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5,000 Avios with ANY hotel booking with new BA Amex / promotion

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If you have a British Airways American Express card and are opted into emails, you should have received details yesterday of a tie-up between online hotel booker and American Express.

It is a very good deal.

You will receive 5,000 bonus Avios points for ANY hotel booking made via before September 30th.  The stay itself does not have to be made until July 1st 2016.

The stay must be paid for with a British Airways American Express card.

You can only earn the bonus once per person.

Anyone can take part, even if they are an existing customer.

You must register in advance for this deal via this link here.

Kaligo 350 2

You can see that there are some exceptionally good deals to be had here.  For a random July weekday in Sheffield I had no problem finding a number of decent hotels for under £50 – all of which would earn you at least 5,200 Avios points!

If you value an Avios point at 1p, this offer even creeps into ‘mattress run’ territory.  It may be worth booking a cheap room, checking in and leaving immediately with no intention of spending the night.  That said, I’m pretty sure that most HFP readers could divert one night to a booking over the next few months.

There is also a generous cumulative promotion for bigger spenders which could earn up to 20,000 additional Avios points.

The cumulative bonus is based on your spending with over July, August and September.  It is based on booking and not stay date, which can be as far out as 1 July 2016, although you will not receive the Avios until after your stay.

The bonus below does NOT require you to use a British Airways American Express card and is open to anyone who is a member of British Airways Executive Club.  The cumulative bonuses you can earn are:

3,000 Avios if you spend £250 – £499

10,000 Avios if you spend £500 – £999

20,000 Avios if you spend £1,000+

This is on top of the 5,000 bonus Avios points you earn with your first BA Amex-funded booking.

As usual with and its competitors PointsHound and Rocketmiles, you should check competing sites before you book.  They will not always be the cheapest every time, but if you factor in the value of the Avios points then they should be very competitive.  Business users should note that none of the sites above can provide VAT receipts – if that is an issue, you should wait until you need to book a hotel outside of the EU.

You must register for this promotion in order to receive the bonus Avios.  If you don’t have a BA Amex card, you can register for this promotion on its own here.  BA Amex cardholders will be automatically registered when signing up for the ‘5,000 Avios in one stay’ promotion.

If you do not have a British Airways American Express card, you could think of this promotion as an additional 5,000 Avios sign-up bonus.  You would receive your card within 7-10 days of applying which would give you plenty of time to make a booking via this promotion.

My review of the free BA Amex is here and my review of the Premium Plus fee-paying version is here.

(Want to earn more hotel points?  To see our complete list of promotions from the major chains, click here to visit our ‘Hotel Promos’ page or use the link in the menu bar at the top of the page.)

Comments (59)

  • Rich says:

    Anyone know the score with a (partial) refund of my prepaid reservation and still getting Avios from Kaligo? It’s 3am and I can’t sleep, thanks to a speaker outside my room playing muzak! They can’t turn it off apparently – what a bizarre design! I’ve a good mind to commission in the morning, but not if a £20 refund will cost me 5000 Avios.

    • Rob says:

      You’re fine, should have zero impact.

      • Rich says:

        *complain, obviously, not commission!

        Thanks @Raffles. Just about to check out, so will see what they have to say.

        • Rich says:

          1000 IHG points and an apology that it’s a radio station they’re contractually injured by IHG to play, and have no way of turning down?! Not as much as I would have hoped for, but better than nothing.

  • Steve says:

    Do you have to actually check into the hotel to trigger the bonus? Or can you book and “no show” and get charged daily rate and still get the 5000 bonusd avios?


    • Rob says:

      I imagine you need to show, otherwise Kaligo lose lots of money when you book a hostel in Delhi.

  • Oliver says:

    Thanks for the tip Raffles! Just cancelled a Hilton reward stay at heathrow and got the thistle for £56 and 5200 avios 🙂 (and got my 30000 hilton points back)

  • Vin says:

    The link provided does not have any facility to “register” for this promotion, simply a page stating the offer and a form to search for hotels etc. Am I missing something, or has the page changed?

    • Rob says:

      The first time you visit the page you see a registration page. On subsequent visits you go straight to the booking page. As you register during the booking process I don’t think it matters.

      If you’re concerned, open the same link using a different browser to your usual one (or clear cookies, or use In Private browsing) and you should see the registration box again.

  • kevino says:

    Anybody found how to enter your avios number on the site, and is it BA or avios itself that is allowed?