Bits: Qatar deals from Edinburgh, Tesco delivery saver free trial

News in brief:

Qatar running good Business Class deals from Edinburgh

Qatar Airways appears keen to build up interest in its Edinburgh service.

There are some good deals bookable before 21st October.  These are valid for travel at any point in the next year, subject to occasional black out dates.

Edinburgh to Dubai is £1,250 in Business Class – a decent price.  Most of Asia and South Africa is around £1,800 – £1,900.

Until 18th October (tomorrow!), these combine with the NEWLOOK2015 promo code.  This takes the fare down to £1,156 for Edinburgh to Dubai.

To put these deals in context, the best sale deal on Qatar from Manchester to Dubai is currently £1,860!

You earn Avios and BA tier points when you fly Qatar and the Edinburgh service is operated with a new Boeing 787 featuring the latest business class seat which I reviewed here.  It is an impressive 1-2-1 layout.

You can see details of the Edinburgh deals on this page of the Qatar website.

Qatar A350

Tesco running 1 month free trial of Delivery Saver

This is slightly off topic for HFP but – given the Clubcard link to Avios and Virgin, and the fact that it is the weekend – worth a quick mention.

Tesco is currently offering a one-month free trial of Delivery Saver.  This allows you to receive your online grocery deliveries free of charge (minimum spend £40).  You also get all of your Tesco Direct orders delivered for free via their ‘next day delivery’ service (minimum spend £10), free delivery on Tesco Wine and F&F orders and first dibs at selecting delivery slots in the run up to Christmas.

You can sign up via this link.  You need to make a note in your diary to cancel after the one month trial is up, otherwise you will begin to be charged the standard fee of £3 to £6 per month.

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  1. Worth trying this 787. Just experienced all 4 sectors to HKT. Very hard to distinguish between BA F and this J class. QR wins out as the cabin is so spacious. Maybe this is what BA are aiming for by reducing the seats in their newer and refurb F cabins. Certainly it will be harder for us to use our 241 in F in future. Think we might still be hopping across to AMS CPH or DUB getting our sub 1k fares if we can. Or wait for BA sales from LHR.

    • James67 says:

      polly, did you notice any difference in air quality on 787 compared to say 777? How much quietef wad it, as good as a380? I have yet to fly 787 or a350.

      • I have just flown out to Canada on 777 and back on 787. The 787 was noticeably quieter, but not as quiet as I would have liked. I would say that the Embraer 190 on an internal flight was quieter. The air pressure also felt better, but these are subjective judgements based on two aircraft.

        • Agree. The A380 is astoundingly quiet – you will never experience anything like it, at least if you are upstairs. I have to say I didn’t notice it as much on the 787, in the same way that you don’t really notice the bigger windows or the improved air pressure – although I’m sure it all adds up to an incrementally better experience.

        • James67 says:

          Thanks Rob/Mark, it will be interesting then to start hearing back from people on a350 which is reportedly very quiet (at least from the outside). I think the front of the a380 upper deck is as good as flying gets. Unfortunately i will have little chance to fly it again as I will be increasingly avoiding LHR so most likely to come across it DOH-BKK. Hoping a350s good as my routes of choice will become EDI-HEL-Asia on AY.

  2. Erico1875 says:

    There is likely to be a price war to ME and Asia. Turkish and Etihad also fly from Edinburgh, and of course Emirates are twice daily from Glasgow.

    • Shame Turkish isn’t in the same league equipment wise as Etihad or Qatar. (My last flight was TK: MAN-IST-AMM)

    • James67 says:

      I am wondering if EDI has currently hit a demand ceiling. Etihad cut back winter schedule although that may just be marketing issues as they build their orofile and customer base. We have QR offering better fares than from their other UK airports. Finnair start up is only seasonl but hopefully that will change. On the other hand TK checkin has always been busy when I was there so perhss they could look to increase frequency or use larger aircraft. Over at GLA there is frequent talk of Emirates going triple daily or switching to a380s. It will be interesting to see if current services can be sustained or grown further in next few years. APD reduction would certainly help.

      • James, i was just thinking the same, EDI with Finnair, Turkish, Qatar and Etihad. The airport management have done a great job with expansion since leaving BAA but i wonder how much demand their is. Always the constant speculation of EK going 3 times daily from GLA, or A380.

        EDI has the most BA Golds out outside of London, i imagine they would be booking QR for oneworld benefits rather than trying out Etihad.

        • James67 says:

          The one that worries me is AY, I really want them to succeed and I think they can do so provided they market effectively in se and north .Asia. For those destinations AY is a nobrainer compared to ME3. I have tried both QR (out of LHR) and EY (out of EDI). I prefer QR products and the DOH transit over AUH. Despite this, I would still choose EY to/from EDI as they have a better schedule. One thing we have learned is that EK are not stupid, if they do increase capacity from GLA they are probably almost certain the demand from Scotland is there. My main concern about EDI management is that they are too free with competition, for example, Ryanair about to fly to CPH which is already served by SAS, Norwegan and easyjet. The most likely to suffer is SAS which is worst case for passngers.

        • I think we’ll see Finnair swallowed by BA / IAG within the next 5 years.

        • James67 says:

          Interesting, do you think under such circumstances IAG would cancel flights from likes of EDI and MAN to HEL with AY to protect BA interests at LHR? Being cynical suggests they would but then again, connections from the regions to MAD have improved since the merger. I’m somewhat surprised that competition regulators in EU and especially in the USA have allowed the mergers and consolidation that have so characterised the last decade to go ahead.

