More Avios-earning Qatar £1,000+ business class flights to the Middle East and Asia!

If you have been getting sale withdrawal symptoms, don’t worry! Qatar Airways is back with some more great business class fares out of Europe.

These deals are not as generous as some we saw earlier in the year.  They still represent very good deals for business class travel, however, especially as Qatar Airways has an excellent reputation for the quality of its seats, food and service.  £1,000 to the Middle East is certainly good although admittedly diverting via Europe is hassle for a short route.  £1,100 to Bangkok or Singapore is fantastic value, as is £1,400 to South Africa or the Maldives over peak season.

Remember that Qatar Airways flights earn Avios and British Airways tier points if you add your BA Executive Club number.  Most of the Asian routes below will generate 560 tier points return (140 x 4)!  The Middle Eastern routes, assuming you connect to Dubai or Abu Dhabi, would earn (140 + 40 x 2) 360 tier points return.

Qatar 787 350 business class

As with recent sales, Qatar is discounting heavily from selected cities in Europe.

The best deals appear to be out of Amsterdam, Copenhagen, Oslo and Stockholm at the moment.   This is not surprising – Qatar has to fill TWO Boeing 787 aircraft from Copenhagen almost every day in Business Class.  Scandinavian cities are competing against the cheap long-haul pricing offered by  Amsterdam is also a small country with big planes to fill.

If you have a particular route in mind, you should also try out other starting points.  Brussels has had some good deals in the past, for example.

Here are the fare rules for the current offers from Amsterdam:

Book by September 10th

Travel before June 28th

No travel inbound between January 2nd – 6th 2016.  There are no stated restrictions on outbound travel.

Minimum stay 3 days, maximum 1 month

The Scandinavia deals are more restrictive, especially if you want to travel over Christmas:

Book by September 6th

Travel before March 31st 2016

No travel between December 10th – 25th 2015 outbound and January 1st – 10th 2016 inbound

Minimum stay 5 days, maximum stay 1 month

Here are some sample prices – remember that these tickets start in Amsterdam (full list here):

Abu Dhabi – €1,400 (£1,022)

Bangkok – €1,470 (£1,074)

Cape Town – €1,885 (£1,377)

Hong Kong – €1,870 (£1,366)

Phuket – €1,660 (£1,212)

Singapore – €2,375 (£1,735)

Tokyo – €2,075 (£1,516)

Zanzibar – €1,555 (£1,136)

Here are some prices from Copenhagen taken from this list:

Abu Dhabi – DKK 10,795 (£1,055)

Bangkok – DKK 13,995 (£1,368)

Cape Town – DKK 19,345 (£1,891)

Delhi – DKK 12,695 (£1,241)

Dubai – DKK 10,795 (£1,055)

Kuala Lumpur – DKK 15,995 (£1,564)

Maldives – DKK 15,995 (£1,564)

Phuket – DKK 16,495 (£1,613)

Singapore – DKK 16,045 (£1,569)

Here are some prices from Stockholm taken from this list:

Abu Dhabi – SEK 13,945 (£1,070)

Bangkok – SEK 15,495 (£1,189)

Dubai – SEK 13,945 (£1,070)

Johannesburg – SEK 22,545 (£1,731)

Kuala Lumpur – SEK 20,245 (£1,554)

Maldives – SEK 22,395 (£1,719)

Phuket – SEK 15,795 (£1,213)

Singapore – SEK 15,895 (£1,220)

Here are some prices from Oslo taken from this list:

Abu Dhabi – NOK 13,045 (£1,013)

Bangkok – NOK 14,995 (£1,165)

Dubai – NOK 13,045 (£1,013)

Cape Town – NOK 18,595 (£1,445)

Kuala Lumpur – NOK 17,145 (£1,332)

Maldives – NOK 18,195 (£1,414)

Phuket – NOK 16,145 (£1,255)

Singapore – NOK 17,195 (£1,336)

Because these fares start in Europe, there are no black-out dates for the UK Autumn half-term holidays.  I had no trouble getting Copenhagen to Dubai to price up from Sunday October 25th to Sunday November 1st, for example, which is half term for most schools.  (Departures on Saturday October 24th were more expensive.)

