Etihad offering £1,100 business class fares from Amsterdam to South Africa, Asia and more

Etihad launched a number of promotional offers yesterday.  These would tie in nicely with a raft of heavily discounted fares from Amsterdam which are currently available.

Before we get to those, here are offers valid from wherever you travel:

Double miles on Economy flights until 15th December if you book between 16th-28th September and register here

Triple miles in Business or quadruple miles in First until 15th December if you book between 16th-28th September and register here.  This offer is valid on Etihad Airways, airberlin, Air Serbia, Air Seychelles, Alitalia and Jet Airways when you credit the flight to Etihad Guest.

These are not the greatest offers in the world but, if you are booking anything on Etihad in the next 11 days, you’d be crazy not to register!

Etihad 350

Great deals from Amsterdam

Etihad is currently offering a raft of Business Class sale deals from Amsterdam.

These are valid for booking until Monday 21st September.  You must travel by 31st March 2016.

Most Etihad routes are included – you can see the full list here.  Here are ones which are under £1,250 return:

Balikpapan (€1,579 / £1,150) – I admit I had to look this one up!

Bangkok (€1,665 / £1,220)

Cape Town (€1,579 / £1,150)

Denpasar, Bali (€1,579 / £1,150)

East London, SA (€1,579 / £1,150)

Harare (€1,579 / £1,150)

Lusaka / Makassar / Manando (€1,579 / £1,150)

Muscat (€1,670 / £1,220)

Padang (€1,579 / £1,150)

Port Elizabeth (€1,579 / £1,150)

Shanghai (€1,602 / £1,165)

Singapore (€1,590 / £1,150)

Solo / Surabaya (€1,579 / £1,150)

The home page for these deals on the Etihad website is here.

Be careful about which plane you book onto.  Amsterdam appears to be using an Airbus A330 at the moment.  These look like decent fully flat seats but are obviously not the ‘Business Class Studio’ used on the A380.  You could be on any number of aircraft for the onward leg from Abu Dhabi.

You cannot earn Avios or BA tier points when flying with Etihad.  You can credit your flight to a number of airlines, including oneworld partner airberlin.

I would suggest, however, that given the ‘triple miles in Business Class‘ offer, you credit to Etihad Guest.  You will be able to top up your balance with American Express Membership Rewards points, the UK Etihad credit card (which often has excellent sign-up bonuses) and Heathrow Rewards.

You can book via the Etihad booking page here.

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  1. I think Bali and the other Indonesian routes are new for Etihad and it hey join EL and QR in providing services to Bali. It is a big expansion into the Indonesian market.
    For the leisure traveller a note of caution, Bali can be very wet from Nov-Mar and a miserable place in the rain.

  2. You can credit to AA too which probably gives better value for some things than etihad guest even with triple miles!

    No elite points/miles unless on an AA codeshares though.

  3. Weirdly I can’t pull anything up for the end of March (out and back in March) anywhere near these prices. Tried Etihad, ITA and Google Flights.

  4. What do you think of Etihad Guest, Raffles? They seem to be very aggressive with their points offers but from what I can tell it’s a fairly restrictive scheme for rewards.

    • It was excellent until they racked up the points you needed a few months ago. Now a bit pricey BUT the quality, at least on the A380, is outstanding AND you get the chauffeur on redemptions.

      Note that you can redeem on Etihad using American Airlines miles and you need substantially fewer of them.

      They do one way redemptions so you could wait for the credit card bonus to shoot up again, get together enough for a one way somewhere and then come back on Avios etc.

      • Thanks for the info. Do you think the earning potential on Etihad would be enough for you to chose them over Emirates? I’ve looked at both and had decided on Emirates due to the consistency across their network and reward availability (even if they are fairly steep). The Etihad A380 looks amazing but it’s use being so limited gives Emirates the nod for me.

        • For me, Emirates wins out because they release multiple J seats per flight, especially at the higher price level. Never a problem getting 4 seats. Etihad seems to be sticking to 2 business class seats per flight.

          I agree that availability at the higher Emirates price band – which in terms of miles needed is the same as the Etihad base level – is very good.

