11,500 Avios points or £140 for 3 x 2-night Accor stays however cheap!

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Le Club Accorhotels, the loyalty scheme for Novotel, Sofitel, Ibis, Mercure, M Gallery, Pullman etc, has launched a very generous promotion which could allow you to earn a significant number of miles.

You will earn £140 of Accor hotel vouchers or 10,000 Avios points (or 5,000 miles in another airline scheme) if you complete three two-night stays at Accor properties before December 31st.

You will receive an additional 1,500 points if all your stays are booked by this Friday 11th September.

If you can’t book by Friday for the extra bonus, you must book your stays by September 20th.  Even super-cheap £25 weekend rooms booked under the ‘Happy Mondays’ offer will count!

Stays must not be consecutive stays at the same hotel. Booking two back-to-back stays of two nights at the same property would not count as two stays, only one.

You MUST register for this promotion via the offer website.

Existing bookings made before yesterday do NOT count.

Ibis Budget, Formule 1 and Etap hotels do not participate in Le Club Accorhotels although standard Ibis and Ibis Styles hotels are OK.

Accor 10000 points promo

The bonus is dropped into your account in the form of 10,000 Le Club Accorhotels points. Your first stay comes with 1,000 bonus points, your second comes with 4,000 points and your third 5,000 points. This means that two things happen which are not explained on the promotional website:

When you reach 10,000 points you will be given Gold status in the Le Club Accorhotels programme as your bonus points count for status. This page on the Accor website shows you the points you need for each tier and the benefits received.

Instead of taking the £140 of vouchers – which in reality will be €200 although they are advertising it as £140 – you can convert your 10,000 bonus points (plus base points) into airline miles. For the main programmes I write about, the conversion rates are:

Flying Blue 2:1

Avios.com or BA: 2:1

Iberia Avios: 1:1 (so don’t convert to BA!)

Emirates: 2:1

Etihad: 2:1

Miles & More: 2:1

By converting to Avios in the Iberia programme, you are effectively ‘paying’ 2 Eurocents per Avios compared to taking the Accor hotel vouchers. You should therefore consider whether to take the Avios or the vouchers – if you can use the hotel vouchers it may be a better deal.

You can find full details of the offer, and the link to register, on the Accor website here. Don’t forget to register!  Remember that, whilst you must book your 2+ night stays before 20th September, you can stay at any point until the end of the year.

PS. If you have an American Express Platinum card, remember that you can apply for a free Accor Platinum card. This guarantees you executive lounge access (if the hotel has one) plus a large base points bonus on every stay, among other benefits.

(Want to earn more hotel points?  To see our complete list of promotions from the major chains, click here to visit our ‘Hotel Promos’ page or use the link in the menu bar at the top of the page.)

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  1. I cant get the Happy Mondays calender to work

    • I can very rarely get the Happy Mondays calendar to work. You just have to go to the main website, and put in MONDAY where it says “preferential code”.

  2. Hi,

    Thank you, been waiting for this, two questions:

    1. Are you sure Amex plat still offer top level Le ClubAccor, I say this because I logged in last night to apply for it I only see the other two hotel chain and some golf club.

    2. If my friend is staying at an Ibis in Amsterdam can I book for her instead (I’m not going)?

    • Hmmm.

      It isn’t on the main Platinum page I agree. HOWEVER if you click ‘Enrol’ on the benefits page then it IS there, along with Starwood and Carlson, and it lets you complete the form. I am giving Amex IT the benefit of the doubt on this for now.

      2nd point – if you book a room in both names, with you as first named guest as it will be off your account, then it will count ok.

      • Annex recently told me that the hotel status benefit is a first-year benefit only- it does not renew in later years. Surely this is nonsense?!

    • Noooo! that’s the main reason for me to upgrade to plat, I have sent them a message to ask.

      sorry one more:

      I need a five night stay, would it work if I book two nights on Accor then one night with Kaligo (for the BA Amex offer) than another two night with Accor. Would that count as consecutive??

      • Just edited my comment to say that it IS still there if you click ‘Enrol’ so I am guessing it is an IT cock up on the front page.

        They did remove free Hilton Gold with zero warning 18 months ago though so I don’t put anything past them!

      • You MIGHT get away with it – as long as:

        a) you checked out after the first 2 nights inc settling your bill

        b) this is very important – your Accor number must NOT be in the booking for the 3rd night. The hotel might ‘helpfully’ put it in, make sure they don’t. If the Accor number stays in then it will be treated as one consecutive stay.

        • Thanks, not sure I can be bothered to check out and settle. Plus Kaligo doesn’t seem to be working this morning or there really isn’t any hotel with rooms left in the whole of Bali!

    • Oh! Matron! says:

      I got my Platinum card renewed last week, if that’s any help

  3. Sebastian says:

    If this was 1×3 stays I could’ve done it, however with all the bookings I currently have, I don’t think I’ll be able to do the six night 🙁

  4. Already have a plenty of x2 night bookings with Accor and decided NOT to re-shuffle. Unfortunate.

    This is unlike the past year promos, particularly with miles, where existing bookings counted.

    • I.e., by reshuffling one would spend more money than promotion’s worth and/or be taken away from preferential locations.

      Pretty useless promo for a regular traveller.

