Bits: Tesco 20% bonus emails arrive, bonus on Flying Blue miles purchases, Marriott / Hertz bonus

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News in brief:

Emails arrive for the Tesco / BA 20% conversion bonus

The mythical emails regarding the new 20% conversion bonus of Tesco Clubcard points to British Airways Executive Club finally arrived yesterday.  Details of this promo can be found in my original article here.

Unfortunately, they left more questions unanswered.

Not everyone has received the email, which came from BA and would therefore be based on your privacy setting with the Executive Club.  I got it but no-one else in my family did.  Are they blocked from the bonus?  Or, as Tesco has been telling people, is anyone who is a member OK?

The £100 cap on conversions is also not clear.  The wording implies that you could make unlimited transfers as long as none of them exceeded £100.  Is this really true?  After all, auto-convert transfers are capped at £100.

If you got the email and plan to convert under £100, you are good to go.  For everyone else, questions remain.

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Up to 50% bonus when purchasing Flying Blue miles

Flying Blue, the Air France / KLM loyalty programme, is running a bonus promotion for anyone who is looking to top up their account.  It is slightly worse than the previous offer in July as the threshold for getting the maximum bonus is raised from 20,000 to 30,000 miles.

Until 13th November, the following bonus is available when you buy miles:

  • Up to 2,000 Award Miles = 10% Bonus
  • 4,000 – 8,000 Award Miles = 20% Bonus
  • 10,000 – 28,000 Award Miles = 30% Bonus
  • 30,000 Award Miles = 50% Bonus

Members can buy up to 75,000 miles per year, excluding bonuses. Elite members have no cap.

At the top end, buying 75,000 miles with an extra 37,500 will cost €2,062.  That works out at 1.3p per mile which is not a massive bargain.

At the end of the day, though, I don’t imagine anyone except an existing Flying Blue member topping up an account getting excited by this. It is also worth remembering that Flying Blue is an American Express Membership Rewards partner – why pay for a pile of FB miles when you can take out an Amex Gold and get 20,000 miles free (22,000 if I refer you)?

If you are interested, the link to buy miles is here.


Marriott and Hertz bonus

Finally, Marriott Rewards has launched a new promotion with Hertz.  Hertz is not an Avios partner – although you can collect Virgin Flying Club miles – so this could be an interesting option if you have a Hertz booking coming up.

Until 31st March 2016, you will receive:

  • 2,000 Marriott Rewards points on 2-4 day rentals
  • 5,000 Marriott Rewards points on 5+ day rentals
  • Valid at participating locations in the UK, Europe, USA, Canada, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Australia and New Zealand

You need to quote PC 169680 when you book.  In theory, you should also use code CDP 154080 to bring up the negotiated Marriott rates with Hertz.

You will often find that PC codes give you the bonus irrespective of which CDP code you use, so if you have access to a cheaper Hertz deal then I recommend you use that.  If you still receive the Marriott Rewards points then that is great.  If you don’t, you have the comfort of having saved hard cash instead.  Full details can be found here.

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  1. How long does it take to see the points in the BA-account? I transferred more than 6 days ago and did not see them.

    • Mine showed the next day.

    • 24-48 hours. Manuel – you need to query this as points can go amiss. If Tesco balance has gone down as you expected, they may have been sent to a new BAEC a/c in your name.

      Plenty of scope for error as some of us ‘bank error in your favour’ converters are quite happy about 🙂

    • ComeFlyWithMe123 says:

      Hi Manuel,

      Have you Avios points arrived yet into your BA account. For me they usually take 24hrs but now I have gone past 72hrs so just checking to see what you did?


  2. Mine showed the next day but not with the added 20%. How do I raise this to get my bonus? I hadn’t had an email at time of purchase although I have had one subsequently, but the Tesco website advertised the offer of 20% extra.

  3. Mattsan1 says:

    Standard points credited for me within 24 hours but no bonus points yet (4 days and waiting patiently)…

  4. Lindsay Docherty says:

    It’s listed on the Boost pages as 20% bonus so fair to assume it will apply to everyone. That said, I’ve converted and haven’t yet received my bonus…!

  5. Got the email, but converted £100 5’Novemebrr.

    Only received normal points?

