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Back in December I ran a Head for Points competition in conjunction with LoungeBuddy.  Two readers won $100 to spend on buying access to airport lounges across the UK.

LoungeBuddy is the leading global authority on airport lounges.  It is a FREE app which is available for both iOS and Android phones.

If you are reading this on your phone and click here, you will be automatically taken to the relevant download page for your device.

At its simplest, it shows you a comprehensive list of airport lounges at the airport where you currently are (it will bring up relevant results automatically if it senses you are in an airport) or you can pick one which you intend to visit. Listings include ratings, reviews, photos and access requirements.

It can do more than that, however.

You can store details of your airline status cards with LoungeBuddy. You can also upload details of your forthcoming flights. The app will use this information to highlight which lounges you are allowed to use based on your status or your travel class.

Last December LoungeBuddy launched the next stage of its evolution – selling day passes to pay-as-you-go airport lounges.

When I wrote about this last time, it was only available for the iOS app.  As of a couple of weeks ago, it has been extended to the Android app too.  You can now use LoungeBuddy on iOS or Android to buy access to a large number of UK airport lounges and a handful in the US.

When you look at LoungeBuddy listings for a particular airport, lounges where you can use the app to purchase a day pass are highlighted with a large ‘Buy’ button. You can then use a pre-stored credit card number to buy an entrance pass for yourself and any number of guests. You simply show your LoungeBuddy confirmation code at the lounge entrance and you will be allowed in.


23 UK lounges currently participating

Since I last covered LoungeBuddy, it has expanded its coverage by adding the No 1 Traveller network.

Here are the 23 UK airport lounges which allow you to buy a day pass via the LoungeBuddy app:

  • Aberdeen – Servisair
  • Belfast City – Aspire
  • Birmingham – Aspire, No 1 Traveller
  • Bristol – Aspire
  • Durham Tees Valley – Servisair
  • Edinburgh – Aspire, No 1 Traveller
  • Humberside – Servisair
  • Inverness – Servisair
  • Gatwick North – Aspire, My Lounge, No 1 Traveller
  • Gatwick South – No 1 Traveller
  • Heathrow T2 – Plaza Premium (photo below)
  • Heathrow T2 Arrivals – Plaza Premium
  • Heathrow T3 – Servisair, No 1 Traveller
  • Liverpool – Aspire
  • Luton – Aspire
  • Manchester T1 – Aspire
  • Manchester T2 – Servisair / Swissport
  • Newcastle – Aspire and AspirePlus

The new Stansted lounge which I previewed yesterday is NOT part of the programme, unfortunately.

These are all Priority Pass lounges so if you have an American Express Platinum card with its two free Priority Pass cards then this will not be of interest.

LoungeBuddy is offering a special discount to Head for Points readers who give the app a try.

Plaza Premium Heathrow 2

If you download the LoungeBuddy app for your iOS or Android device and enter the code headfp you will receive a $10 credit against your first lounge visit.  There is a box to enter the code on the ‘Payment’ tab on the menu. The $10 will be converted into £ when you make a purchase.

If you want to find out more about LoungeBuddy, visit their website hereClicking here (if you are reading this on a smartphone) will take you to the download page for your device.  Don’t forget to add the code headfp when registering.

Comments (15)

  • Matthew says:

    Do they plan on adding STN in the future? Maybe it’s not there yet due to only just opening. Here’s hoping…

    • Rob says:

      They don’t have any of the other Escape lounges (Manchester, East Midlands) so I get a feeling it will need to wait until they get a broader deal with Manchester Airports Group. Although, as they take Priority Pass, there is no reason why they wouldn’t want to work with LoungeBuddy.

      • Matthew says:

        True… Hopefully just a matter of time. Thanks for the info.

  • gnarlyoldgoatdude says:

    “Error Adding Credit
    You already redeemed a code of this type.”

    I must be getting greedy, but the app already showed $10….must have been based on the first posting about loungebuddy.

    Reasonably good system. Helped me out during the French ATC strike.

    • Rob says:

      Yes, I had a $10 code available during the competition last year, you probably downloaded it from that.

      • ADS says:

        I’m getting the same message … I guess I must have used a code … but I’m sure I never actually redeemed it … shame I’m missing out 🙁

  • Mikeact says:

    You have to use the pass within an hour of purchase ? Have I read that right ?

    • Rob says:

      You can only buy passes when your phone recognises you are in the relevant airport so it should not be an issue.

  • I love LoungeBuddy, easy to use and great for lounges that are not part of an alliance. My only wish is to have more reviews.

    • gnarlyoldgoatdude says:

      Well, the onus is on all of us, isn’t it.

  • AndyGWP says:

    Still waiting for support to solve my issue of not being able to use the app since I swapped my phone last year… At least it seems my credit will still be valid if they do!

    • LoungeBuddy says:

      Hi AndyGWP,

      Sorry about the delayed response. If you download the latest version of LoungeBuddy from the app store, the issue that you experienced previously should now be resolved.

      If you come across any other issues, please let us know at [email protected].

  • AliC says:

    I’ve tested LoungeBuddy’s info in several airports (to see which of the lounges would be the best bet for a Oneworld Emerald/Star Gold) and found it to be sadly lacking accurate info on accessibility to members of various programs. LoungeBuddy is a great idea but needs a lot of work on its content. Having said that, accurate info for subscribers who have status on various programs isn’t really the business model I suspect – finding a lounge that permits paid-for access for non-status subscribers would be more profitable … until it becomes a paid-for app.

    • LoungeBuddy says:

      Hi AliC,

      We’d like to apologize for the inaccuracies that you’ve come across in our content. Our developers are currently working on an upcoming fix that should resolve a large portion of these issues.

  • jinx99 says:

    Could you take 3 mobiles/ sims and use $30 (ie 3 x $10) against one bill?

    Or man & wife 2 x $10?