Good Avios-earning Finnair deals to Asia (BKK £1,189) from London and Manchester

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Finnish airline Finnair has launched some excellent sale deals out of London and Manchester on its routes to Asia.

Finnair, of course, is a partner with British Airways in the oneworld alliance.  Like the Qatar Airways deals I flagged yesterday, these Finnair flights will earn you Avios and British Airways Executive Club tier points – as well as saving you substantial sums over taking a BA flight!

Finnair is the first European airline to launch the new Airbus A350.  As you can see on their promotional website here, it comes with an attractive 1-2-1 business class layout, pictured below, which is a definite cut above Club World.

Finnair A350

For some reason, details of this sale are not on the Finnair website although they have been circulated to travel agents.  The fares are bookable on – the exact fare rules may vary by route but for Bangkok:

You must book by September 21st

Only valid on Finnair and Flybe codeshares (eg Manchester to Helsinki)

Book at least 3 days before travel

Must stay away over a Saturday night (flying back on Saturday seems OK)

No maximum stay

No stopovers allowed

No changes and no refunds

Travel must be completed by December 18th

Here are sample business class prices, which I had to find by trial and error on  Remember that you can fly from Heathrow or Manchester with a plane change in Helsinki.

Bangkok – £1,189

Beijing – £1,099

Chongqing – £1,099

Delhi – £1,297

Saigon – £1,433

Seoul – £1,396

Shanghai – £1,789

Singapore – £1,765

Xi’an – £1,099

Other destinations did not seem to be reduced.

In terms of British Airways tier points, these routes would earn 80 + 140 + 140 + 80 = 440 tier points return.

In terms of getting the A350, you can see full details here.  Between now and the end of this offer on December 18th, the launch dates are:

Shanghai – 26th October

Beijing – 21st November

Bangkok – 4th December

I think that all of the A330 aircraft have now been refitted with a more traditional fully flat business class seat which is perfectly fine but not as modern as the A350.  There are still a few A340 aircraft in the fleet which are running with sloping business class seats and these are best avoided – these planes are off to the scrap heap soon as more A350 arrive.

If you’re interested in these deals, head over to and have a search.  Handily, the site has a ‘+/- 3 days’ search function which allows you to easily spot the days with these sale fares.

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  1. RogerWilco says:

    As a frequent AY flyer, I can really recommend it. Also, HEL is a small airport, very much geared toward the EuropeAsia transit traffic.

    The prices above are good, though do not seem that special compared to their normal I fare ex-EUR and are even more restrictive. For Britons, I’d say excellent – you avoid positioning flights and worries about the last leg (vs BA) and get a direct flight ex-HEL to your destination = full night sleep (vs QR) And of course ex-MAN you avoid LHR, which is a big plus!

    • James67 says:

      +1. Also woth pointing out to those heading for BKK, that it is BA zone 6 for redemptions making it a good starting or ebd point if you facy a visit to Helsinki. Top of my flight wish list is a daily EDI-HEL flight on their own metal.ots of east Asian visitors coning to Scotland on ME3; AY could mop them up and give us much shorter journey times.

      • James67 says:

        Forgot to add that Roger also right in fares. From the main Scandinavian competitor cities and secondary cities too, £1k fares can be found most of the time.

      • Finnair announced a EDI-HEL route last week. Starts in April 3 x weekly, increasing to 4 x weekly in June.

      • Roger Wilco says:

        I’m with you with the wish for EDI-HEL direct. Next spring it starts!

      • Agree, would love to see that addition to our flight options from EDI!

    • They aren’t amazing for ex EU, but ex UK they are pretty amazing!

      Ho Chi Minh is also possible with a stop in Hong Kong for £1436

      • Woops didn’t see Saigon in the middle there 😉

        • Def on our Far East listing long term, hear it’s an amazing city.

          • Just heading back from Vietnam now. Do the Vespa Night in Ho Chi Minh. I thought I would die in the traffic and torrential rain but it’s one of our best memories from a brilliant holiday. I have a discount code somewhere.

          • Tnx Zoe, been following your reports….

  2. the bkk deal is great, any idea how many avios would be earned on man-hel-bkk-hel-man?

  3. Ronster says:

    This is indeed great news. Finnair has a total of 19, A350’s on order.

    If I won’t be redeeming my 2-4-1 for BA’s new F, then Finnair will be my first choice for the far east.

    Given the choice between splitting my trip into taking 2 flights of 6/7 hours, with Qatar Airways; I will choose the short trip to Helsinki and a longer, long haul Finnair flight,to my far eastern destination of choice.

