Earn Avios via Clubcard with The Orchard at Tesco

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A couple of days ago I wrote about BzzAgent, a product testing business which awards you with Tesco Clubcard points in return for testing new consumer products and writing reviews and social media posts about them.  The business is a Tesco subsidiary.

Tesco runs a similar business called The Orchard.  This is focussed on testing new Tesco products, experiences and services in return for keeping the products and receiving Clubcard points on top.

The Orchard at Tesco

The Orchard at Tesco website is here and it has a sign-up page.

As with BzzAgent, I don’t have much feedback from members as to how good or bad it is.  If you are a member, please let us know.  One member commented in my BzzAgent piece that The Orchard is a better programme – possibly because Tesco is genuinely seeking your views (you are reviewing their own products) instead of effectively selling your time to third-party manufacturers.

If you have the time to get involved then it might turn out to be interesting as well letting you pick up a few extra Avios along the way.

Love Clubcard, don’t collect Avios?  You should be reading our sister site, Shopper Points (www.shopperpoints.co.uk), which covers the latest Clubcard and Nectar offers without any distracting frequent flyer talk!  Why not check it out now?

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  1. Graham Walsh says:

    I’m on the Orchard programme and have had some good vouchers to test out products. You are meant to get more invites to the programmes the more active you are at blogging, tweeting, sharing on Facebook etc about your experience.

  2. My wife has been a member of orchard for ages. To be honest the points she gets doesn’t seem worth it to me for the amount of effort she has to put in, but she mostly does it for the free goods.

    The way it seems to work is that every couple of months she gets some vouchers, one to get an item free for her and a few offering a discount that she has to give to others, after trying the product she has to review it, and write about it on social media (which caused an argument when I found out she had been using my Twitter account.) one thing I have found surprising is that it doesn’t seem highly prescriptive as the vouchers are quite generic – so they have been for finest cheese rather than for a specific cheese type for example.

    I think this is an ok way of getting points if you have the time and don’t mind everyone you know knowing you will sell your soul for a packet of streaks, but it isn’t something I would do personally.

    I’m also not sure how many points you get but it isn’t enough for me to ever notice them on my clubcard account – we do have two credit cards, insurance and mobile phones as well as regular shopping going on our statements so it is hard to tell what has come from which source but whatever we get from it won’t be many points.

  3. i agree with the above – the programme is more about the product vouchers than earning points. You do earn some points, but likely less than 100 per quarter.

  4. Tilly71 says:

    You average about 10cc points per activity completed. Easy to get between 80-100 per survey and free coupons for items in store or online. Also you get money off coupons to pass onto your friends which you can use on your accounts also.

  5. andy L says:

    all sounds like far too much effort for such small rewards….. Where have all the decent Avios earning opportunities gone? It feels like collecting and redeeming is withering on the vine to me. Shame, a real shame.

  6. Andrew (@andrewseftel) says:

    I’ve been doing it since the start. From my point of view, I get to try something new every couple months and get a few clubcard points. I don’t do much of the ‘buzz spreading’, but do write short reviews etc. They’ve really dialled back the CC earning rates (it was perhaps 25pts/tweet at the beginning, now 5 maybe), which is a shame, but understandable.

    The programme did put me on to their Finest Hazelnut Gelato. Yum!

  7. BlueThroughCrimp says:

    I joined The Orchard and signed up for 1 test. Never received the vouchers from them, so I can’t comment if it’s any good!

  8. Tilly71 says:

    Hi Raffles,
    In a previous topic you said flights from mewquay to gatwick that connect to a long haul ba flight do not pay APD. I done a dummy run and did not reduce any APD so contacted Avios live chat and they told me that full APD applies?

    • Just priced this on ba.com:

      Newquay-Gatwick, Heathrow-Dubai, 2nd August, one way – 24,500 Avios + £146 in economy

      Heathrow-Dubai, 2nd August, one-way – 20,000 Avios + £205 in economy

      It may well be that avios.com is not pricing this properly. avios.com is STILL ripping people off on one-way short-haul redemptions by not adjusting for the lower fuel surcharge, eg Dublin to Heathrow one-way has £2 tax when booked on ba.com and £17.50 on avios.com.

      Simply move your Avios from avios.com to ba.com / BA Exec Club via Combine My Avios and book from there.

      • Tilly71 says:

        Thanks for searching this route out but when i search on ba.com/baec i get the message error with a number of possibilities like route network not flown that time of year. I then took your dates and i got the same message.
        Is there a special section on ba.com i have to click into to get flybe flights?

  9. I have been a member of BzzAgent since 2007 and The Orchard since it launched (whenever that was).

    I barely earn any points as I don’t do much of the social media stuff but I do provide what I hope are helpful reviews and the tests are usually for items I would buy occasionally anyway.

    I am usually aghast when I see how cheesy and overt they expect ordinary members of the public to be about the goods (e.g. in the examples of “exceptional” contributions) and even more surprised when I see people doing it! The same as the whole blogging phenomenon I suppose. Due to me not being “exceptional” I only get invites every couple of months or so. 😀

  10. James67 says:

    OT: anybody know what is going on with BA pricing at the moment? When trying to book EDI-LHR ow I get an HBO fare of £35, select flight and click continue and fare is now £47.50 but fare, taxes and fees breakdown bears no resemblance to either of the two aforementioned figures. Likewise, tried a RFS and price is quoted as 4500 avios plus £11. Select and continue and it’s now 4500 plus £17.50 as you would expect. Furthermore, it is pricing as 4500 despite showing as an offpeak day.

