One interesting quirk with the new Avios scheme we never expected

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My main article today summarises all of the Avios changes that took place yesterday.

Everything is as we expected.  Except one thing.

As you will know if you followed my articles on the changes, Iberia is introducing its own reward pricing chart with its own peak and off-peak dates.  It looks like this:

Iberia chart PNG 2

What I didn’t expect is this: is using the Iberia pricing chart to price Iberia rewards.

Here is the proof from


This flight – if priced using the British Airways chart used for BA and all other partner airlines – should cost 120,000 Avios.  However, is pricing it using the Iberia pricing chart and applying the Iberia off-peak calendar.

You should still not book this flight on!

If you move 68,000 Avios to Iberia Plus and book it that way, the tax will fall from £323 to £137.  However, not everyone can move Avios into Iberia Plus because a) your Iberia account must be open for 90 days before you can transfer and b) you must have earned 1 Avios point in the account.

If you can’t fulfil both of the criteria above, booking via will be your only option.  I can see a lot of people heading down to Madrid in the near future ….

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  1. Worzel says:

    ‘I can see a lot of people heading down to Madrid in the near future ….’ .

    Yes, this would suit us-being 15mins from BRS. No need to go up to LHR, just jump on EZY(who provide a great service) and take it from there.

    We were in the Madrid Business Class Lounge last month and impressed with it-that said we’ve little experience of these places.

    I wonder how long this quirk will last-doubtless there’s someone doing repairs as I type!

  2. Peaceful Waters says:

    That new Iberia service from Manchester to Madrid is looking useful!

    • AndyGWP says:

      Thanks for the reminder 🙂

      [stupid question] – Can someone remind me how the pricing works with codeshares? :/

  3. Phillip says:

    There is one benefit I realised about this – you get access to almost 3 weeks’ worth of availability via BAEC before Iberia Plus does. Iberia Plus only lets you book 11 months in advance whereas on BAEC you can book roughly 11 months and 3 weeks ahead. For routes that could sell quickly, it may be worth the extra bucks.

  4. Danksy says:

    Makes the 241 voucher very poor value!

    • Worzel says:

      Agreed, to be able to use a 2-4-1 on Iberia (or other carriers) would make the scheme more interesting.

    • Trevor says:

      Despite Raffles’ insistence that it’s the best perk out there, I’ve always found it poor value – I have 2 sitting on my account and not sure what to do with them.

    • Will worth it for F redemptions long haul, ESP Asia, or East Coast US.

  5. Is it possible to use the 2-4-1 voucher with this arrangement? An article on how best to use the 2-4-1 would be nice.

  6. Jordan D says:

    Are Iberia rewards still non-cancellable?

    Also – Zone 6, Peak, Full Fare Economy is looking like *exceptionally* poor value! 😉

    • Iberia rewards have always been cancellable, whether booked on or The only thing you can’t cancel is non-Iberia redemptions booked on

    • Iberia awards are cancellable Euro 25 per person

  7. Another note.

    I booked an Iberia flight from GIG -MAD a couple of weeks ago and it priced at £24.70 on BA. The same as the $ equivalent on Iberia. Upon further research, it seems BA has adopted Iberia pricing on a couple of south/Central American flights. Certainly flights from Brazil and Columbia, price between £24 and £47 for business class. A few others are around £150 but bizarrely, Equador pricing a at £647pp.

    • If only BA was that generous:) I do not know about other countries but in case of GIG this is due to local laws in Brazil which do not allow for fuel surcharge to be added. If you look at the break up, I am sure you would not find any YQ/YR surcharge.

      If you do a LHR-GIG return booking then BA includes YQ/YR on both legs since you are originating from London but if you book it as two separate tickets you will have to pay the surcharge only on outbound (sucks if you have 2-4-1 I guess) as BA cannot add YQ to tickets originating in Brazil. Give how expensive S. America tickets can be this provides seriously good value if you are returning from Brazil specially now with Off peak pricing.

      On another note, Rob are there are any more such destinations served by BA where they cannot add their favorite YQ due to local regulations? Will be to handy to have the list if there are any such countries particularly in S.E Asia.

      • YQ is limited by the Hong Kong Civil Aviation Department to be an actual fuel surcharge, airlines need to get approval for their YQ each month they sell tickets. In May 2015 it will be HK$205 for long haul routes (i.e. for BA).

