Tesco adds e-gift cards online – and you still earn 150 Clubcard points per £50

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One of the longest running, and most generous, Tesco Clubcard promotions is ‘150 Clubcard points for spending £50 on gift cards’.

When you buy gift cards in Tesco – to the value of £50 or a multiple of £50 – you receive 150 points which converts into 360 Avios points or 375 Virgin Flying Club miles.

Tesco Gift Cards are excluded, not surprisingly, as are Tesco subsidiaries such as F+F.  xbox cards are also excluded.

We have covered 3V / pay.com in the past and I will be doing another piece on those soon.  Of the retailer gift cards, it is particularly worth mentioning Next.  If you buy from Next Directory and have an account, you can pay off your balance using Next gift cards, bought in Tesco.

Personally, I try to stock up on Pizza Express cards when I see them.  We spend a lot of money in there as a family and you can use gift cards alongside any other promotions they are running.

Gift cards

Gift cards now available online

Last year, Tesco opened an online gift card shop – see here.

This allowed you to buy some, but not all, of the physical plastic gift cards sold in-store for home delivery.  Unfortunately, the £2.95 postage fee and the £100 maximum order means it is not attractive as a cheap way of getting points.

New(ish) – e-gift cards now available

I’m not sure how new this is, but many gift cards are now available for immediately delivery by email.  This is fantastic for online shopping.  In most case, you can also print off e-gift cards for use in-store – check the website.

The following retailers are currently offering e-gift cards via the Tesco gift card website – click on ‘Digital Gift Cards’ in the left-hand menu:

  • Aeria Games
  • ASK Italian
  • Bella Italia
  • Bin Weevils
  • Cafe Rouge
  • Cineworld
  • Currys PC World
  • Debenhams
  • Ernest Jones
  • H Samuel
  • HotelVoucherShop
  • House of Fraser
  • iTunes
  • Nintendo
  • Pizza Express
  • Spafinder Wellness
  • Ticketmaster
  • Treatme
  • Zizzi

Another benefit of e-gift cards is that they work for spontaneous purchases.   Hopefully, if you decide to head to Pizza Express for dinner tonight, you would be able to order a £50 e-gift card, receive it and print it off in time.

Love Clubcard, don’t collect Avios?  You should be reading our sister site, Shopper Points (www.shopperpoints.co.uk), which covers the latest Clubcard and Nectar offers without any distracting frequent flyer talk!  Why not check it out now?

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  1. Peter Taysum says:


    I recently bought vouchers online and the points haven’t posted. T&C state it will appear on next statement but most things appear on clubcard statement online, after I’ve been finger print checked, had a tooth extracted, and given a blood sample for genetic testing for ID (OK I exaggerate) I contacted The Card outlet who pointed towRds Tesco. I was going to wait for next statement and then follow up. Any similar problems!


    • Tom H says:

      Still waiting for my points to post too.

      Will they award points for multiples of £50 spent, i.e. 300 points for a £100 gift card?

    • StephD says:

      I’ve also not received points for a purchase I made about one month ago. I’m planning on holding out for a bit longer before chasing up. I really hope the points do post as I don’t have a tesco store nearby that sells the type of giftcards I’d like to purchase.

  2. Tilly71 says:

    Does anyone know if you can use pay.com cards to pay for these egift cards.

    • Erico1875 says:

      Pay.com cards are only £25. You need to buy in multiples of 50 to get the CC points. Even if Tesco took them, there would be no point. High street vouchers and TopGiftcards do though

      • mark2 says:

        In my experience the amount that you can buy from TopGiftcards is very limited, but I have had no problems with HSV,

        • Joe Yates says:

          Another way of spending 3V/pay.com is using the new buy and sell gift card app called ZEEK. Sellers discount unwanted cards by 5-32%.
          So if you can mix it with a 3V your laughing points + a discount, problem is your limited to £25 cost. For bigger purchases they also take AMEX Via Paypal

          Use promo code 2amkfy for £5 off your first order..

          Rob – Maybe something you should sign up to?

        • Jason says:

          Do they do pizza express gift cards?

        • Joe Yates says:

          Zeek do £25 Pizza Express for £23 at the moment.

          Prices are always subject to change, as sellers set the price, send the gift cards / codes to zeek, who send to you.

        • Tilly71 says:

          Thanks for the code

  3. mikeact says:

    What are ‘HotelVoucherShop’ vouchers for ?

    • Not idea, think it is a booking site so very restricted in how you use them and would not get hotel points.

    • I used them around 3.5 years ago to empty out an etihad account. I remember getting codes with no fuss and them being straightforward to use. I can’t vouch for the pricing of hotels but you can look that up before you make a decision.
      However, if you’re looking at 3% back in club card points (£50=£1.50 in points) any difference between hotel voucher code rate and trivago etc. is likely to dwarf the points benefit.

