Breaking: Tesco to halve earning rate on Tesco Clubcard MasterCard

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I will write a full article on this topic tomorrow.  However, I thought you would be keen to see this story from the Daily Telegraph today as soon as possible.

Read it here.

Tesco MasterCard

From December, Tesco is to halve the earning rate on the Tesco Clubcard MasterCard. This is currently the most generous MasterCard or Visa for earning Avios points unless you meet the strict eligibility criteria for HSBC Premier.

More on Head for Points tomorrow.

Love Clubcard, don’t collect Avios?  You should be reading our sister site, Shopper Points (, which covers the latest Clubcard and Nectar offers without any distracting frequent flyer talk!  Why not check it out now?

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  1. Sadly, the Lloyds referral programme is entirely a work of fiction. I’ve tried it 7 times, it has never worked.

    • Works fine UNLESS the person you are referring is a Lloyds customer, ex or present – in which case the referral does not get sent. They also take 5 days to send out the emails.

      • petewally1976 says:

        I’m not sure this is right Raffles…I’m a Lloyds customer and received your referral. I had to chase the 4,500 point bonus but got it in the end.

        Also, I believe if you have a Club Lloyds account, the annual fee for this card is reduced to £12 instead of £24 although they’ve charged me £24 and I’m yet to chase them up on it.

        For anyone who doesn’t know, Club Lloyds is well worth having as a savings account as it pays 4% gross interest on balances of £4k to £5k plus either a free magazine subscription, gourmet club membership or 6 Vue cinema tickets plus access to a 4% regular saver account. Need to make sure you pay in £1.5k a month. My wife has one and we have a joint one with a standing order to transfer £1.5k each way on the same day each month and we get a magazine sub with the one account and Gourmet club with the other (the latter I don’t really rate though!). I could also get one myself but as a higher rate taxpayer the rate’s not so good (still pretty good though!).

  2. Goodbye Tesco Mastercard!

    • cheekychappi says:

      Goodbye extra petrol points for nothing when Tesco MC used as a clubcard!

    • Goodbye FuelSave more serious!

      • cheekychappi says:

        I know people with time on their hands who haven’t paid for petrol/ diesel for a year…@ Morrisons…

        Getting awfully close to £1000 of giftcards = free fuel

        • cheekychappi says:

          Instant maths correction – add on the Amex points and it’s already £1000 = free

          • I preferred the points, plus fuelsave, with, but £1000 a month on pay.coms will be coming morrisons way if I can find a convenient store to buy them and fill up.

          • Of course you can avoid filling up – didn’t you read my Management Today piece this month?!

          • cheekychappi says:


            I read it & very nice it was too 🙂

            Need a car round here, running 5 currently, not so bad as 3 of them are worthless! Badass 4WD, old Volvo. old BMW? All worthless, cheap to insure.

            Wife has a nice company Audi, I drive a 4YO BMW for daily stuff, nothing like as expensive as the article might make us fear.

            So – for the first 3 the depreciation has gone away & insurance all in is about £500. My car is depreciating @ £1500 pa (this year) plus insurance £250. Hers – forget the depreciation as not our cost, no free petrol so not a tax cost, but I guess it eats into her income tax etc so net cost not far north of £1500.

            Overall £3500 pa or so, will decrease. How does your taxi fare etc compare?

          • cheekychappi says:

            I suppose they cost a few quid to maintain

  3. Does anyone know whether HSBC premier would match an account for a customer with a Natwest Black account…..? Could do with this premier master card paying avios, not sure what the HSBC premier benefits are though? Natwest black is a pretty strong set of benefits

    • You either meet the criteria or you don’t unless you work for them or can show you are on a strong career trajectory. Premier is free so is actually a better proposition than Black unless you get your moneys-worth from the NW benefits.

  4. I have started to use USA credit cards for all my spending, even in the UK; much better sign up bonuses and most don’t charge any foreign transaction fees. I tent to receive 1.5 avios points per $ spent.

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