    Guessing my 20% will come promo end

  6. I transferred on Sunday 1st November. Posted in account next day but no 20%. An email to Tesco got this response:

    ‘I am sorry to hear that you have not yet received your 20% bonus value into your British Airways Avios account. This booking does take a few days to process therefore it may take a while longer to receive the extra 20%. Please note however that this extra “05 will be in your account by Monday 28th of December at the latest.’

    Hopefully they’ll post in due course!

    I’d be interested to know whether there is any answer to the question about transferring a second lot of vouchers…!

    • Thank you for sharing your response from Tesco. Yes, I’m also interested to know if anyone had success on a second transfer.

    • Thanks for passing on their reply. I emailed them yesterday about this.

      We don’t need them to be sorry. We just need them to understand how the promotion works, understand how their systems work, and put a line in the terms and conditions to explain everything. Then we wouldn’t have to bother them.

      • Sorry, I misread it and thought you were talking about BA rather than Tesco. I emailed BA, as they’re offering the 20% bonus.

  7. Unfortunately, I don’t think the email is dependant on privacy settings – both my wife and I usually receive identical emails, but this time only she got the email.

    Does anyone know if I can legitimately transfer £100 to her BAEC account from Clubcard ?? (we share the same clubcard account… she is an ‘additional’ card holder or whatever they call it, and I am main card holder.)

    • I saw your note yesterday Andy, I don’t think anyone knows anything for certain. Try emailing BA with the question. You may get an answer one way or the other from them before the end of the promotion. If they say yes then you will have the proof. Nothing in this promotion is clear!

      • Cheers Liz. I’ll be honest, and bonus’ etc to one side, it’s the actual possibility to do a pay out (full stop) from one club card account to two baec accounts that is the mystery to me.

        Not au fait with club card at all and know if they get funny about transfers being made to different recipients

    • I had a similar situation to you Andy. So yesterday I changed the name/DOB details in my wife’s Tesco account to my details (as I received the BA email and she didn’t) – but not the email address – and then did the transfer to my BAEC number. During checkout I also changed the ‘delivery’ details to my details. The transfer has gone through this morning but of course no bonus avios yet (fingers crossed!). I have previously successfully transferred points from the same Tesco account to my wife’s BAEC account.

  8. Alaska air have a buy miles bonus again, this time up to 50% if you are targeted (I am). Makes them good value if redeemed on EK or CX.

  9. I got the email and when following that link it does take you to a different Avios redemption page on the Tesco clubcard website. The product code for the bonus is P9100, the standard code is P9000. So just using the normal page wont work I assume.

    • That would be disaster lol

      Let’s hope it’s not the case, as the email doesn’t actually say you must click on the link, does it?

      • It doesnt say only use this link, and the link itself cant be the only important bit if as the email says “Exchange your Tesco Clubcard points automatically? You’ll still receive 2,880 Avios for every 1,000 Clubcard points exchanged.”

        I did however try searching for P9100 in the clubcard search system and it came up with the Avios bonus page, so they arent doing much to hide it either!

        • Guys the P9000 and P9100 is irrelevant here.

          P9000 is Avios. P9100 is BA Exectuive Avios.

          Two completely different things and nothing to do with the bonus.

  10. pointsarb says:

    @ James

    I have always been intrigued by Alaska air redemption on EK but thought that only US residents could open an Alaska acciount? I seem to be recall also that Alaska previously restricted miles purchases to US residents. Has all this changed now?

    Also, have you found any good sweet spots on EK using Alaska miles?

    Many thanks in advance for your help, every day is a learning day here on HFP!

    • Hi pointsarb,

      I have never actually gotten around to redeeming via alaska yet. I understand from FT that you can now buy miles as a uk resident again. There is a minimum time the account needs to be open but the website doesn’t say what it is (I think it’s only a few days?), so last time I tried to purchase it failed.

      As for redemptions, EK is only to/from the USA, so can’t go east from the UK. That said my family live in Beirut and their connection to DXB is included in the headline price. Can also build in a stopover. 90k each way in first = £2400 return. Not bad for a trip that costs around £6600 for cash.

      Cathay looks good value too, same cost as when using AA miles.

    • Friend of mine spent about 100,000 Alaskan miles for First on the A380 from San Francisco to Dubai – complete with shower. His taxes were less than 100 USD, I believe. That’s pretty good.

  11. O/T
    Processed my last 3Vs today, all still working normally. I left a bit of change on a couple of cards as that comes in handy for various deals when they want a card number from you even though they’re ot going to bill you.

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