    I will arrive quicker and yet have a longer time frame to actually get uninterupted sleep on one of the A350’s


    • Definitely one for our planning strategy. QR J plus a couple of BA returns to get silver, as currently doing, then Finnair J sale 2nd year of sliver, easier option as you say. Then QR J when in bronze our third year to regain silver, if we haven’t retained it already at that point! If we do manage to get a BA F to use our 241, then that will be a bonus. Avios still rolling in effortlessly with Tesco and card MRs for RFS. Could be a plan!

      • James67 says:

        And I thought I was doing well planning 11 months ahead 🙂

      • I’d already worked that out; Thailand on QR in March, Saigon on Finnair the year after ’17 and repeat…. As you say potential soft landing to Bronze if necessary for couple of months. I’m not chasing Avios any more. I’m concentrating on hotel points.

        • You see James, with Leo here, I am not the only one…11 mths out is still a long way off. In this game, there is always forward planning, ESP with those darn 241 in F. Now I must learn this whole hotel thingy, my next project! But TBH, there are great hotel bargains to be had on and or even on Kaligo if they can keep competitive…must admit we have a great avios haul coming our way now on this HKT trip from Kaligo and QR. So definitely worth putting a bit of time into the planning.
          Just hope we don’t keel over with all this excitement!

          • James67 says:

            I didn’t know AY flew to to SGN, probably new. Definitely worth a visit. Note that QR BKK-HAN is BA zone 1. TK fly BKK-SGN with good revenue fares. Excellent opportunities to sample premium products cheaply. Similar opportunities from HKG with dragonair and KUL with MH but those are regional J cradle seats on a320s and 737-8 respectively. But you can do premium hops around Asia on the cheap using cash and/or avios. Alternatively, I highly recommend Air Asia, it’s everything a great buget carrier should be. Even their food beats my recent BA CW offerings. There’s worse ways to keel over but I’d still prefer to go in my sleep at 109.

          • Route starts in December

          • MH often do very cheap business class flights ex BKK, routing through KUL and with longish stopovers allowed.

            BKK – KUL – Beijing priced at about 15,000 baht return previously, worth watching out for if planning a multi city trip in Asia.

  4. Is looking out the window no longer something people want to do? It seems seats are getting further and further away.

    On a recent trip in BA F I noticed seats 1 A and K have lost a great deal of their panoramic view.

    The opposite of hotels where good views command premiums – seems airlines now offer better views from the cheap seats.

    • The Air Canada 767 I flew last week was, Virgin style, facing away from the windows. I did find it a bit odd – in fact, I was a bit underwhelmed by the whole thing. May or may not write about it.

      • James67 says:

        Was expecting you to say that. AC is easily the worst airline I have ever flown. Was looking forward to your reports but if not even worth the time reporting on…cannot say I’m surprised.

      • haha you just did 😛

    • Roger Wilco says:

      Not much to see on a night flight over Siberia…

  5. Richmond says:

    If anyone wants to try Finnair business on A350, there are some shorthaul flights in October. I booked LHR-HEL-LHR trip for avios just to try it.

  6. david harrop says:

    £1200 virgin upper class from dublin to SFO if anyone is interested with BA club connections.

  7. Looks very tempting esp. Beijing, but dates unfortunately don’t work for me other than a long weekend which is overkill!

    • James67 says:

      If you are hapy to start exScandinavia you should have little problem finding dates that work.

      • I mean that I would want to travel post-Christmas.

        • James67 says:

          Yes, I know, but if you happy to go exScandinavia, it is not difficult to find ca£1k fares most of the year, not just during sales.

          • Sorry James I am missing something?

            I can see clear as day LHR-HEL-PEK prior to Christmas on the Finnair A350 at that price, but nothing further out. Could you give me the pointer?

  8. Singapore is always so expensive! Both on FinnAir, Qatar and any fare sale out ex Europe.

    • Lady London says:

      not far from Hong Kong though 🙂

      • James67 says:

        You can take VIP bus from KL, just as quick as flying when considering to/from airports etc. Much more comfortable seating too.

    • Or KUL or BKK. You just have to do the equivalent of ex EU over there! You got so much choice to hop around on air Asia between those cities to fly to and from. We often use air Asia to pop over to SIN for quick visits. Very good service too. Gotta get creative! Lucky you, living in the region we work so hard to get to!

  9. I am tryiing to find business seats to Bangkok, depart manchester 22nd jan, return feb 2nd.
    We are staying in Langkawi, so presume can get a connection from BKK ?

    Sadly I dont get an option to select business class seats, its just standard class at £520 pp
    Have I missed the deal ?

  10. Article says trip must be concluded by 18th December……

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