        Not sure exactly what tickets it applies to. Raffles ran an article about using Expedia HK to benefit from this.

        Also if the £ maintains its recent small rise against the USD this week, tickets priced in USD-linked currencies should become cheaper in GBP from next Wednesday

  8. Sebastian says:

    Iberia does look the way forward, even without a 241 voucher. For me unless AMEX do something special I can see them losing a lot of BA PP customers.

  9. Would the 500 point Hailo/Gettaxi (I can’t remember which one it was!) bonus from last week count as ‘earning’ points?

  10. Andrew says:

    Is Iberia fully flat on MAD-JFK?

  11. What is the “best” way to earn 1 point on Iberia to “activate” the transfer process?…

    • sandgrounder says:

      The Hailo bonus described above should do the trick if you have access to an Android smartphone.

      • Also the transfer of ereward points will activate an Iberia account takes about 4 days.

    • Credit a flight, hotel stay, car hire, Amex transfer, the Hailo thing (ends tomorrow), transfer from a hotel scheme …

      You can’t buy Iberia Avios, though, because your account needs to be active before they let you do that. Chicken and egg ….

      • Ah thought I had missed the boat on the Hailo thing.

        Guess I’ll do that tonight then!

    • Buy wine from their site Vino Seleccion – we did that last month – cost £48 and got 480 avios plus the 500 bonus points. My 90 days will be up next week!

  12. Flight Risk says:


    I have 2 x $50 Cathy Pacific Airways service vouchers, I am not likely to fly with them this year, what’s the best way to get rid of these? Ebay?


  13. Can I transfer Amex Points into Iberia would that activate the account? (Can i then transfer those point from Iberia back to Ba?)

    • Phillip says:

      Yes and yes.

    • Trevor says:

      Yes, yes and yes (however the ability to transfer from Iberia to BA depends on whether you have a BAEC Household account or not. If you have one, you need to transfer via

      • What happens if you have a household account in both BAEC and Avios and you want to transfer points between Iberia/BA/Avios?

        • If you have household accounts in both avios and ba you can’t transfer between them.

          That’s because an avios HH account is in a single family name, not individual pooled accounts like ba.

          Your best bet would probably be to break up the family account. I think Rob has covered how to do this efficiently in a past article.

  14. Trevor says:

    I didn’t realise that Iberia Econ rewards were going up. Just as well I already booked LHR-MAD for July else I’d potentially be paying 5k Avios more per person x 4 each way!

    • Matthew says:

      I thought they were the same peak one-way (7,500) and cheaper off peak one-way (6,500)

  15. Has anyone managed to move any Avios between Avios and Iberia in the last couple of weeks. It always fail when I try on my accounts or my niece’s.

    • Matthew says:

      Yes, worked fine for me but my BA account never got locked out nor did my Iberia a few weeks back.

    • Might need to try it on all websites in all directions, I can only move Avios into BAEC using, and out of BAEC using, and I can’t move between BAEC/IB+ directly.

    • You will need to reset the password. Click on the forgotten password and follow the instructions. I needed to do this last week.

      • gnarlyoldgoatdude says:

        Or maybe not.
        I’ve been chasing this on FlyerTalk. Apparently we will need to call IB+ and find a knowledgeable agent to help. Resetting the password may or may not work on its own.

      • I tried that, but no difference.
        I will try again manana.

    • Stephen says:

      You need to call Iberia there is a London number. They refer to Madrid. Took a full week to unlock mine but then could combine and made a booking.

  16. If only Iberia’s website allowed you to book a reward seat!!

  17. krys_k says:

    Maybe I’m a dumb-cluck, but how do you get to see Iberia prices via avois from BA site? I’ve tried the site itself as well as through Exec Club and can’t find it. Thanks in advance!

  18. Raffles,

    Great website ! – I have been using this website this year and saved money on travel .
    How do I we contact you to advise on offers you don’t have posted currently ?? .

  19. Transferring Avios to Iberia+

    Log in to your Avios account and go to the “combine your avios” it will ask for your IB+ Id and PIN (ie password)

    The key is that the Iberia password has to be capitalised. If your Iberia+ password is


    then you have to type in


    I was tearing my hair out for weeks trying to get enough Avios into IB+ to get J class tickets to SJO. Someone mentioned this on HeadforPoints a last week, and now it works perfectly for me.

    Poor security really,

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