When booking with Qatar Airways, it is important to NOT just look at the headline price. It is also important to get the right aircraft. You want to be booking onto a Boeing 787 featuring the latest impressive 1-2-1 business class seating which I reviewed here. The A380 and A350 aircraft have the same seating.

The Boeing 777 seating I reviewed here is fully lie flat but is in a more traditional configuration. The A330 and A340 aircraft have sloping business class seats so are not the best first choice.

The good news is that Copenhagen, Oslo, Amsterdam and Stockholm are usually operated by Boeing 787 aircraft so you should get the newest business class product.

Apart from Oslo, which is further and uglier (!), all of these departure points are easy to reach from the UK and a pleasant place to stay for the night if a stopover is required.  I would have a serious look at these deals for your long-haul travel plans over the next six months.  Have a play around at and see what you can find.

You should also do the maths and consider whether it is worth cancelling any Avios redemptions in order to rebook on a Qatar cash ticket.

The list of Copenhagen deals is here, the list of Stockholm deals is here, the Amsterdam deals are here and the Oslo deals are here.  Other destinations apart from those listed may well be available at sale prices if you search.

(Want to earn more Avios?  Click here to visit our home page for the latest articles on earning and spending your points and click here to see our list of current Avios promotions.)

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  1. Thanks, Polly, for your hints.

    Looking to justify cancelling our JNB 2-4-1 in F in favour of buying AMS-DOH-CPT in J, I came to some surprising conclusions. The obvious: booking to JNB when you want CPT is not cost effective. Curse BA’s (lack of) availabilty!

    Calculating the entire LON-CPT-LHR journeys on BA F to/from JNB valuing Avios at 1p, and adding JNB-CPT-JNB in Y was almost identical to the whole journey in QR J + RFS LON-AMS-LHR. Thinking of cancelling the BA 2-4-1, seeing the Avios and most of the ‘fees’ returned and considering the TPs and Avios earned on QR ensuring our Gold continued into 2017 was an interesting revelation.

    However, getting a £1,100+ refund in my semi-redundant BAPP card account would be a benefit too far. Also, although the scenarios were cost-neutral when valuing Avios at 1p, I’d still have to cough up about £2,729 now to buy the QR flights.

    Then I did a comparison search and found KL AMS-CPT in J nonstop in both directions for £2,668. Cheaper, quicker but KL. As a former KLM Royal Wing member of Flying Dutchman I have fond memories of KL but have not flown KL since it was subsumed into Flying Blue. But for 2 overnight flights, I think I could put up with losing the Avios and TPs.

    I haven’t yet booked in case a QR 2-4-1 offer turns up and if not, we still have the back-up of BA to JNB.

    BTW, among the various options were good offers from TK and, er, ET (Ethiopian Airlines). Long connections with the latter and very little discussion of the airline but lower prices. Hmm.

    • Roger, I can see your dilemma. It was only when I realised the cost benefit etc, that for an extra £550 pp incl our positioning flts to CPH, plus we would obtain silver very quickly in autumn, that swayed us this time. My MP card expires end of sept, my OH AB card goes in jan. So either way we had to start getting status matches etc or jump on a QR J which we think equals a BA F, plus we were going to HKT anyway via KUL on the 241. Thus, a no brainer to re use our 241 next year. And we were still having to buy a flt to HKT on MH or air Asia. Yes, it would have been even cheaper from AMS but glad now we forked out the extra £200 pp for v short connections in DOH. Decisions decisions. If you are GOLD already then you have more choice who you fly with, which is great for you.

  2. Redkitty says:

    Hi slightly of-topic, if I choose QR, would having OW Sapphire status mean anything in terms of the additional luggage of 15kg for non-USA destinations?

    I’ve only ever flown CX and BA using the additional Sapphire member benefit and both their airlines’ websites specifically state they recognize this benefit. However was unable to find any similar statement in the QR website.

