320 free Avios for everyone via Iberia’s e-shopping mall

(EDIT:  both of these offers have been pulled by Iberia!)

Iberia, BA’s sister airline, recently launched its own online shopping mall called Iberia PluStore.  This is very similar to the British Airways Gate 365 operation, allowing you to earn a few Avios by funnelling your online shopping via their platform.

There are currently two very generous offers on Iberia PluStore which allow you to earn Avios points purely for signing up to a service.  There is no obligation to make a purchase.

Before we continue, please remember the following:

You will need an Iberia Plus Avios account to take part.  If you don’t have one, you can sign up via the Iberia home page.

If you use a new Iberia account, you will not be able to move the Avios across to BA or avios.com until your account is 90 days old.

After 90 days, you can use ‘Combine My Avios’ on iberia.com, ba.com or avios.com to move the points out of Iberia.

The first is Amazon’s BuyVIP service.

Amazon is offering 165 Avios in Iberia Plus just for registering for this Spanish ‘discounted fashion buying club’.

Click here to be taken to the Amazon Buy VIP page and then click ‘Shop Now’.  If you have trouble getting through to the PluStore, change the language option on iberia.com to ‘Spain – English’.

Signing up only takes a few seconds – all it wants is your name, email address and whether you prefer male or female fashion deals!

You should be able to follow the instructions in Spanish.  However, remember that Google Chrome has a translate option if you right click.

The second is Showroomprive.

Showroomprive offers 154 Avios in Iberia Plus for signing up.  It is a similar service to Amazon’s BuyVIP, offering exclusive online fashion sales.

Click here to be taken to the Showroomprive page and then click ‘Shop Now’.

Again, signing up is a 30 second affair and you are good to go!

(Want to earn more Avios?  Click here to visit our home page for the latest articles on earning and spending your Avios points and click here to see how to earn more Avios from current offers and promotions.)

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  1. Degustabox 180 Avios

  2. OK forget Degustabox

    But Atrapalo (no-frills flights) are worth a look.

    You get 2500 Avios (£25) for doing the deal.

    And the deals can be hot.

    An off peak fare Bristol – my European destination is a super-low EUR 17.36 =c.£14 or so, vs the Ryanair price (it IS Ryanair) £25.99.

    So effectively £11 profit for you.

    I think I’ll bear this one in mind for later use…

    • And I tested now a same date Wizz Air flight from Luton – my European destination & it’s just EUR3 vs £15.49.

      A £23 profit for you!

      Not sure how any extra costs stack up.

      Possibly the answer is these are unbranded flight carrier flights (called ‘Low Cost’) so presumably priced along the Secret Hotels model. However, it is extremely easy to identify the flight carrier.

      • Their mystery carrier (this time it’s EJ) is also 20% cheaper than EJ’s own prices on the same day, Gatwick to same destination.

        • Same pattern with Norwegian (LC Carrier) ex LGW to my destination – 20% cheaper on Atrapalo plus you get the incentive Avios.

          Amazing prices, actually 🙂

        • Andrew H says:

          If there’s anyone near Liverpool, a one way ticket from Liverpool to Derry costs 1 Euro. That’s with Ryanair. You have to come back, of course. That’s in February.

        • Andrew H says:

          Just noticed this in the Iberia terms and conditions for that store:

          “This reward is for categories Travel & Cruises and is independent of the amount of the purchase. The categories Restaurants, Cars and flights get less reward independent of the amount of the purchase.”

          So you don’t get 2500 Avios for booking a flight, you get less. Don’t know how much less, though.

        • But even without the bonus Avios, the prices are a steal – just like Secret Hotels but flights are so much easier to identify lol

        • Put it this way – for the ex-Europe flights, you need to get there 🙂 for your originating airport.

          Atrapalo seems to be – easily – the cheapest portal to UK cheapies, you might get a few Avios thrown in if you go through IB Store

    • Andrew H says:

      It’s limited to ‘Travel and Cruises’ – I wonder if that includes train travel. Could book a quick hop within Spain if it’s dead cheap. No need to use the ticket, and a free 2500 Avios.

      Anyone good with Spanish rail? 🙂

  3. Those 4 RFS flights I booked for 16/12/16 @ £330 all in are now £600 lol

    Wife still can’t make her mind up when to fly 🙂

  4. OT:
    I was wondering whether or not Squills might shut up?

  5. Hey sturggling on the page after clicking ‘Hazte Socio’. Can anyone assist what what details to enter in the below sectionsr? Thanks

    Nombre y apellidos:
    Introduce para confirmar una vez más:
    Crear Contraseña:Introduce para confirmar una vez más:

    • Got a degree in Spanish, don’t interrupt my TV lol

      name/ surname
      email again
      password again

    • Andrew H says:

      Nombre y apellidos: = first name and surname
      Email = self explanatory
      Introduce para confirmar una vez más = repeat your email address
      Crear Contraseña = enter password
      Introduce para confirmar una vez más = repeat your password

  6. Just a heads up for anyone heading up or part of a BA Exec Club household account – BA will not allow you to combine your IB Avios into BA Avios. There indeed seems to be mention of this in the “combine” t&c’s

  7. You should wake up this morning with 2 emails from IB per a/c, one relating to Amazon & the other to Showroomprive:

    Estimado/a harry,

    Showroomprive nos ha informado que realizó una compra el 29/12/15 y que los Avios correspondientes se encuentran pendientes de aprobación.
    ID de la compra:17543358

    if they don’t arrive, you have blooped up & have time to do it again today.