        • Doubt it. If BA bought it, it would be to get access to Finnair’s Asian routes and those require feed from the UK regions. You are more likely to see additional UK regional services as BA would use it to make KLM look less attractive.

  3. Mogensen says:

    Any rumours on a new Qatar sale out there?
    Trying to decide if I should jump on an EK fare from Copenhagen to the Maldives running up until the 24th of this month offering seats in C at about 2200 eur / 2500 usd – or wait for a Qatar sale.

  4. The Qatar discount code also works on ex EU flights. Just priced CPH to BKK at 11,998DKK. I did have a look for the cheap RJ fares but struggle to find them on any date of interest.

    • Mogensen says:

      actually the code gives quite a decent discount on the cph-mle legs … brings it close to the EK fare…

    • James67 says:

      Thanks, was that return, and when?

    • OSL-BKK is even cheaper (£90). Also you can get to fly on the A380 both ways, rather than the 777, from DOH-BKK-DOH.

      • ….net cost around £1070 for OSL-BKK + costs of getting to/from LON

        • James67 says:

          Thanks fbrj, CPH worth the extra for us though as we need to be there for a wedding so positioning flight plus CPH meets our needs perfectly.

  5. Peter K says:

    IHG is bringing back it’s buy points bonus again. I got 80%, my wife was offered only 60%. These offers seem very close together at the moment. Is IHG in trouble or are they selling them cheap before devaluing I wonder….

  6. Sussex Bantam says:

    OT – if you pre-ordered any games to take advantage of the recent bonus Clubcard offe it is worth comparing prices just before delivery is due.

    I have Guitar Hero on pre-order for next week and just checked prices with some other sites – it was £15 cheaper on SimplyGames which more than negated the bonus points…

    Cancelled the Tesco order (and lost the points sadly)

  7. OT: Just back from Tesco and found the last 8 3V cards on their shelf. They wouldn’t activate at the till so I took them to the customer services till. They come up now as invalid cards so it looks like you can no longer buy the last remaining ones. Presume the same will happen at Morrisons and other stores. See Mark2’s post from yesterday. You can still activate any that you have previously purchased.

    • Peter K says:

      I tried to buy some at the co-op to see what would happen. The top-up was in successful due to issues on the card providers end. That route for easy avios/target hitting has gone 🙁

  8. Off topic, but would like some help.

    This is the first time I have a priority pass and will be traveling from Terminal 3 at heathrow, there are two lounges listed on the website which do people recommend for early morning? Also the both state a dress code, I like to be comfortable on a flight, am I going to be turned away from a lounge if I am in trainers?


    • If one of the lounges is No 1 Traveller, then go for that – it’s good. Trainers will be fine.

  9. Off topic, but would like some help.

    This is the first time I have a priority pass and will be traveling from Terminal 3 at heathrow, there are two lounges listed on the website which do people recommend for early morning? Also the both state a dress code, I like to be comfortable on a flight, am I going to be turned away from a lounge if I am in trainers?


    • Trainers are fine, don’t worry.

      No 1 Traveller has a decent reputation in T3, not sure about Servisair. No reason why you couldn’t visit both of course!

      • No 1 T3 is far better than Servisair, but can become too busy to let you in. Jeans, trainers, t-shirts etc all OK if you are just a nice polite clean fragrant person.

      • James67 says:

        I have seen some better dressed people begging on the streets than some of folks in the lounges, including myself at times,

        • Reminds me of my first flight out to HK as one of a couple of grad trainees joining the bank, some unshaven scruffs in tracksuits seated near us soon introduced themselves as various senior people in the same organisation 🙂

        • Oh I agree, I don’t look too great myself in an arrivals lounge at 6am, unshaven, probably wearing the clothes I slept in the previous night!

  10. Flew EDI-DOH-CGK last Monday in J. Flight was full in J and had decent loads in Y by the looks of the queues at boarding. Despite only booking 6 days in advance I was able to get £1,950 return (back into LHR) compared with over £3k LHR out and back.

    A pleasant service and the 787 cabin felt very spacious with the central overhead bins not present.

  11. Peter Taysum says:

    For Tesco delivery saver, there’s also the benefit that they GUARANTEE if you would have spent less without it, they give you the money back, so consider NOT cancelling…

    • The brand match guarantee is valid anyway, isn’t it? Not only with the delivery saver…

      • Think Peter is referring to the fact that after the year if it had been cheaper to use PAYG deliveries rather than Delivery Saver Tesco refund the difference.

      • If you mean the new Tesco Brand Guarantee don’t forget you need to fulfil the T&Cs (pertinently, 10 different items).

        I would be amazed if it worked with pre-order games, and don’t forget it uses the prices on the day, not when the game is published.

    • The pre-order on games guarantee is just against their own (Tesco prices), not vs competitors.

      BTW 500 points on various games still going strong = 1200 Avios, finishes 23 Oct.

      Brian – thanks for Plymouth tips the other night.

  12. I’m trying to plan my Honeymoon and was looking at EDI-DOH,DOH-DPS on 13-OCT-2016 and returning NRT-DOH,DOH-EDI 04-NOV-2016 which has fantastic pricing for similar searchable dates.

    Here’s my issue, the Qatar offer site says they need to be booked by today 21-OCT-2015 with a Travel Period of 25-SEP-2015 to 14-NOV-2016 however the furthest ahead it allows you to book is 16-OCT-2016. Do you think the offer will be extended or is it just a typo?

    • The Offers are now bookable until the 4th November, hopefully they will extend again