£266 Los Angeles returns available on BA in the New Year

If you like the idea of getting away from a cold English Winter to the sunnier climes of Los Angeles, help may be at hand.

British Airways is, yet again, quietly easing out excess capacity by selling heavily discounted tickets from outside the UK.

Copenhagen is the best starting point as far as I can tell.  This sample itinerary:

Copenhagen 2

… works out at £266 return.  Plus, of course, the cost of getting to Copenhagen – your flight will be cancelled if you miss the first leg.

Ludicrously, you will earn back half the cost in miles!  American Airlines still gives 1 mile per mile flown on cheap economy tickets so this trip would earn you 12,080 American Airlines miles – even more if you have BA status.

Don’t credit the flight to BA.  It only awards 25% of flown miles for long-haul cheap economy tickets.

There are some similar deals of other European cities, but not as cheap.  They tended to come out at around £350 (eg Dublin, Rome, Madrid).  Copenhagen seems by far the cheapest.  Have a play around at ba.com and see what you can find.

January and February have the best availability.

If you just fly London to Los Angeles on the dates in my example above, it will cost you £560 – more than double!

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25% bonus Avios on First / Business returns to New York or Los Angeles
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  1. James67 says:

    Slightly OT: KLM has a 4 day sale on. Most longhaul destinations including Americas, Africa and Japan exUK under £500 (some substantially so) return in Y. Might work well for those who don’t like the hassle of exEU flights. Fares to BKK and DPS so high though I’m surprised they advertised them as sale fares.

  2. Fenny says:

    Part pay with Avios takes a bit more off. I got a fare OSL > LAX > OSL for £171 + 15000 Avios.

  3. StephanieDrewery says:

    What’s the likelihood of being able to drop the final leg and not continue on to Copenhagen without being charged any extra?

  4. RIccati says:

    People might not realise but other airlines entered the game and the similar prices are there across the board for KLM, BA/Iberia/Finnair, Virgin !! and even Swiss.

    Norwegian ex-EU to LAX for Jan-Feb 2016 comes as the most expensive one!!

  5. David says:

    Flights from Amsterdam are always very cheap eg emirates business returns to BKK £1100. I noticed something very odd today BA first class returns significantly cheaper than club has anyone else seen this.

    • RIccati says:

      Shouldn’t come as surprise — Club will be filled by business customers.

  6. How this site makes me spend money. Originally looked to book a weekend in February for the birthday of my spouse but then we decided we wanted to go for longer. At Easter, found that we could get returns for around £300 through got and cph but they disappeared overnight. In the end opted for dub-Lhr-SFO out and lax-jfk-bhx back going out day before good Friday and coming back the Friday after Easter, came to £400 each which I think is ok considering it’s over Easter weekend and should earn 95tp and £100 worth of avios as a silver (also don’t have the stress of adding the extra leg on the way back as we can just get the train back from bhx). Thanks guys….

  7. Graeme says:

    Thanks for posting this. Looking for a kid-free getaway to the US west coast to celebrate my 40th in Feb and trying to make this work on a budget!

    We live in the hinterland (in BA’s eyes anyway) so disappointed to see the super-cheap fares ending in EDI/GLA mentioned above have gone (I think) . So now looking at the route below now but ditching the LHR-GOT leg. At £217 it’s a steal and I can get a pretty good connection with Norwegian into Oslo with an o/night in LHR.

    Oslo to LHR 11 Feb 20:30-21:50
    LHR to LAX 12 Feb 13:30 -16:45
    LAS to LHR (via DFW) 11:15 18 Feb – 09:35 19 Feb
    LHT to GOT 20 Feb  07:35- 10:35

    Can anyone tell me if….. a) I’ll be able to take off my bags at LHR on the return as not booked to GOT until following day… and b) If I’m able to book a reward flight for 19/02 back up to EDI (without triggering any problems having two booking to two different destinations). Thanks in advance for any help!

    • a) should be able to talk your way around it but no promises. Price up Cambridge to Gothenburg as the final leg (although it may send the price crazy)
      b) not a problem, it is normal for heavy business travellers to be booked on various flights at the same time to cover eventualities

      • Graeme says:

        Thanks. Cambridge did send the price screwy. 🙂 Played about again with flight combos and got a route ending in EDI (all else same) for £274. Happy with that, no worry about last leg and no need to ‘waste’ 9k miles.

        Only downside is that it’s not BA tin over the pond. Haven’t flown AA Y in a decade – I hope it has improved!

        • As long as it’s a 772 or 773 it’ll be fine, I think they even started serving free alcohol again (although it might be limited to wine and beer, no spirits).

        • Graeme says:

          Cheers, just inbound back on AA now, 772 it looks like.

    • Polly says:

      Graeme, are you not able to terminate your flight in the UK as Joe is doing. This is one ticket that seems to allow it, save you adding that last leg and missing it?

      • Graeme says:

        Yes. Got flight that terminates in EDI, my home airport. £269 after FX fees so happy with that. I take it EX-EU fares usually need to terminate outside UK?

  8. Cloud Runner says:

    So, week in LA now booked for early Feb, serving as a base for the fab AA ex-LAX pricing to PTY viz. LAX-CLT-MCO-MIA-PTY and back in First ( except the PTY legs in Biz) with a full day in Panama to visit the Canal and buy a hat 🙂

    Thanks again Raffles !!