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An and Tesco competition – but no sign of a BA or Virgin bonus

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(EDIT:  Virgin has now announced a bonus, full analysis tomorrow)

There is, so far, no sign on any British Airways Executive Club or Virgin Flying Club transfer bonus for Tesco Clubcard collectors this quarter.

To be fair, this doesn’t mean there won’t be one.  It just means that it hasn’t appeared yet – which means the odds are against it. and BA are running competitions, however.

Tesco car insurance

The competitions are not life changing but better than a slap in the face.  As the Tesco / page states:

Win 15,000 Avios

We’ve got 25 prizes of 15,000 Avios to give away. To be in with a chance of winning simply exchange £2.50 in Tesco Clubcard vouchers for Avios between 29 January and 29 February 2016. For every £2.50 you exchange, you’ll receive one prize draw entry.

The British Airways competition is different – 1 entry for every £5 you exchange.  This makes me think that they are being run separately and there are two prize pots.

However this does not mean that it is a worse competition as it makes no difference to your odds of winning whether you get one entry per £5, £2.50 or even 1p exchanged!

The ‘Tesco to’ conversion page is here.  The Tesco to BAEC page is here.

No word of anything from Virgin …….

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Comments (124)

  • Stewart says:

    Just had an email from virgin atlantic saying they will apply a 20% bonus on clubcard points.

    Will this cover avios too do we know?

    Dear Stewart,

    As you’ve previously chosen to Auto Convert, we’re giving you an additional 20% bonus miles on your converted Tesco Clubcard points this month*.

    With all the extra miles you’ll have coming your way, your everyday shopping really could have you whisked away to your dream destination in no time.

    The Flying Club team

    • Janeyferr says:

      No, this will not cover Avios too.

      I there’s an Avios bonus we won’t be told about it by VFC.

      • Stewart says:

        Well yes i figured that since they are two separate companies.

        I meant in the past does a 20% bonus from Virgin normally mean the same happens for Tesco?

        No need for you to answer Janey i was asking the helpful people on here not the pedants.


        • Janeyferr says:

          I’ll answer anyway.

          VFC regularly have bonuses, though they’ve been decreasing lately.

          Avios of either sort did not a bonus for a long time, and then there was finally one in November. At this I’d expect the next Avios bonus to appear toward the end of the decade.

    • mark2 says:

      Do you think that Virgin will be sending you information about Avios offers?

      • Stewart says:

        No i meant historically do British Airways tend to give out the 20% bonus at the same time?

        Looks like a lot of upset avio’s collectors on here just because i asked an innocent question.

        Wind your neck in Mark and have a lovely week LOL!

        • Janeyferr says:

          We gave innocent answers. We did not assume you meant anything other than you asked.

        • mark2 says:

          I am an engineer, so I read what you wrote rather than trying to guess what you really meant!

        • Rob says:

          Historically BA and Virgin would run bonuses together. BA then took 2 years off doing bonuses before the half-hearted one which ran last Autumn.

  • harry says:

    O/T reports that Tesco are imposing the 30K limit quite widely Feb quarter (just finished), happened to me as well.

    • idrive says:

      how can you constantly get 30k??

      • harry says:

        and the wife 🙂

      • James says:

        Seriously how the heck? I just made it to 7k

        • harry says:

          That was a very easy quarter, no particular secrets since virtually everything ended up on HFP, sometimes first in the footnotes though – and by next day it was sometimes too late.

          • Andrew H says:

            I am only taking advantage of the Tesco offers for minimum spend and I have a similarly low amount, James. I suspect Harry goes for any offer that gets him to30k as quickly as possible! 😀

            I haven’t touched gift cards, wines or printers… yet.

          • harry says:

            I’ve certainly done giftcards, wines & printers 🙂

          • harry says:

            I wouldn’t touch the 500 points for £100 spend on Wines though – unless they start a buy 2 for X discount sale – the system recognises the headline price, not the discounted one.

          • Rob says:

            There will not be any low value promos, I am fairly sure. Recent developments you are not aware of imply they are not bothered about small orders at the moment.

    • Danny says:

      Mine was 29,998 🙂

  • harry says:

    O/T another Tesco code
    500 Clubcard Points When You Spend £100 or More on Wine
    expires 7/2

  • luke says:

    totally o/t

    it has always grated on me that I sometimes spent 20-30k a year on my ba amex and was only able to earn one companion voucher per 12 month period….so when I has reached 10k few months ago, and got my comp voucher I closed my account, and immediately reopened a new one the following week… have just reached the second lot of 10k, and hey presto – got my 2nd comp voucher in the space of 4 months…you might not get the welcome bonus, but 18k/25k avios is irrelevant really compared to the massive value of the comp voucher if you redeem it for F travel for the wife as I do (normally asia peak redemptions so in the region of 200k-250k avios worth of value)…

    just thought to mention for any others in same position.


  • mart says:

    anyone any idea when next round of vouchers will end up in our clubcard accounts considering the collection period ended 28 January ?

    • Roberto says:

      Normally about 5 days after the end of the period I seem to think.. Any time now basically

    • SuitedandBooted says:

      I got told 5th Feb they will be available when I called the other day 🙂

    • Andrew says:

      Tesco Twitter account says statements are on their way…

      • harry says:

        check online

        you can see already if they have robbed you of any points over 30K

  • mark2 says:

    email received stating that referral bonus for Lloyds Reward Avios card increased to 5500.
    Ask Rob to refer you; no spend required.

  • Nick says:

    BA have just emailed offering “For every £5 in Tesco Clubcard vouchers you exchange for Avios between 1 February and 29 February 2016, you’ll receive one entry into a prize draw to win one of 25 prizes of 15,000 Avios…”

    Not exactly awe inspiring! 🙂

  • Gill says:

    Just converted my Tesco points to Avios. Wasn’t asked for my Avios account no. Is it likely that the points will be put in the correct account or will the system create a new one?