  3. Just booked my trip in March to BKK.

    The only downside I found was all the return flights had a horrible 8 hour layover in DOH. the 2 hour were all unavailable at promotional pricing
    Im not exactly ecstatic about that… But its worth it for the saving/ miles/ the fact I was going anyway!

  4. just to clarify: that’s 2.02% OR 2.52%, not both!

    • Yes that is a nice extra bonus. The cash back for a flight I bought in June 2015, for travelling in March 2016 was paid within 8 weeks, unlike BA, which only paid after the flights have been taken!

  5. I’m still looking for a decent AMS-CPT fare and see there’s a BA sale ex-NL. AMS-LON-CPT + v.v. in CW costs £1,447 each, so close to the QR offer of £1,365 for my dates: shorter travel time but BA conditions 😀 though with an advantage: i could use LON-AMS and AMS-LON sectors on different days within the 24-hour connection time.

    Hmm, decison time looming.

  6. As a newbie to headforpoints I was quite excited to read about the great options for business class flights to Hawaii and the Far East. My brother and I looked at Hawaii in business for a cost of around £1,200 round trip but ultimately dismissed this because of the cost of hotels (we fancied an extended trip of around 21 days over the Christmas period but were put off by the fact that half decent hotels were still around £150 a night plus. Also BA’s CW, whilst being infinitely preferable to anything up the back, does feels very claustrophobic and having flown First with them a few times it makes the CW offering even less appealing!

    We opted for AMS-DOH-BKK and got a fare of 1,490.49 Euro (approx. £1,080) each with short connections in Doha (just under 3 hours each way) with flights on 787s and A380s (I always wanted to try an A380). The QR 1-2-1 configuration looks great and from what I’ve read pretty much mirrors BA’s first, so pretty pleased about it all!

    Used Avios to get a couple of Y class flights from LCY to AMS (arriving the day before for the outbound as a precaution).

    So, thanks to HFP for giving the heads-up on these deals!!

    • Small update – the recent slump in Euro/£ exchange rates plus just under £33.00 non-sterling transaction fee on Amex pushed the flight cost up to £1,129.47 (from 1,490.49 Euro). Still a good deal, but about £100 more than anticipated!

      • Well done on getting those fares, still v g for an equal to BA F flight experience in most of our opinions on this site. Shame about exchange rate and fees. We are now going to get a LLoyds avios card again for all these flights, and travel as fees are high for us. Hope you manage to get some deftly priced hotels for your trip now….

        • Yes, managed some good deals on hotels including Westin Phuket £90 per night including breakfast (although I’m keeping an eye on SPG’s ‘hot escape deals’ as they’re offering that property at between $82 and $93 per night in September and October!

  7. I’m seriously contemplating the AMS-DOH-BKK for a trip we’ve discussed for a while. In an ideal world, we’d have a stop over of a few days in DOHA on the return.

    Has anyone had any experience in doing this? I’ve looked at the fare rules and it mentions 1 free stopover but I don’t seem to be able to build this into the search. Searching as a multi city with a break of a few days in Doha shoots the fare up. Maybe that’s the point 🙁

    I’d value any thoughts. Thanks

    • I don’t think it is possible – this has come up before. The stopover may only apply on routes where Qatar stops in city A on the way to city B – there are a few of these routes in their timetable.

    • I’m playing with the Qatar site right now and about to book AMS-DOH-BKK V.V. in Business, but since the shortest-connection outbound options all seem to be sold out I am thinking of the 35 hr option which arrives in Doha at 23:15 and leaves for Bangkok at 21:00 the next day. That way you might have a decent rest and see at least a (little) bit of Doha for the low J-fare..

      • Sounds good, 24 hours is enough time to take a look around.

        • Booked, 1470 euros with a good night sleep in a hotel and continuing the next evening at 9 PM, that’s a lot better than falling asleep in the DOH lounge while risking to miss the 8:30 AM connection. Inbound (january) I could choose about any flight option.