Three little tricks to help you hit your IHG Accelerate target

If you are working towards your IHG Accelerate target – and this is probably the most generous hotel promotion you will see this quarter – there are three little tricks and kinks which can help you meet your target.

Thanks to the HFP readers who helped with these.

IHG has launched a targetted bonus for buying IHG Rewards Club points

Many of you will have received an email from IHG Rewards Club yesterday offering a bonus of up to 75% if you buy points.

I am not, at 75%, a serious buyer.

However, I will be buying 1,000 points.

Both my wife and I have an Accelerate target which is ‘buy some IHG points’.  If you got that, now is your best chance to do it as you will receive a 30% bonus on a 1,000 point purchase.

To see if you are targetted for a bonus, visit the IHG ‘buy points’ page here.  You will initially see the normal pricing but the special offer will appear once you are logged in, if you qualify.

IHG Rewards Club 350

‘Earn When You Redeem’ – option 1

Many people have a challenge which involves making a points redemption.

This triggers on making the booking and NOT on completing the stay, it seems.  If you have this challenge, make a hotel booking for a few months down the line – beyond the 30th April promo closing date for safety.  You can always cancel later.

‘Earn When You Redeem’ – option 2

Alternatively, there are some digital downloads available in the IHG rewards catalogue.  The  Language Translator Software is FREE.

A reader downloaded this and it triggered the ‘earn when you redeem’ bonus, albeit it took a month to show up on his Accelerate home page.  Easy!

(Want to earn more hotel points?  Click here to see  our complete list of promotions from the major hotel chains or use the ‘Hotel Promos’ link in the menu bar at the top of the page.)

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  1. I take it when you click through from the targeted link and buy 1000 pts it will register in your accelerate program automatically – or do you have to click through from the accelerate page for it to register?

    • I clicked through from the accelerate offer, IHG then told me there was a better offer, and gave 40% bonus.

  2. Hi not sure how we will do on the current promotion but just used my husbands 2 free nights from the 2015 promotion to book the Intercontinental in Monterey in California next August (To go with our Business class flights from Dublin via the BA and Avios promotion). The nightly cost per room was a staggering $649 plus tax! No way would I have paid that on a 25 night trip so thank you HFP for all the info!

    • That’s in a great location, I love Monterey. Can recommend the Alvarado St Brewery if you head away from Cannery Row for food and beer

      • Thanks Gavin, only just spotted your post. We will definitely give the Alvarado St Brewery a try, (along with the Fish Hopper thanks to xcalx). We are always on the look out for recommendations!

    • Hi Kim

      I have a $50 voucher for the Fish Hopper on Cannery Row . I had two vouchers but only used one on my last visit to Carmel. Its good for food and drink or drinks only, no minimum spend. There is no use by date.
      Its yours if you can use it. You can pm me over on flyertalk same name and I will pop it in the post for you.

  3. Tilly71 says:

    OT question, added wife to make a HH account in BAEC today to pool all miles together, can see the HH amount in my account as I’m the head of the HH account but how do you use the pool amount to redeem for flights etc. When i search flights it only shows my accounts total available to use?

    • Just do it as normal and it will work (avios taken proportionally from all members)

  4. Tilly71 says:

    So just to be absolutely sure, when you go to book using miles as redemption in the head of the households account, it will allow me to use 100% of all miles available in the HH account. Its just on one of the sections for redeeming miles for flights it stated I did not have enough even though the HH account did?

    • Tilly71 says:

      Ok, just done another dummy booking using a total of miles between my accounts and the HH total amount and it works, strange why the other booking part states I did not have enough?
      Thanks for all your help.

    • There is a little trick you can do.

      If you want to zero out any of the accounts for any reason, and your account is NOT a household one, you can move out miles temporarily to do a booking.

      eg. Your BA HHA has 175 Avios in it. Person A (you) has 100 Avios, B has 50 Avios, C has 25 Avios. Persons B and C are no longer active and you would like to zero their account.

      You are booking a redemption for 120 Avios.

      You move 55 Avios from your BA account (you are person A) to your account. This means the HHA now has exactly 120 Avios in it. Make the redemption and all accounts are emptied. You can then move back the 55 Avios from to your own BA account.

  5. Blackberryaddict says:

    Do the Pointsbreak bookings also count as fulfilling the “redeem something” task?

