Searchable and downloadable versions of our Avios route pricing spreadsheet

Yesterday I published a table of Avios pricing for all British Airways routes, in all classes.  See here.

The article seemed to go down very well.  Some people wanted access to the data so they could keep it for reference, so here are two options for you.

Excel spreadsheet

If you click here:

Avios route pricing

…. you can download the table as an Excel spreadsheet.  There are no complex formulas so it should open perfectly well in any other spreadsheet programme that can handle .xls extensions.

Searchable online version

Thanks to reader Tom, there is a searchable online version now available as well.

Simple add this link:

to your bookmarks.

(The code is here at Github if anyone wants to tweak it further).

I’m pleased we can help out where BA chooses not to!  Back to my holiday now …

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Virgin CombiFare .... a clever option when only half a reward flight is available
Full list of British Airways Avios redemption pricing by route
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  1. As a newbie to obtaining and spending Avios points, this is fantastic. Thank you for putting this together!

  2. Daniel says:

    Nice one – handy to have. Was it done manually? If so, I have some time – perhaps I could replicate for BA OnBusiness. They used to have a nice easy zone/table, but seems you have to manually search for those redemptions now also.

  3. Graham says:

    Good effort, Rob! Very useful indeed.

  4. Marcus says:

    This is great – thanks, Rob. I did something similar last year for destinations I was thinking about trying. Just a couple of things. How has this been put together? The reason I ask is that Orlando and some of the Caribbean (and Male etc.) have F points options, but there are no direct OW flights. Also, Moscow is missing F. Does BA fly direct to Colombo, as that’s on there too?

    It’s ereally useful to have all this information in one place – thank you!

    • Marcus says:

      Sorry – just re-read the paragraph at the top of yesterday’s post!

    • It was done by Zone – it shows F pricing even if the route has no F because it would have taken about 3 days to check the long-haul routes for ones with F.

  5. Many thanks, that’s very helpful. Do the dates for Peak periods vary by destination? Where does BA specify what dates are peak and what dates are off-peak? I guess it varies from year to year, not least because of Easter dates moving around.

    • List of peak dates shows on when you try to book a reward as a pop up. Will try to find an easy way of getting it on here.

      • Hooray! I was going to suggest this when I saw the post, the biggest annoyance with peak/offpeak is having to search through that god awful 2mth calendar for the dates. I had a good look round the internet (including flyertalk) and couldnt find any “updated peak/off peak BA redemption” calendar that showed the full following 365 days as opposed to 2mths at a time

  6. Simon says:

    That bit of code is great, the search is really fast. Could you embed it in this website in the favourites section.

  7. Colin JE says:

    Thanks Rob and TJ for this.

    Now, any chance of having a downloadable version or a link for a Peak/Off Peak calendar in 2015/2016 which compares BA vs Iberia dates on one page? 😉

  8. Terence says:

    Special thanks to TJ the spreadsheets are excellent and a quick at view reference point .Also a comprehensive current summary of BA would also be useful if BA had a copy and they updated it as part of the service at regular intervals.

  9. Lady London says:

    Funny how BA doesn’t seem to want us to find this information easily 🙂