  5. This is a very poorly constructed promotion. You have 13 days to book accomodation and I for one have already made my reservations for the next 7 weeks. To cancel and re-book would cost far more than the promotional benefit.
    The only real gain is to achieve status, which at gold is not very much. I am currently platinum.
    The booking window is really too short. At least with IHG you have 90 plus days to book and accumulate

  6. Is there any mention on whether IBIS budget is excluded?

  7. I have just over 1K Acccor points as a result of the Accor / triple Avios promo a couple of months ago. I’m sure I read via a comment on here that they would autoconvert to Avios after each stay, without having to wait to reach 2000 points to cash out.

    Maybe I read it wrong, or set it up wrong, but they didn’t. Is there anyway to get those 1000 points out? I have no planned stays at Accor.

  8. General Mayhem says:

    Have just been on the Amex Platinum website, and cannot find the Accor link anywhere.

    The call centre, when I phoned them, rather casually said “oh we dropped that months ago” and replaced it with something or other but could not say what.

    So left with Club Carlson, and er….


    • Scottnothing says:

      Wow, you’re right. The following text has been removed from the Amex Platinum Card description on their main website:

      “Enjoy elite tier membership including Starwood Preferred Guest Gold, Le Club Accor Hotels Platinum, Club Carlson Gold Elite, Hertz #1 Club Gold and Avis Preferred”

      A rather cheeky” enhancement” to the card’s benefits!

      • Line has gone but benefits are still listed on the Platinum website – except for Accor. You can still sign up for Accor though via the form on the Platinum website.

        • However – I found that if I clicked the enrolment link for any of the hotel ones it then showed Accor OK, but if you then select Accor and click next it crashes out. Can’t tell if bad Amex IT as usual or if they’ve just made a stealth devaluation (also quite possible). Would be very annoying if so, really find Accor Plat pretty handy.

    • I got my Platinum card two weeks ago and can confirm elite hotel status are still a benefit.

    • Click ‘Enrol’ for any of the hotel schemes and you go to a generic enrollment page. Accor is still on it.

    • i signed up for Platinum via Amex just 2 months ago, using the usual enrolment option. However, o see that its now disappeared. The website seems to have had a revamp. I find Accor Plat to be one of the best benefits, Accor seem to respect the status.

  9. Wow Amex Platinum has taken off all of there hotel status’??? Not on the website anymore! That’s a shame.

    The only good thing about this card now is the priority pass… but is it worth £450?…

    • Sandgrounder says:

      It is certainly cheaper than 2 priority passes direct from PP. Plus you get free guests.

    • NO, THEY HAVEN’T! Accor has disappeared from the list of benefits BUT it is still on the sign-up page, so it looks more like an IT cock-up than anything else.

      • Rob, you sure? In the enrolment section it looks like Accor is gone, other hotel chains still there.

        • It has now gone from the enrollment form, it was still there this morning I promise!

          I have emailed someone I know at Amex who should know who can confirm this either way.

          • General Mayhem says:

            Thanks Rob

            Disappointing if it has in fact gone- I spent about half an hour on the phone to Amex earlier. I spoke to three people – two said it had “gone months ago, but they didn’t think it worth telling anyone” and one said it was still there. But then she also said that Cathay Pacific Gold was a benefit.

            Have they been enhancing their call centre staff as well?

          • Wouldnt be surprised if the other hotel perks are dusted too. As I said, the “sign up” page for the Platinum Card no longer states any of the hotel status’ as perks anymore..

          • Sebastian says:

            If this gets confirmed as gone then I am ringing up to cancel. Platinum Accor status was the last thing keeping me holding onto it.

          • Has your contact officially confirmed this yet? I assume you’ll be doing a separate devaluation post about it once he / she does.

          • No. One caller was told it was an IT glitch …..

          • General Mayhem says:

            I phoned them yesterday and was told the same thing – that Accor Plat is still available but there is a glitch between Amex system and Accor system, so there is no way to apply for the card.

            I really don’t know whether to believe it or not

          • Yeah, exactly. Sounds like the perfect way of removing it without telling anyone or admitting to having done so. Blame the IT people.

          • From Amex Platinum Benefits Directory:

            Notice: AccorHotels is currently experiencing a technical issue. Le Club AccorHotels enrolment capabilities will be reinstated once this issue has been resolved. We apologise for any inconvenience.

          • Excellent news! Thank you.

  10. I think LeClubAccor is definately gone. It was sort of there this morning but not working this morning, now you can’t even enroll! I am so annoyed at myself for waiting, should have done this earlier in the week!

    Separately on Kaligo, the hotel i wanted has availability if i use the normal link, not the extra 5000 avios link. And the website says you have to book via the amex link, so I can only assume it is’t for any hotel book, only those they choose to release.

  11. OT: This turned out to be worse than expected: https://www.headforpoints.com/2015/06/17/worrying-new-trend-heathrow-rewards-promotion/ because you can not just convert those Promo Points to vouchers whenever you want. My plan was to use the Promo Points asap and save the Points that can be converted to Avios/miles for a rainy day i.e. until there’s a coversion bonus.
    But that can’t be done, this is what they told me. “Please be advised that points are utilised at the order of adding them to the account. In this case the easiest way would be to convert your XX000 points first and then use the remaining 1000 to vouchers.”

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