London so have used a GPS location spoofing app to try.

        • PalCsaky says:

          Switch off the location services for facebook app and search for the store manually. If several stores appear with the same name, check into all of them as it’s not clear which is the official one.

  2. genetic says:

    The avios suitcase badges (or at least some if them) now come with the instruction to make sure you share them publicly. It appears that they’re on to the trick of making the posts private to avoid spamming your friends.

    • Yes but all you need to do is follow the instructions, wait for the badge to activate and then delete the facebook post.

      That should reduce the spamming.

  3. I publicly checked in at Apple Store Covent Garden and haven’t got the points, that was yesterday morning. All other tasks posted points a ok within seconds. Is worth quickly setting up an Instagram ac to get those points for Instagram tasks, even if you never use it again. I have an account with Instagram but rarely use it,

  4. Follow the instructions carefully. Also check in to Covent garden apple store for 120 avios. This then opens a series of a futher 9 check ins for apple stores around the country. You don’t need to be there to check in (use an ipad or phone and these can be set on privacy so only you can see them) – I am currently in Dubai on holiday and have done the lot!
    So far 10 check-ins , 1 instagram pic of a apple watch pic I nabbed on line, 1 tweet and 1 shared link. 13 badges x 120 avios for each = 1560 avios!!! All posts then deleted on social media!

    • Some of the check-ins didn’t work at first but it appears they have fixed that. Just make sure you check into the tight store page (will be the one with the most check-ins).

  5. I spent ages the other night trying to get the Covent Garden one – I checked in several times to the Apple Store but still the sticker did not give me the miles or open up the other stores. Tried again last night and it still doesn’t work for me. Managed to get 2 of the other ones.

    • pat butcher says:

      Make sure you are checking in the right page (the one with the black apple logo).

      • After umpteen attempts over several days I just switched off the location services on my iphone and the Covent Garden sticker came straight in and opened up all the other ones! A result!

  6. pat butcher says:

    Can anyone help please. I can’t link twitter or instagram to avios suitcase. I’ve tried several times and nothing happens. It just redirects me back and it’s still not linked. Ta.

    • pat butcher (!) – i had the same problem, solved by switching onto my mac instead of iPhone.

  7. So you don’t actually have to visit an Apple store then? Do you need an Apple device?

    I know so little about Apple or Facebook!

    • pat butcher says:

      Me too but i got this to work. You need facebook on a mobile device. There is a “check in” option, click that then type in where you want to check in. Once you have done covent garden it opens up more.
      The only ones I can’t find are princes street and cabot circus.

    • just need to check in via facebook on a smartphone or tablet. Just go to check in and search for where you want to check in

  8. Did anyone manage to find the page belonging to the Apple store in Edinburgh? I’ve had no luck with that particular one.

  9. OT: Just found Indigo Edinburgh makes all room categories available for standard redemption. Booked a junior suite for 23-26 May with 2 free nights + 35k points. The cash rate is around £700, bargain!

  10. Thank for this post Rob, A nice 1500 avios earned today via suitcase, with no dent on credit file!

  11. How do you sign into the apple stores on facebook?

    I have turned off my location notification settings on my ipad..

  12. I have checked in to the covent garden store (black logo), posted, says im there. Still no stickers emerging in my account- any help please!

    • Same here.

    • Took me a while. Had to resort to doing it on my tablet rather than phone, for some reason. Then got all the other badges and work out which FB account to check in to. The only one that won’t play for me is Instagram, even though I managed to remember my password and log in.

  13. Covent Garden Apple Store has No. 1-7 The Piazza in the title. If you don’t see it in the title, you probably have the wrong one. There are a few thousand checkins on the right page.

    After triggering that, it opens up a ton of other ones. If you complete all the checkins plus Twitter plus Instagram, you can get 1560 Avios total (120×13)

    • Thanks for the helpful advise, now worked for all my stickers except Regents Street and Birmingham Bullring stores, any idea or help would be much appreciated.

  14. badger says:

    Clearly anybody doing this is a complete loser.

    Wouldn’t mind 1560 free Avios though.

  15. Can you link more than one FB account to the same Avios account? No reason why Ma can’t earn me a few Avios while she’s learning how to use FB!

  16. Thanks for the helpful advise, now worked for all my stickers except Regents Street and Birmingham Bullring stores, any idea or help would be much appreciated.

  17. All stickers now showing, i just tried again this morning checking in to the missing stores and for some reason they appeared – so keep on trying if doesnt accept stickers first time round 🙂

  18. AndyGWP says:

    You snooze, you lose!

    All ‘check-in’ stickers have now gone… I hadn’t had chance to do them and have now missed the chance it seems… ah well! 🙂

    The instagram, twitter and facebook share are still there so managed to get a quick 360 avios 🙂

  19. Mark says:

    Just wondering… has anyone actually received the avios yet? I got 10 from the suitcase a few days ago, and nothing since….

    • Jovan says:

      I only got 10 as well…

      • Palcsaky says:

        I didn’t get any. All the points have disappeared from my suitcase account but none have been credited to my account. Anybody knows what’s going on?

  20. Jovan says:

    Raffles, any chance you can get a follow up on this [points coming out of the Suitcase app but not arriving into Avios account]?

    • To be honest, I didn’t think it was a widespread issue?

      • I only got 10 points this month too, and nothing for any of the check-ins for the various Apple Stores but like others, my suitcase balance has re-set to zero.

      • Same here, just 10 points and now a zero balance 🙁

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