    • James,

      I tested this out from GLA for comparison. Random date in July (a Friday), off peak it priced one way on RFS as 4000 avios and £17.50 all the way through.
      The same flight as HBO quoted as £85, then billed as Fare £61 and Tax etc of £23.26, total cost £84.36

      Looks like the BA booking website is having ‘one of those days’.
      It hadn’t occurred to me that off peak pricing applied to domestic RFS flights. However I still prefer Little Red out of EDI whilst it lasts – lower points for redemption, less delays and better lounge options than BA (if I want something to eat. If I want to get drunk then a BA lounge is the place to be!).

      Also OT but I see via the ads on HfP that the BA KL flight starts in a few days. Will be interesting to see how old (or new) the aircraft is once the first trip reports come in, as I have to flights booked on it.

      • correction, the random date was June not July. Friday 19 June.

      • James67 says:

        Thanks, will try again later when new cc arrives. Needless to say I would have booked were the price oddities in my favour but alas not. You are probably right, I just assummed offpeak spplied to domestic. Never gave* it much attention as I never used RFS except on close in bookings. Sadly, little red will be long gone by dates in question. I have what will likely be my last flight with them tomorrow. Sorry to see them go too but much of the blame with Virgin, I don’t think they tried hard enough and I suspect virgin trains and eastcoast played a part in the end. I will be on KUL route in September and again in November in CW. My u derstandi g was that it will be a new four class 77W but time will tell. Cannot see that it will make much of a difference other than there should be a few less crumbs on the seats and a little less rubbish on the floor. Personally I’ll be happy if it goes tech and I get rebooked on MH a380.

        • Off peak does seem to apply to domestic, 4000 off peak avios versus 4500 peak one way. It was just me who hadn’t caught up.

          Agree with comments on BA Club World, my KUL bookings are June and March so will find out soon enough. If it’s a newish plane then that will spare some of the embarrassment when comparing to MAS A380 (which IS being kept on the route). BA Redemption availability seems to have opened up well when looking 11 ish months ahead.

          Also, if you google it, you will see the new boss at MAS has given his first interview to Reuters on the changes to be announced shortly.

        • James67 says:

          Thx, look forward to your feedback. Come June I will probably envy you the CW crumbs as I am stuck in my EY economy seat to BKK. I am already begining to regret that experiment when I could have booked J from AMD for £800ish.

        • You didn’t know that when you booked

  11. Tilly71 says:

    Hi Raffles,
    Many thanks for taking a look at my routes, i worked out you had to be in BAEC section to use ba avios points but can you advise me how you do a dummy run using two flights in BAEC?
    I put my Newq route in but took me to the payments page, how do you keep a flight in your booking system so you can go and book a connecting flight?

    • James67 says:

      Search Newq to your final destination. Click to search. It will then give you option for stopover on next page. Check the circle for stopover then further down page is a box, choose stopover London. Choose departure date London same day as you arrive London. Click again and next pagr will let you choose options for each flight sector on same day.

      • Tilly71 says:

        Thanks but when i select my destnation from Newq and click continue i dont get the page with stopover options, you have to confirm email address etc are correct and then continue to nearly payment page?
        I am using an ipad, would this make a difference?

        • James67 says:

          On BA homepage login top right corner. On thelogged in landing page down the left hand side you will see a booking column/panel. Change ‘book with money’ to ‘book with avios’. Fill in flight origin, destination, dates etc and click continue or whatever it is. That will tske you to nect page offering stopover as I described previously. Sorry I cannot be more specific than that as I am unsure from your description which page you are starting from.

  12. OT: Just amended a pre-28th April Avios redemption today. LHR-AUS outbound amended with both a change of class J to F and date.

    The extra avios charged was 25,000 as it would have been under the old rules. Had to pay the change fee, but got back a small amount (£2.80 each) in reduced taxes and fees.

    This was for two of us with a 2for1 voucher.

    • Thanks for the prompt, after reading your post I checked First availability on my existing CW booking (made pre 28th April), and there was some! So avios points transferred in, 20 minutes on hold for BA to answer my call and my 2-4-1 booking now amended to First. Was charged the amendment fee and the BA rep was very helpful. For me, this is a good use of avios and amex voucher as the KUL flight is just over 13 hours.

  13. Tilly71 says:

    When i search a booking via ba.com i get the stopover option just under the destination box but i dont get this when searching a booking via ba executive club avios reward flights?

  14. I get the impression Orchard is for thick people?

    • As many on here have said that they use it that is a bit judgemental and likely to offend.

  15. James67 says:

    @pj didn’t know what?

    • Danny says:

      I don’t use Orchard and pj’s comment is offensive and should be deleted.

      On a rather cheerful note, this code XXG4Y7 can be used by anyone to get £12 off £60 online for a Tesco grocery shop for delivery or collection, to 16th June 2015.

  16. Tilly71 says:

    Why would the Orchard be for thick people – please explain for us all PJ???

  17. slonik says:

    I agree with SM. The point-earning opportunities of Orchard are fairly minimal (unless you really want to sell Tesco to your social media ‘friends’, which I don’t. However, every couple of months you can get £5-ish of coupons for various products in exchange for filling in a short survey and writing a short review at the end of it – you don’t actually need to do any social media unless you want to. I quite like a freebie so am quite happy to put in the very small amount of time required. The products, as others have said, are generally quite broad – for things from a particular range (eg finest cheese) rather than specific products.
    All in, I have found this much more rewarding than the avios-earning Rewards for Thoughts and the like, which seem to ask me dozens of questions before telling me that I don’t qualify for the points-earning survey.