  4. Tracy says:

    I contacted Tescos about the online gift cards and they replied saying that the 150 cc points did not apply toe gift cards. Are they wrong? Kind regards. Tracy

  5. Patrick says:

    Slightly off topic.

    The pay.com cards come as £25 prepaid visa cards each with their own card number. If you want to purchase something online at a store that excepts visa for £250 for example , how do you use 10 pay.com cards when you can only input one set of card details on the website.

    Is there any way of amalgamating the cards without paying the fee that pay.com are quoting?


    • Joe Yates says:

      HI Pat,

      Unless its somewhere that allows a deposit, don’t think you can really split payments.
      Know people have booked things with travel agencies through them, paying the deposit on their normal card and redeeming pay.com for the rest.

      Do they sell gift cards at tesco for them. Another option would be if they sell gift cards on high street vouchers, zeek or topgiftcards or even via their own website.
      You’ll be able to buy £25 gift cards with pay.com & spend at the website.
      But check how many gift cards the site will accept first!

      • mark2 says:

        But first check that the retailer accepts their own gift cards online. Many don’t e.g. Halfords, Currys (last time I looked).

    • Yes, there’s a way. Over-pay a bill to a provider who is happy to refund overpayments to your current a/c.

      • Who’s happy to do that?

        • mark2 says:

          I certainly am. I have had lots of refunds from Scottish Power, sometimes without asking!

        • I meant company wise, do you just do through scottish power?

          How do you put through?

        • mark2 says:

          I just use the ‘make a payment’ function on the web site.

        • Generally utility cos will all do it, they have your bank details thanks to your direct debit mandate so naturally refund to your bank instead of back onto your pay.com card.

    • PayPal.
      Gift each £25 individualy to a friend or your 2nd account. Takes a while buy then you can add to a bigger and bigger balance. Hopefully where you want to spend it will accept paypal

      • Can the pp account you send to make withdrawals into their bank account once a large balance has been acquired?

        • Yes but lots of £25 payments from one account to another followed by bank withdrawal is likely to be flagged up and may result in one or both Paypal accounts being restricted. Paypal are very quick to act on anything that doesn’t look like “normal” behaviour

        • Do it VERY slowly, and shhh!!

      • This has always been the most blindingly obvious way of processing 3v cards, but as others say, there is a risk. The problem I have is that you need to process hundreds of these cards to make it worth doing, and paypal are bound to notice that level of activity.

        • i might give a go and just do 2 at a time with a couple of weeks in between, you reckon Id get away with that? I know this is long but if you have a few other ways of using the gift cards up it all adds up. Just not all in 1 pot.

  6. Deborah Loth says:

    This is probably a stupid question, but if you buy a gift card using a credit card, how is the transaction treated by the credit card company. Is it treated like a cash withdrawal?

  7. I never see 3V cards any more in any of the Tescos local to me.

    Christmas 2013 was a lucrative period as you could add another 100 CC points per 3V card using a coupon snipped from their Christmas magazine. This would net 700 CC for every four 3V cards = 1,750 Virgin Flying Club miles for every £100. Happy days!!

    • Joe Yates says:

      They are now called Pay.com cards, and are readily available in most stores.

      When redeeming for you visa card, you go to the 3V website, so guessing its just another trading name.

    • Kipto says:

      They had those vouchers in Christmas 2014 as well. 350

    • Nick Burch says:

      My local Tesco had 3v cards only a couple of times in 2013, no sign of them returning. The next nearest, which is quite a bit bigger, has started stocking Pay.com cards at some point in the last month. It’s worth checking again!

  8. Waribai says:

    I don’t think as a family we’ve ever set foot inside a Pizza Express. Cafe Rouge…tick. Prezzo…tick. Am I missing something?

    • Jason says:

      I love pizza express and so we do visit as a family and fortunately the kids love pizza as well, although not as much as Macdonalds (unfortunately), however we rarely visit Macdonalds these days as there isn’t one where we have moved to!
      There aren’t many pay.coms where I am, and when there are stocks I will try and buy as many as possible as they don’t get re-stocked for weeks 🙁

    • Yes, easily best of the casual dining chains.

    • Pizzas mainly

  9. Is there a maximum purchase allowed? We are going to be spending maybe £5000 at Debenhsms. Is there a catch or can I just fill me boots?! Paul

    • Jason says:

      Depends who serves you, some say a maximum of 5, some let you buy as many as you want or the store I cleaned out ,of nospendits, during the esso promotion would only allow me 1 at a time on Wednesday, needless to say I didn’t buy any but cleaned out 2 stores the following day in anger 😉

    • No in-store purchase limit but buying more than 4 per transaction can cause Tesco till issues. Need to ask Debenhams as well – Harrods tills cannot handle more than 4 different GC’s per sale.

      • My store and the CEOs office (after store refused to sell me any going forward & complaining) has limited me to 6 Visa & 20 Branded.

