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British Airways £1,000 Club World flights from Germany extended

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British Airways has extended its current crazy deal to Hong Kong by another week, until this Friday.  This is NOT a fare mistake. It is a published fare with detailed fare rules.

Below is an updated version of what I wrote when this deal first broke.  The price below are around €45 higher than the previous offer – a tiny bit more but very marginal in the scheme of things.

Until July 24th, British Airways is selling return Club World tickets to Hong Kong from Germany for €1,001 plus taxes and surcharges.

British Airways 350

There are NO advance purchase requirements – you can fly tomorrow if you want. The only rule is that you stay away for a Saturday night.

You do NOT need to fly directly to Hong Kong. You can also fly from Germany to London to Singapore, Shanghai, Bangkok, Chengdu, Beijing or Kuala Lumpur, and then connect to Hong Kong using another oneworld airline.

Free stopovers are allowed, although APD will be added if you stay more than 24 hours in the UK.

You can start from any German airport served by BA.

If you try to book this ticket on it will price at around €1,447 depending on routing.  With the continual collapse of the Euro, that works out at £1,005.

Here is the interesting bit ….

Tickets must be booked by July 24th and you must start your trip before August 16th.  However, you only need to fly from Germany to London by August 16th – if you don’t mind paying the Air Passenger Duty (another £150 or so) then you can have a stopover in the UK of up to 11 months if you want!

Here is an example with a huge Summer-long stopover in London at €1,666:

BA Hong Kong screenshot

Have a play around at and see what you can find. Note that availability over Christmas is very slim as the required fare class is rarely available.

I strongly recommend – as per my main article today – that you DO take the final leg back to Germany, even if it is a few months after you arrive in London.  British Airways appears to be planning a clampdown on people who do this.

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Comments (38)

  • Idrive says:

    Good news thanks! But i wonder if i can stretch this to september? You say they will continue and it makes sense…i am not very keen to plan and book now for January i am little too busy with other travel plans what do you reckon?

  • Jon says:

    Are any of the Far East connections over 2000 miles?

  • Callum says:

    Just out of curiosity, you’ve said in several articles that they may waive the booking fee if you book a hotel, but you don’t want to put words in their mouth. Does that mean you’re just guessing? In which case, why not just ask them!

    • Rob says:

      They will do it if the hotel commission offsets the lost booking fee. If you ask them to book a £20 one-star hotel in HK for one night, paying £2 commission or so, you can’t seriously expect them to waive the booking fee on flights given the time it takes. It therefore depends on what you want!

  • Daniel says:

    Many thanks raffles for making me aware of this promotion; very much looking forward to Hong Kong!

    “British Airways appears to be planning a clampdown on people who do this.”

    Luckily, I require the last leg to Germany.

    Still, if they do actually do this: Pathetic!

    A sensible business decision e.g. is to review past bookings and check whether payments were made and went through successfully,
    a stupid business decision is to throw money and resource at running after money you would not have had anyway (here: a few HFP nuts going out there building complicated, exciting and risky combinations of flights they would otherwise not have bought anyway, plus leaving with a smile on their face set to do it again and speak highly of BA).

    I wonder why I come up with so many things that the BA member of staff tasked to do this could be doing which would actually benefit BA and the BA consumer…

  • Peter Taysum says:

    Will Propeller accept Visa cards to pay for these? They might suddenly find a HUGE increase in their business if they did!!

    • If it has a card number, expiration and cvv, not sure there is a reason not to accept them? (Eg as long as it authorises of course you can.. if there is one place that is used to doing weird stuff for miles, it’s us)

      • whiskerxx says:

        The cards do have a card number, expiration and cvv, but only have a value of £25 each, so paying a bill would require multiple transactions. Could you system handle that?

        • It would cost aboutabout 1.5 – 2pct, but we could easily implement a secure form where you can “topup” your “account” in multiple transactions and we issue the ticket when done

          • Idrive says:

            Daniel if you do this that’s more than gooood;-)

          • Rob says:

            I do know someone who took 60 3V cards into the office of the managing agents for his flat and told them to process them for his service charge. They did it, but not happily 🙂

          • I just asked our IT department to set a form up that would allow customers to do that. watch this space for updates. (by this space I mean HFP, I hope… Ruffles willing).

          • Alan says:

            Nice work, Daniel!! 🙂 This sort of setup sounds ideal and is sure to drive more business your way.

            PS is Ruffles the name for Raffles’ dog? (just kidding, I know it was just a typo :D)

          • RICO says:

            The likely problem will be the authorisation procedure. If you are using a sophisticated fraud risk tool it might flag multiple cards paying the same account in a short period of time (same day) as suspicious. The first few will almost certainly not trigger a risk flag.

            If your lucky enough to have weak fraud controls then of course there will be zero problems.

          • Fenny says:

            You may end up with a lot more business if you can sort this out!

          • Simmo says:

            Agreed!, I did this with a BA holiday earlier in the year, but it only allowed me to pay £24 at a time with the £1 security withdraw.

            £2500 Holiday after deposit
            104 x £24 gift card transactions

            7800 Tesco points = 18,720 Avios
            + 3,900 Avios from the BA AMEX
            + 5,000 Bonus Avios for booking a BA Holiday
            +10,444 Avios for the actual flight (bronze)
            Total of 38,064 Avios earnt using gift cards

            7,500 using BA AMEX
            +5,000 BA Holiday Bonus
            +10,444 Avios for the actual flight (bronze)
            Total of 22,944

  • Shian says:

    Which fare classes should I be booking into? I?

    Do I use the mult-city function on to book the ticket?

    If I route it through Singapore, am I allowed a one week stopover?

    • Rob says:

      Yes, you can stay in Singapore. However, cannot sell you a ticket from Singapore to Hong Kong (where you must spend a Saturday night) so you need to use Expedia multi-city tool or use ITA to price it and email details to an agent.

  • Michael says:

    I notice that booking this offer earns 0 Avios and 0 Tier Points which you can confirm at

    Also, I’ve tried the BA multi-city planner but cannot get direct flights from Singapore, Bangkok or Shanghai to Hong Kong (all other legs of the journey are offered correctly). Singapore to HK routes via Australia and Bangkok to HK routes back via London!
    So how is it possible to book the offer but stopping off in any of these places as suggested in the article?

    • Alan says:

      Did you remember to do it sector by sector on the BA calculator? It can’t cope with doing it all at once – it’s a fully GP and Avios-earning fare.

  • Luca says:

    Can you do a back to back in FRA? LCY J is better than LHR!

    • Allan says:

      Yes but it is tight. Always seem to end up at a bussed gate so once back through the return flight is about to board. I booked the following flight but on getting through and being HBO I went to the gate and the agent moved me to the return on that same aircraft – even better when it was a long haul 767 now with only 4 passengers in CE on the return sector. Probably only 5 mins from point of me reaching the gate until we starting boarding.