Bits: see the FA Cup 5th Round with Emirates, Qatar sale, 2000 Clubcard points on iPads

News in brief:

See the FA Cup Fifth Round with Emirates Skywards miles

Emirates is now the lead sponsor of the FA Cup.  For the 2nd Round in December, they offered tickets for just 1 mile!  They also offered tickets for the 3rd Round, but nothing for the 4th Round.

The deal is now back for the 5th Round.  At just 6,000 Emirates miles for a ticket, you can’t complain about the value.

As at 11.45pm yesterday the following games were available.  Remember that you can only book a maximum of two tickets per game per Emirates account.

  • Reading v West Brom or Peterborough
  • Watford v Leeds United
  • Shrewsbury Town v Manchester United
  • Blackburn Rovers v Liverpool or West Ham
  • Tottenham Hotspur v Crystal Palace
  • AFC Bournemouth v Everton

The Chelsea and Arsenal games are already sold out.

These are for games on 20th February.

Book via this page on the Emirates website (log-in required).

FA Cup

Another generous – but not quite so generous – Qatar Airways sale

Qatar Airways is running another round of promotional business class fares this week.

I am down in Istanbul this week and have not had the time to plough through this in detail.  The deals are not, on first glance, anywhere near as generous as the Qatar Travel Festival promotion which ran in January.  Availability also seems  very tight.

However, if you are looking to book a long-haul ticket to Asia, the Middle East or Australia then you might want to have a look around.

These pages are a good starting point:

You must book by 11th February and two people must travel together.

As always with Qatar, check which aircraft you are getting.  The newest business class product is on the 787 (review here), A350 and A380.  My review of the older 777 business class seat is here – for a couple, this may actually be preferable.

(I will be reviewing the A380 business class service on Qatar Airways next month – keep an eye out for it.)

Qatar A380

2000 Clubcard points on iPads

Finally, Tesco is offering 2,000 Clubcard points (4,800 Avios or 5,000 Virgin miles) on iPads for the next 12 days, starting at just £219.  Full details are over at Shopper Points today.

Love Clubcard, don’t collect Avios?  You should be reading our sister site, Shopper Points (, which covers the latest Clubcard and Nectar offers without any distracting frequent flyer talk!  Why not check it out now?

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  1. I think unless you desperately need to travel in the next 8 weeks you might as well hold out for another premium sale.

  2. Sandgrounder says:

    £1850 for two people CPH-BKK return in the Easter school holiday is pretty good value this close to departure.

  3. Morning Rob also in IST this week

    • If you’re at the St Regis, or want to wander across from the Hilton if you’re there, there is a free champagne reception at 7pm in the bar!

  4. OT what are the rules for checking in with Iberia if you don’t have any flight status – is it just 24hrs before as with BA? u

  5. A word of caution for those considering buying Qatar Airways flights, as someone who bought tickets during the last sale. A few days ago I received a schedule update that our arrival into Male would be delayed by a half-hour. Unfortunately we had onward transport arranged from Male to an island resort, and after the schedule change won’t be able to make our transfer. The obvious solution would be to reschedule onto the next earlier arrival, which I would expect the airline to help us with.

    Unfortunately, if you read the Qatar Airways conditions of carriage, they offer zero guarantees other than trying to get you from point A to point B. I called their call centre, and was advised they only offer free rescheduling on delays of 2 hours or greater.

    My advice to you – don’t book any connecting flights with less than 2 hours buffer to allow for Qatar’s flexible scheduling. Unless of course you can afford to pay the non-sale fare difference after the fact, which would have been 3,000 pounds in our case. No thank you.

  6. Why is there no business class fares to a Melbourne? Is anyone aware of any good business fares or is it best to use miles to upgrade?

  7. Thinking of booking flights from Amsterdam or Paris to Bangkok in May . Does anyone think it worth hanging on, or shall I take the prices on offer now which are pretty good from Europe . Amsterdam £1793 , Paris £2198 . I live nearer to Birmingham so options to get to Oslo are limited . Such a shame the UK prices are so high in comparison . With Birmingham flights starting soon at £3300 for two it is hard to justify not flying into Europe . Any thoughts would be appreciated !

    Raffles – Thanks for the great website . We do appreciate it .

    • Very aggressive price out of Sofia on Qatar. Doha leg is an A320 but one of the two A320 variants run by Qatar has flat beds, interestingly, and I think that is what you get. How easy it is to get to Bulgaria to pick up the flight is a different question.

    • John, I would do AMS now, as the most you might save would be another £100 pp, as it was in the last sale. It’s still a very good price with peace of mind. We have bought CPH HKT in the last sale, have a look at or for even better prices, worth spending an hour or so browsing. We got the best price from Such a shame, we agree that we must go to the EU for decent prices. But, it’s such a treat in the 121 config, you feel utterly spoiled, so worth the effort, we feel. Right up there with BA F. And you almost get to silver on BA 560 tier points pp.

      • Thank you Polly for your input – much appreciated . If I book via Expedia am I still able to enter my BA exec number and benefit from Avios and Tier points ? . Wasn’t sure if you booked via a 3rd party ? I have just returned from Asia end of Jan with Qatar into AMS . I couldn’t agree more that the service and seat is well worth the inconvieniance

        • Hi John,

          Only just saw this. Yes the inputting of your FF no is really only before you fly. Sincerely hope you got your TPs and miles from your Jan trip , QR is very useful for us OW folk. So yes book through whom you like, as I say we bought via, a bit of guess work with the language, but most expedia pages are the same layout. Just to be sure I ran an booking alongside on my OH. iPad to make sure I got the translation correct. But it’s all quite easy really. Others booked theirs via with no problem around that time too.

        • Thanks for your help Polly . All booked for May in the Sale !

  8. I can’t agree with the valuation of the Emirates box football tickets. At Arsenal a Cat B game would be £36.50 for me. 6000 points would not be a bargain to sit somewhere with no atmosphere and posh food. I would rather sit in the noisy section and spend a few extra quid on a chicken balti pie.

    • You’re not in the box for 6,000 miles – those are general admission. The box is 25,000 to 40,000 miles per game but is not available for the FA Cup.

      In any event, as most people cannot actually buy Arsenal tickets on the open market, the ticket price for cash is relatively immaterial.

  9. 40000 miles!! I rest my case…