  5. Any idea if we’ll see more Qatar ex-EU fares appearing soon? Ideally some 2-4-1’s?

  6. I had a first apartment booked on the A380 LHR-AUH and last week they switched it to an A340-600 aircraft so no apartment. Gutted. Apparently aircraft swaps are very common. They were supposed to be 3 x A380 a day from LHR now but some days in Dec is only one. I recommend using My Flights app to monitor it and it will alert you of an aircraft change… So you can take action!

    No award seats available to change to but a few phone calls later they kindly opened one up for me on a later flight. It did take a while to ticket but all sorted now….which I’m grateful for.

    Its very hit and miss with the quality of the agent when you call but if you get though to the Manchester based Etihad call centre… they are great. Number can be found on

    • Note that they will not do this if you booked using American miles as another HFP reader found.

      My A380 F remains in the diary for December, I am on the AM flight which is the busiest so should be ok.

      • I’m booked LHR>AUH>SYD on AA miles so hope they don’t switch on me. Am already resigned to the F lounge not being open in time in AUH.

        • I am also resigned to this. Pathetically, it looks like I will also miss the Qatar F lounge (I am coming back Qatar F). These lounges were BOTH under construction when I was there LAST OCTOBER!

      • BKK seems to be ME3 first choice for a380s after LHR. With high seaon looming in Thailand and coinciding with low season in UK I suppose biggest risk is Etihad switching a380 from LHR to BKK wgile they await more deliveries.although no a380 sales yet this year, it was interesting that airbus increased their sales target a few months ago so perhaps they have a deal in the pipeline. At momebt only QR, EY or TK seem plausible.

  7. Thanks for pointing out this offer, Rob, which I hoped we could use to get to Cape Town next year. Interesting that Port Elizabeth is also offered from the same price as CPT. Also interesting is that much of the offer to CPT/PLZ is on codeshare flights operated by KLM and SAA with a compulsory transfer at JNB as well as AUH (on the dates I checked, anyway). Also, cancellation fee is only €200.

    Unfortunately, availability to CPT/PLZ at these headline rates is next to nil – nothing at all next year, though I did see some in the next few days – so I did not need to choose between using my Etihad Gold or my AA non-status.

    For out trip, I’m still looking at BA ex-AMS and hoping for a QR offer.

  8. Etihad Amsterdam to Cape Town means flying with Jet Airways, KLM, South African and Etihad itsef. Anyhow always 2 stops as Etihad does only fly to Johannesburg.
    When there are NO flights at all Etihad will write “sold out”.

    • I think the reference to Jet Airways is to Jet Airways-configured Etihad flights, i.e. seats as the Jet layout but Etihad-operated. Unless they wet/dry lease?

      ‘Sold out’ means at all prices. On the dates I checked (Jan-March), there were usually seats available at higher prices with only a few dates sold out altogether.

  9. Anyone know how to book these? Don’t see a single flight from now until December for under 3k euros….

    • Looking at the T+Cs, these fares have been available since August, so I guess the early birds got the worms …

    • What route? I got them to price yesterday OK albeit availability was patchy.

      • bali?

        • Axel Heyst says:

          I spent all last week onto the Etihad call centre trying to book an open jaw arrive singapore leave jakarta as an Etihad OpenSeat ticket, after speaking to 7 agents I gave up. They kept trying to book 2 single flights at greater avios expense or said the OpenSeats were full, which unless the last seat on the plane has been booked was impossible.

          Abandoned the call centre and booked an OpenSeat return myself to Singapore online and will need to book a cgk – sin (or Batam) separately,

          Those Indonesian flights don’t look appealing with a long stopover in Cengkareng then boarding a late Garuda flight. Seems much cheaper to book the Garuda leg flights separate from Etihad to say Bali, as Indonesian domestic taxes are only about £2 extra.

  10. it is my understanding that if you credit to Alitalia and if you are lucky enough to be a FrecciaAlata member this would become an outstanding way to rackup lots of points. do you agree?

    • Potentially – the Alitalia scheme is a mystery to me but, as you can top up your account via Amex points to get to whatever you need for a reward, it is probably a viable option if you want to redeem on SkyTeam.

  11. Can’t find a single cheap deal to CPT for next year Jan-Mar. Anyone else had any luck?