8,589 Avios for £79 – and a FREE colour printer!

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This is one of the best Tesco Direct deals that I have seen in a while. If you want to pick up some cheap Avios points or Virgin Flying Club miles today, this is what to do.

Tesco Direct is currently offering 3,500 bonus Clubcard points when you buy an Epson XP322 all-in-one colour inkjet printer.

The price is £79.  ‘Click and Collect’ delivery is FREE otherwise you will pay £3 for standard delivery to your door.

The link to buy is here.  The deal is only valid today and Monday.


Let’s look at the maths.

Assume that you take the printer and throw it in the nearest dustbin (or, preferably, give it your local charity shop).

You will earn a total of 3,579 Clubcard points for the purchase.  This will get you 8,589 Avios points or 8,947 Virgin Flying Club miles.

That works out at 0.92p per Avios point or 0.88p per Virgin Flying Club mile.

If you are prepared to put in some time, of course, you can get this price down by selling your printer via eBay.  At the time of writing, they are not selling for much – there are some refurbished models as low as £35 including postage.

In the worse case scenario, lets assume that you are left with £20 after eBay fees and postage.  That takes your cost down to £59.  That would work out at 0.68p per Avios point or 0.65p per Virgin mile.  (If you decide to go down this route, I recommend not unboxing the printer when you receive it – it will make it easier to re-send.)

Remember that Tesco takes a dim view of bulk buying.  If you buy more than one through the same Clubcard account, you are at serious risk of not getting the points.  HFP readers have been caught out by this many times in the past.

This offer is also available in-store – a HFP reader spotted one yesterday – although you are only likely to find them in the biggest shops.  The bulk buying policy also applies to in-store purchases.

There are also reportedly two other printers available in-store only – a Canon for £79.50 with 3,500 points and another Epson for £99 with 5,000 points.  The latter is the best deal of the lot if you can find one.  You could buy one of each without falling over any bulk buying rules.

I expect the Tesco Direct printer to sell out quickly, so I would order one ASAP if you are interested.  Think of it as buying 8,589 Avios for 0.92p and forget about the printer aspect!  The link is here – remember that the offer closes on Monday.

Remember that we have just started a new Clubcard period, so you will not receive these points until late January or early February 2016.

Love Clubcard, don’t collect Avios?  You should be reading our sister site, Shopper Points (www.shopperpoints.co.uk), which covers the latest Clubcard and Nectar offers without any distracting frequent flyer talk!  Why not check it out now?

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  1. Has anyone who ordered this online on Saturday or Sunday had the confirmation email that their order has been accepted and it’s ready to be collected?

    I placed my order when the Epson 322 was still in stock but no email yet…

    • Ordered on Sunday morning, despatch email late afternoon.

      From past experience Tesco Direct are a bit flaky – both in stock allocation and email status updates. If available, log into account to view order and Track Delivery.

    • Sussex Bantam says:

      Ordered Saturday night – just had the email saying it is in store ready for collection

      • OK – like CV3V – my Epson order was placed Sunday morning (after I’d got one of the Canon ones in-store)…

        Maybe they’ve been a little busy unpacking printers in Tesco stores today… 😉

    • Collected mine today

  2. Ordered Sat for deliver with other items, had a dispatch note for the other bits only.

  3. Tesco Park Road, Liverpool, have 3 left on the shelf at 12.30 02 November with the 3500 bonus points offer clearly marked on the shelf.

  4. Ordered yesterday from direct. At 0930 am. Still listed as “to be dispatched”.

  5. My dispatch updates are coming through right now & I ummed & arred a bit so Sunday morning orders.

  6. Did those of you that purchased instore see the bonus points credited on your receipt? Just picked up one of the Canon’s in my local store and till receipt only shows standard points…

    • If it’s not on the receipt, you won’t get the points. You should go straight back to store, march Customer Services to the shelf edge label and get them to manually add on your points. NOTHING will be added on at the end of the quarter for in-store purchases.

      • Alert – the £79 printer is now back in stock, so quick!!

        • Sold out again. The way to get it is probably to wake up in the middle of the night & try again.

          That’s how I got my 50″ Panasonic Viera for £224.

      • Thought as much, what a pain!

        Thanks for the heads up

        • And go back with them in person, or better still bring the shelf edge label to their desk when you request the points. They are well known for leaving you standing at customer services then pocketing/ hiding the SEL and saying you were mistaken.

    • Yes, on receipt

  7. Showing as out of stock again for me.

    • In & out, up & down like a tart’s knickers lol

      Got a couple – couldn’t resist – @ 9.30 or so, cheaper than buying the ink carts.

      • Showing as ‘low stock’ right now with the 3500 points bonus…

      • And you can flog one on e bay, am sure…

      • Possibly Harry – but I’m sure I heard once that the cartridges new printers come with aren’t as full as the ‘refills’ you buy separately…

        • Certainly the cheap HP I got recently was explicit about that – they called them ‘starter’ cartridges (although for A$17 all-in I wasn’t complaining!)

  8. Sussex Bantam says:

    Ebay running 2000 free Nectar points for selling an item. List by 15 November, sell by 22 November. Nectar points only available once per user.

    • Where have you seen this? did a search and cant find it!

      Where do I sign up?

      • Sussex Bantam says:

        Sorry – missed your question.

        I got it by email and having investigated more closely there doesn’t seem to be any sign-up link and I can’t find it mentioned on any other site. Guess it might be targeted…

  9. Collected the Epson printer this afternoon from my local Tesco – put it on eBay about an hour ago and someone has bought it already! A result!

  10. There are loads on eBay around £32 – £40 so I did £40 with free postage and costed up Hermes postage at £5.79 – I’ve never sold large items before – I’m ok with what I got tho for a first try and the cc points are in my account!

    • Collect+ is better service than Hermes.

      • How does collect + work – I have to send it to London from Scotland

        • Really easy, just go to their website and put in the destination postcode, it’s intuitive from there on, try one of these codes http://uk.promopro.com/merchant-Collect-Plus-vouchers-deals-15785.html

          You drop your parcel at any participating outlet (Often Costcutters/ Co-Ops), they will tell you local ones for you; your parcel address/barcode that you printed at home & stuck on is then scanned & you get a receipt; it is tracked & delivered to destination.

          Hermes are well known for chucking stuff over garden walls etc which is a bit worrying with a glass element. Worth checking if Collect+ excludes printers for insurance, though. (My Hermes lady is very good and leaves items with neighbours if I’m out, but when she’s away, I have found items stuffed in silly places such as the gas box.)

        • Thanks Harry, you are the font of useful information! 10% off brings cost down to £5.66!

        • I think I can achieve £50, those cheaper ones are mostly used/ seller refurbished (& the cheapest new ones won’t be there long). Will let you know but I didn’t collect mine yet so no hurry.

        • Agree with the Collect+ recommendation, used them a lot when selling bulky items earlier in the year on eBay and they were fantastic, such good value!

  11. Janeyferr says:

    My Bottom Drawer now has a printer in it 🙂

  12. This printer has now dropped in price. Tesco may very well refund the difference ; currently £30… If you contact them with 28 days of ownership.

  13. Rang up Tesco Direct. Advisor told me I could have a £30 refund but I would not get the Clubcard point too.

  14. Refunded me £30 no issues.

    Whoever sussed this is a legend and is owed several pints!