New BA ‘bonus Avios’ offer – extra points on flights to 21 destinations

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British Airways, in conjunction with American Airlines and Iberia, has launched a new promotion offering bonus Avios points on flights to 21 destinations.

You must register for this promotion.  As it runs until 29th February, I strongly recommend that you register now as you are likely to forget.  The registration link is here.

Here are the destinations offering a bonus:

North America: Boston, Calgary, Denver, Los Angeles, Mexico City, Philadelphia, Toronto, Vancouver

Africa and Middle East: Abuja, Amman, Bahrain, Beirut, Cape Town, Lagos

Europe and Asia: Baku, Bangkok, Beijing, Chengdu, Singapore

South America and Caribbean: Buenos Aires, Punta Cana

British Airways 350 3

These are the bonuses you will earn:

First: 6,000 Avios return

Club World / Business: 4,000 Avios return

World Traveller Plus: 3,000 Avios return

World Traveller / Economy: 1,500 Avios return

Here is a summary of the rules:

You must book between 2nd November and 13th December – existing bookings do not count

You must fly between 2nd November and 29th February

Flights can be on BA, AA or Iberia as long as they are credited to your BA account

The bonus is only given on return flights

You can earn the bonus a maximum of four times

To be honest, I find this promotion a little half-hearted.  4,000 Avios may persuade someone to move a Club World flight across to oneworld but I would be surprised if First Class passengers are swayed by a 6,000 Avios sweetener.  Similarly, I doubt 1,500 Avios makes much difference either way to a World Traveller passenger.

You shouldn’t look a gift horse in the mouth, though, so I recommend you click here and scroll down to the registration link just in case you do end up travelling to one of these places.

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  1. Tina silver says:

    Registered only to be told not eligible! No further information given as to why not!

  2. I agree not a promotion o have any interest in. Waste of time by the marketing department who must be struggling to find anything positive to highlight at BA. As for including Baku in Europe……..BA have a reputation for being economical with the truth but this revision of geographical fact takes them to a whole new level. They must now be defining location ion the basis of whether you’ve hosted the Eurovision Song Contest.

    • Home to next year’s European Grand Prix.

    • Where have they claimed it’s in Europe – I can’t see it anywhere? Regardless, Azerbaijan is in Eurasia. It’s therefore perfectly legitimate to include it in the Europe category. It’s an airline zone map not an atlas…

  3. But Raffles has put Baju – maybe that is in Europe.

  4. All you have to do is apply a reasonable valuation to the Avios to see just how pathetic these bonuses are – at 0.75p/Avios the bonuses come out to £45/£30/£22.50/£11.25.

    • Sussex Bantam says:

      Although if you look it another way…I fly regularly to Boston on CW.

      I earn 16K Avios with my GC. I’ll get a 25% bonus with this promotion. Not earth-shattering – but not nothing either.

    • Depends on how you use them of course. My rule is I never redeem Avios for less than 1p each and never pay more than that.

      It’s not actually that hard to get better value as long as you don’t have millions to redeem. Currently in the Caribbean. True we travelled to Miami on what was probably our last ever Avios upgrade (booked before the devaluation), but we also got about 2p per Avios value on the AA redemption from there, even after accounting for the lost Avios earning opportunity on a cash fare.

      Post devaluation the 1p/Avios value still just about stacks up on a CW 2for1, based on what we would be prepared to pay for ex-London flights.

      Hoping to pick up some cheap CW flights over new year – an extra £40 each worth of Avios on my valuation if that comes to pass would be welcome 🙂

  5. If you’re flying to the destinations anyway, then fine, but it’s not going to encourage me to fly somewhere.
    Dates aren’t great for me anyway.

  6. OT – but does anybody know a definitive answer regarding the Avios conversion bonus from CC? I’ve just converted £10 as a test and have received 2400. I know that some people have had replies from Tesco saying the bonus points will be added later on, but if that is only done after the bonus period ends, then you’re running the risk of them NOT being added, unless this is guaranteed.

    • Many moons ago when Tesco used to do the bonus they were added separately. Timescale? It was many weeks, not days. I have converted a bundle of points over and have the base points, one way or another I will get the bonus points even if it means a call to Clubcard to have them added manually, not concerned about this as it’s a well promoted offer (and i have screenshots!).

    • No-one has got a bonus.

      No-one has received the mysterious e-mail.

      AFAIK ….

      • Thanks. So basically if we transfer CC to BAEC, we are relying on Tesco to honour the promotion AFTER it ends. Which is a bit pathetic, really – if the bonus isn’t going to be applied, then I would prefer to transfer to Virgin – the bonus 15% IS being applied there straightaway.

  7. What? Do my eyes deceive me? A BA offer to Cape Town at peak travel time??

    Golly gosh. BA redemptions are impossible for our dates so I’m still waiting for the QR 2-4-1. (Is it really coming?)

    I may even try ET’s 787s – long layover in ADD but transit visa, hotel and meals probably included, and it adds a dimension to our holiday.

  8. Lady London says:

    If you want Capetown Roger you need to check out the current Qatar sale from non-UK starting points. There are some seriously sillily cheap prices there from non-UK. Even for peak period.

    • Yep, I checked various ‘ex-EU’ fares at the QR website. Very often there was no offer in J to CPT, though Y fares were seriously impressive. In my youth, I would have jumped at those. 🙂

      • Just to say, I changed the QR country page each time to change the origin, and clicked on Offers.

        • Maybe just try a dummy booking and see what the price is, rather than expecting to see an offer advertised?

          • Yep, done that, from several starting points. Sure, prices come up, but they’re just not of the same dimension as other offers.

  9. richard says:

    im not complaining . im booking a lax flight in business, ex Dublin. if it works I will be happy with the bonus 4000 avios. if not I havnt lost anything as I am booking it anyway. its still the cheapest way to book a lie flat bed between Dublin and lax

  10. O/T bits (sorry no Bits posted recently)

    We were talking about the Amex Naked Wines offer – £100 off a £150+ order.

    My wine just arrived so I naturally checked out the Mystery Whites – they are superb for £4 a bottle delivered, undamaged, genuinely worth the prices you’ll see in the links below:

    Looks like NW have put together a really good promo to attract desirable Amex cardholders!

  11. Does anyone know if this offer is valid for the direct AA flights from Manchester and Dublin to Philadelphia or is it just London? Can’t see anything in the terms and conditions. They also seem to suggest that the leg can be part of a broader itinerary e.g. DUB-LHR-PHL-MIA. Is that correct?

    • vinders says:

      Says it’s valid on BA, IB and AA flights from the UK and Ireland to any of the eligible destinations. I don’t think London is mentioned anywhere, so seems clear that Manchester and Dublin are included.

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