        Think Debenhams online limit is 5 btw, but thats per txn

        You can however buy gift cards with gift cards in debenhams, Maybe you could buy a £500 one with 5 x £100 cards instore (biggest value in tesco)

    • Debenhams can only accept 3 forms of payment per transaction, so you’d need them to put each item through separately, and then use 2.5 gift cards per item at a time (otherwise you’ll end up with lots of residual small amounts and/or unable to pay off the final balance as a payment card is counted as part of the 3)

  10. pointsarb says:

    @waribai the attraction is 4x redemption value on tesco clubcard points when converting to pizza express, prezzo etc!

    • Waribai says:

      I see where you are coming from but as we have free taste membership we get a 50% discount anyway.
      Yes, I guess I’m just not a chain restaurant person especially when it comes to UK chains!

  11. Raffles, wouldn’t you be better off converting your Clubcard points to tokens to spend at Pizza Express at a rate of £2.50 to £10, instead of buying gift cards? Converting that £2.50 to Avios you are paying 1.66 per point.

    • Jason says:

      I don’t think pizza express let you use tesco vouchers with restaurant card schemes and as some of them allow 241, on 3 courses, your effectively halving your points.
      I could be wrong though as I need all my tesco points for Avios and Virgin.

    • Andrew (@andrewseftel) says:

      You can’t combine the ubiquitous voucher code offers (e.g. 241, 33% off) with the clubcard tokens. A £10 token probably only has a real cash value of £6-7.

    • Was never sure if the kids set meals were included. They don’t cover drinks either.

      Our local is also one of the handful in the UK which is usually excluded from other special offers.

  12. Malibu Stacey says:

    It is not quite 4x face value when you exclude other discounts but is is an excellent use of clubcard points when dining with kids meals as the piccolo meals are never discounted.

    A little tip. The Dolcetti – a mini desert with a tea or coffee – counts as ‘food’ so can be paid for with Tesco vouchers. This is a nice way to finish off a meal or you can just nip in for a cheap coffee and brownie anytime of the day.

  13. Duncan S says:

    Is this promotion available in store too? I’ve noticed the wide range of gift cards available, and my partner and I often go for a quick lunch at Nando’s who don’t offer a digital card.

    The in-store POS has no mention of the 150 points offer, and the online offer doesn’t clearly state that it’s available in-store.

    Any ideas?

    • Joe Yates says:

      Has worked instore for ages! Nando’s are only in £20 denominations, to get full value would buy multiples of 5, or 2 with a £10 starbucks or something

    • mark2 says:

      If you have a store handy you are sure of getting FuelSave, until end of August anyway. I have had 20p per litre off on almost every petrol purchase for last twelve months.
      Not sure if you get FuelSave if you buy from Tesco online.

      • Jason says:

        You can accumulate fuel save until the end of august and redeem until end of September 🙂

    • Has been in store for the last 2 years! Has never been signed.

  14. The_Real_A says:

    Oh just be careful. The gift card portal is run by SVM the gift card consolidator, and is flaky as hell. They send the digital giftcard via email. I have used 5 different email addresses (5 separate platforms, work, personal, web etc) and i have only ever received the email on googlemail.

    The email is NOT always instant. I have had to wait 12 hours before.

    There is a max of 6 cards every 30 days.

    Phone support is efficient however.

    I would not trust the website to credit me 150 points – and i certainly would not trust very large orders

  15. Milton says:

    Robert… I have been to the website to look at the best way to use my points. I just am not confident I will get the best value …

    As an expert what would you do if you had 360000 amax points and you wanted to use them towards a trip to the US in august with a total of 6 travellers? Any pointers would certainly be appreciated.

    Thanks in advance

  16. does anyone know the cut off for this quarter’s clubcard vouchers?

  17. Bernard says:

    If anyone is looking for giftcards
    I have some available I would like to sell to pay for my holiday
    Below are a list of the Gift cards with the % off that I am selling them at
    Fcuk 30% off
    Toys r us 25% off
    Morrisons 20% off
    Marks 10% off

    I have a thousand pounds worth of fcuk giftcards and thousand pounds worth of toys r us
    My number is 07894545078

  18. Help, am I missing something?
    I have tried buying some gift cards, but cannot find anywhere going through checkout to place my clubcard number?
    I have phoned the company and the girl on the phone went through the process and couldn’t find it either.
    Also how do you actually know what gift cards are actually included in this deal

    • Anything listed under the ‘Digital Gift Cards’ tab is available for this deal. Click on any of the cards which appear on that menu page and you will see the option of ‘digital’ or ‘physical’, except where the card is called a ‘digital’ card – in that case, it is only available by email.

      Not sure about the CC number ….

      • mark2 says:

        Right at the end when you are asked for the final confirmation there is box just above the ‘Place Order’ button where you enter your ClubCard number.

        I did not buy anything.