    • Andrew (U) says:

      Was just about to post same thing, got my two ‘tracking’ emails this morning! Thanks Raffles!!

      • I didn’t get any but did not sign up until around 10:30 last night, so am guessing will get them tomorrow.

    • Andrew H says:

      Yep, I got my emails in the early hours of the morning 🙂

  8. Could they have been hit too much by HFP users ? I cannot get onto it now however i log in?

    • The key things are go in through Spain-Spanish language (MUST DO THIS)
      and if no-go, try a different browser/ try several times/ try later

      For those who didn’t get the success emails, make sure you go in through Compra ahora (red box)

  9. Amazon link proving to be a nightmare. Have entered uk amazon password, (which I guess is the one they want) but also tried iberia pw etc etc but I get a message asking me to re enter password with an additional number/letter code that appears on screen and then I am into ground hog day – same message comes up every time. I’ve tried logging out and re-logging in but am getting nowhere. Any suggestions please?

    • I encountered the same problem with Amazon, as it kept saying that I have used the email address before (with Amazon UK). I just used a different email address last night and the transaction had tracked this morning.

    • Andrew H says:

      Instead of using your existing Amazon account, just trying registering instead. Select the registration option with the button ‘Hazte Socio’. That worked for me. Just make sure you unsubscribe from emails later.

  10. Further to my earlier message I finally cracked it after 90 exasperating minutes. Persistence is the key word….I just kept re-entering the info. Eeeesssshhhhhh! lol

  11. I managed to do it all on Chrome but now I have gone into do partners account I am getting, page not available for the iplus store sign in ? Any ideas?

  12. DaninMCI says:

    I hate to declare this dead as I’m sure there is a work around but even trying different browsers and using AndrewH’s instructions I can’t get it to work. If I log into the english version on Chrome it will show the Amazon offer but it errors out. If I log in using the alternate methods it won’t show the Amazon offer. Weird.

    • It’s not difficult if you read the tips in the thread

      The key things are go in through Spain-Spanish language (MUST DO THIS) – IE CHANGE LANGUAGE TO SPANISH IN SPAIN IF YOU DON’T UNDERSTAND HAT I MEANT 😉
      and if no-go, try a different browser/ try several times/ try later

      For those who didn’t get the success emails, make sure you go in through Compra ahora (red box)

      Or Raffles’ tips, or Andrew’s, or many others

      Essentially, read the thread lol

      • Andrew H says:

        Off topic, and further to the discussion about a forum yesterday…. I have no interest in seeing a forum here, but what would be great is if you could receive emails every time there’s a reply to a post. This would save having to skim through the whole thread looking for new posts. For example, Harry has replied to a post from yesterday half way up the thread (which is where it appears). I only found it by chance by doing a manual search for posts marked 30 Dec, something I rarely do.

        I could be in the minority on this of course!

        • You used to be able to subscribe to all comments (that functionality was removed when I changed the mailing list system last January) but that wouldn’t have helped you in this case. There is no way of tracking replies to specific comments as far as I know.

        • I would be happy if the last 20 posts showed

  13. Tried today for my partner but getting error 404 page not found now, both IE and Firefox browsers. No luck with Andrews links either.

    I was successful with the ShowroomPrive offer yesterday, so perhaps offers have closed now under the weight of HeadForPoints readers applications!

  14. TGLoyalty says:

    2000 points I bought during the groupon offer posted today plus 302 for using the Iberia store to go to groupon fracked. Also had the tracking for both of these through

  15. TGLoyalty says:

    FYI had the 2000 I bought through Groupon posted today, plus tracking for 302 for going through the store. Also had tracking emails for these two offers 🙂

    • Andrew H says:

      Mine posted in the last hour or so too. Not the 304 though, their status is still showing as ‘pending’ but no doubt I’ll get them sooner or later.

  16. FrankBongo says:

    Tired fo over an hour. Had to give up. Tried Chrome, Edge, Firefox, España – Español, Spain – English, the workaround too. Managed to get to the IberiaPluStore with “Language: English
    Show brands in: Spain “, but the search could not locate Amazon nor Showroomprive

    • TGLoyalty says:

      Try clicking most popular both were in there yesterday and I imagine still most popular today

      • Andrew H says:

        I just checked – looks like they’ve both gone. Presumably they had a limit in mind for both.

        Or something dodgy has happened, a la the Accor Rewards Quest?

        • Buggers, spent a good 20 mins or more faffing around with languages and country settings!

          Anyway, did discover that Moleskin ES is offering 27 avios per Euro at the moment so that’s a small (more expensive) consolation

        • My experience too

  17. Neither of the links works any more and both retailers have been pulled from the PluStore

  18. Been looking at Iberia plus partners today and came across this
    States 400 avios for signing up to Halo, is this a new deal or do you have to make a payable journey to get the 400 ib avios?
    info correct https://www.iberia.com/web/webPartners.do?service=/web/showPartner.do&language=en&menuId=WPOTRS&idPartner=242947&idSector=644