TRIPLE or QUADRUPLE Avios points with Hilton stays this Autumn

British Airways Executive Club and Hilton HHonors have launched a new mileage deal for the Autumn.

For some people, this may be more attractive than the main Hilton HHonors promotion ‘Triple Your Trip‘. That offered double Hilton points (ONLY on base points) on weekday stays and triple points on weekend stays as this article explains.

The BA / Hilton promotion can be found here.

Revive Hilton

There are some odd quirks which you should understand:

The BA offer offers quadruple Avios at London hotels and triple Avios at other participating hotels

The day of the week has no impact, unlike ‘Triple Your Trip’.  This makes the calculation different for each stay – a Monday in London would mean double Hilton HHonors points or quadruple Avios but a Saturday in Leeds would mean triple points or triple Avios.

Many hotels are NOT participating in the Avios deal – it only covers the UK, Europe, Middle East and Africa and there are numerous non-participating hotels on top.  A list is published on the promotion website.

‘Triple Your Trip’ ends on 31st December.  Bonus Avios ends on 13th December.

As a reminder of the earning rates:

If you choose points, you earn 10 base points and 5 Hilton HHonors bonus points per $1 spent

If you choose miles, you earn 10 base points and 1 British Airways Avios per $1 spent

Based on what day of the week you are staying and whether you are staying in London or not, you should think about which option is best.  If it helps, I tend to value a Hilton HHonors point at 0.3p and an Avios point at 0.75p – 1p.

You MUST register for your preferred promotion.  Nothing stops you registering for both and switching your account from ‘points’ to ‘miles’ for each stay.  The registration page, list of non-participating hotels etc is here.

(Want to earn more Avios?  Click here to visit our home page for the latest articles on earning and spending your points and click here to see our list of current Avios promotions.)

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  1. As if ba hadn’t already fine enough to upset those outside of London!

    • I rather suspect that those living in London don’t stay in London Hilton hotels! So this is actually good for those living outside of London, since they are more likely to be using such hotels.

      Time to get the chip off the shoulder, I think…

  2. I am pretty sure that this offer is stackable with ‘Triple your Trip’. So if you select points and miles you should receive double/treble points and treble/quad miles depending on where/when you stay.

    • That’s what I thought and got excited as I’ve an expensive Hilton 10 night stay in December. Then I realised that the Avios deal runs out on the 13th Dec, the exact day I start my trip! .

    • T&Cs say:
      This offer is non-transferable and cannot be used in conjunction with any other British Airways or HHonors offer or promotion.

    • Might work …. in theory Triple Your Trip works if you have miles selected as just base points tripled.

      I am too cowardly to suggest this in the main article though ….

      • Ive a one night stay direct with Hilton tonight – ill report back on whether this works as I have registered for both promos and have ‘points and miles’ with BA set on my HH account.

        On a side note I got a bonus offer on the TYT offer – 4000 bonus points with my 4th stay….

        • Not a bad haul for a £100 stay:
          Base Points
          1313 0 0

          0 1313 0

          0 1000 0

          DIAMOND VIP BONUS – 50% 2015
          0 656 0

          BA DOUBLE DIP
          0 0 131

          0 0 262

        • Ok ….. so you can mix Triple Your Trip with Triple Avios, handy!

        • Weirdly I registered for both, but had points and points set. I have received points for triple your trip and points! (not avios) for quadruple avios. As well as some extra points I wasn’t expecting…
          0 11292 0

          Base Points
          5646 0 0

          0 5646 0

          50% BONUS ON BASE POINTS
          0 2823 0

          0 2000 0

          SILVER VIP BONUS – 15% 2015
          0 846 0

  3. Robert Govier says:

    Can anyone get the link to the participating hotels to work? Doesn’t load for me.

  4. If you registered for the Amex Argos offer you can buy a £50 M&S gift voucher and get £10 back!
    or any other gift voucher although the range varies enormously between stores.
    I am assuming that M&S accept their own gift vouchers online.

    • Yes they do!

      • Do you have to buy them in batches of £25 to use the 3V cards or will they accept more that one 3V card in one transaction. Normally I buy from HSV but have to pay for them in lots of £25.

      • OK so that theory didn’t work – I can’t get the TopGiftCards site to accept the 3V cards!!!

      • Thanks, good to know.

      • TopGiftVouchers didn’t take the 3V cards, nor do they accept Amex and there is a 1.2% credit card charge so think I will stick to my High Street Vouchers route using the 3V cards and then online at M&S when there is a double or triple points offer.

    • I did register for the offer. Can you buy the M&S gift card online or do you have to go in to the store to purchase and then use online?

  5. It’s weird I’ve signed the Mrs up and we are staying in a Hilton tonight, but it keeps reporting an invalid Exec Club number… mine is accepted fine; but on entering hers it says “The member number entered is invalid for the selected partner”

    The number of digits are the same and I’ve tried cut and paste as well as manually entering… plain weird.

    I hope that their customer services can sort it… I’ve emailed and hope we’ll get the additional points/miles for tonight!


    • I’d give the BA number to reception staff at checkin (and double check at checkout) – that’s probably your best way to ensure they post to your account properly.

  6. Not sure how this would would with TA bookings:

    “•Offer is subject to availability, advanced reservation is required. BAEC membership number must be quoted at the time of booking. “

    • You can’t register your BA when booking at (I think) so I wouldn’t be too concerned about that!

      • Their customer services sorted me out 😀 I have to say Hilton’s customer service agents are very knowledgable and responsive 😀

  7. Sorry this is totally OT and a newbie question, but if anyone knows the answer I’d appreciate it: If I refer somebody in my family for an Amex MR card but they have held one within the last 6 months, is it only they who do not receive the bonus points or do I also not receive the referral points? Thnx.

    • Mrs Gummidge slipped-up recently(OK, I did!) in referring me for the Gold card within the 6 months period.
      Mrs Gummidge got the 9000 referral bonus. Realising her mistake I decided not to go for the 2k in 90 days and instead put spend through elsewhere. That said all of the offers that have shown up on the card have been well used.

  8. Just seen there is currently a £50 off £250 amex offer deal on my amex gold card.

  9. Nick Burch says:

    I stayed at a Hilton near-ish London on Thursday night. Account set to points+miles, signed up for both the BA and the HHonors promos. Points have just posted, I got double HHonors points (second set under “2015 TRIPLE YOUR TRIP OFFER”), and quadruple BA avios (3x under “BRITISH AIRWAYS UP TO QUADRUPLE AVIOS”)

  10. I’ve just done something I’ve not done before – checked in online for a prepaid stay tomorrow.

    For various reasons, I’d prefer not to stay, though I understand a no show would normally deny me points. Does checking in online alter that, or do I really need to turn up and ruffle the sheets?