  6. Just in case any of you have a challenge to spend a certain value on food and drink in this Accelerate, watch out as the value is tax-exclusive.

    I got caught out in December, needing to spend $39 on food and drink whilst on a mattress run. I converted that to Sterling, added a bit to be safe and assumed that £27 spend would be enough. That was a tough challenge at HI Express about to shut down for the Christmas break – I ended up buying a bottle of terrible wine to take home!

    Sadly after much to and fro with IHG Customer Services after the spend didn’t credit, it turns out that the Ts&Cs state that taxes are excluded even when that’s VAT included in the published cost. Therefore my spend ended up crediting as $34! IHG agreed to credit the miserly 900 point bonus for that challenge as a goodwill gesture but refused to credit the overall Accelerate bonus… 🙁

    I won’t make that mistake again!

    • I have a food challenge of $80. Do you know if it is in one bill, or can it be accumulated over the Accelerate period over a number of stays?

      • I believe it has to be on one bill and importantly is exclusive of VAT, so probably need to be over £65, even £70 to be on the safe side. Quite a tough target given the normal IHG dining options!

      • Remember that one way to make this work is to not book a B&B rate but to pay a little extra to order breakfast in the hotel and charge it directly to your room.

  7. One of my challenges is Stay Once Get 6,000. Am I right to interpret that I will get 18,000 points if I stay 3 nights at 3 different hotels within same area?

  8. I’ve got to buy a bonus points package as one of my tasks.

    If I get the room itself, I can pay say £45. If I want a bonus points rate, I have to go to a flexible rate that comes in at around £75 and then add £5-£10 for the points.

    Might be something better priced but have to weigh up the cost of getting to that hotel against what the points cost.

    Anyway, going to do a stay on Friday or Sunday for £46 5 minutes away from me in the town centre as I’ve got:
    5000 bonus points if I stay in January
    3000 bonus points for my first stay
    (and it will add one of my “book through the app” and “7 nights required”)

    • Yep, I’m also struggling to find any bonus rates that are attractive. I normally book in advance.

      That said, my achievement bonus is such that even £40 / night extra for booking the flex rate would be worth it.

  9. Hello, I’m just considering a mattress run to bag a few of my Accelerate targets, including a January bonus.

    The question I have and am hoping someone can help with is this:
    The cheapest rooms are usually Sunday nights.
    This Sunday is Jan 31st and I would be ‘leaving’ on Mon 1st Feb.
    Would it work to book this and arrive on Sunday, insisting on paying the bill on arrival, in order to ensure that the stay goes through as January?

    I’m concerned that if I leave them to charge the room to my credit card then they’ll do it on Mon 1st Feb – not in January and missing out on 5000 points.

    If anyone can help me with this I’d appreciate it!

    • Pay in advance?

    • To be honest, I think it depends how IHG system is set up..I have the feeling that checking out on 1st Feb may just miss the bonus…as the T&C did say that the stay must be completed between 1st January 2016 and 31st January 2016

      I could be wrong but I don’t think settling the bill in advance would make any difference, because your actual check out date will still be 1st Feb, and the stay will usually be posted with the correct check out date on your account..
      Perhaps you might want to consider staying on 30th just in case?

  10. On the 2015 accelerate promotion we booked some of our hotels using the discount via MasterCard. Does anyone know if this rate is excluded this time around?

  11. Bigglesgirl says:

    Does the same apply to one of my targets “Book 2 stays on the IHG app for an extra 2000 points”? Could I book 2 stays on the app way out in the year and then cancel them once the end of the promotion has passed?

  12. Ian Beadle says:


    Can offers be combined to qualify ?

    I have the following

    3,000 Stay Once Get 3,000 bonus points
    Book 3 stay(s) with the IHG® App and earn 3,520 bonus points.
    Earn 2,000 bonus points when you book 1 Bonus Points Package stay(s)
    1,000 Points Purchase
    Earn 1,000 bonus points by purchasing IHG® Rewards Club points.

    I have booked 3 nights on my app one of which was a bonus stay does this cover all my targets ie stay once get 3000 points, and my 3 stays on the app and also my bonus points package or do I need to make a non app booking and another booking to qualify.

    I have bought 1000 bonus points too.

    Anyone advise.


    • Yes, they combine – but you need 3 STAYS and not 3 NIGHTS to hit the app target. 3 back-to-back nights will probably only count as 1 (that is what the rules say).