EXCLUSIVE: 200 seat Plaza Premium lounge to open in Heathrow Terminal 5

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I always like to the bearer of good news, so I’m delighted to be able to say that Plaza Premium will be opening a 200 seat departure lounge in Heathrow Terminal 5.

The opening date is not yet fixed but it should be very late this year or early 2017.  I do not know where it will be.

The first independent lounge in Terminal 5, Aspire, opened last year.  This can be accessed via a Priority Pass card or by booking in advance for cash.  Whilst filling a much needed gap in the market, the site is small and capacity is limited to around 40 people.

I was hoping that the success of the Aspire facility would convince the airport that a larger independent lounge would make sense and it seems that they have agreed.  This will be especially welcome news for British Airways travellers who can no longer retain access to the BA lounges following the reduction in tier point earning brought in last year.

I have been very impressed with the Plaza Premium facilities opened at Heathrow so far.   Whilst you may not be familiar with the group, it is the world’s largest independent lounge operator with 130 sites across 35 airports.

Yesterday I took another look at the Terminal 2 Plaza Premium departure lounge, which you can pre-book for cash here.


I also reviewed the Terminal 4 Plaza Premium departure lounge before Christmas (bookable here).

Plaza Premium Terminal 4 four

They also operate the, admittedly small, arrivals lounge in Terminal 2.  If you have a Priority Pass, this is a good place to hang out if you’re meeting someone off a flight.

Plaza Premium also has some other plans in the works:

An arrivals lounge in Terminal 4, opening this year

A 70-room Aerotel, located directly in the Terminal 3 arrivals area, opening in 2017

Allways, Plaza Premium’s ‘meet and greet’ service, is also launching at Heathrow

The big one for HFP readers, of course, will be the Terminal 5 lounge.  I will keep you updated on progress as I hear it.

Details of all of the Plaza Premium Heathrow lounges are on their website here.

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  1. Interesting. Any idea where it is going?

    • 5C 🙂

      • Then no one outside the FT bunch would use it…

        There’s no chance it’s going in 5C. It will be in 5A when they close North this year.

        • Given how busy Galleries North is I dread to think what South will get like if they’re planning to combine them all there?!

  2. Enigma368 says:

    A T5 arrivals lounge would be great. I usually cant be bothered to schlep over to T2 before going home.

    • The_Real_A says:

      This would be fantastic, but would imagine it would be totally slammed if it was to open.

      • Not necessarily. I regularly use Priority Pass to access the Plaza Premium Arrivals Lounge in T2 and I’ve never seen more than 10 people in there (between 1-3 p.m.). I was thinking of taking some time off from Priority Pass just so that I could try the restaurants in Departures but the value I’ve managed to get in my first year of membership might mean that I just keep it going.

  3. It’ll probably be around gates 3-4. There’s development work due to start there later this year.

  4. Metatone says:

    Sounds like great news. Thanks to HfP I’m doing fine in Avios this year, but thanks to changes at work I currently I have 0 TP this year…

    I do wonder if 200 spaces is enough, as it’s likely to be better than the Galleries Club Lounge…

  5. Hope it will accept Dragon Pass.
    My bank switched from PP and the DP network has nothing so far airside at T5

    • Lady London says:

      @Pip do you mind if I ask which bank? I’ve been trying to work out what is the best way to access Dragonpass

  6. Very exciting…….very excited!
    About time T5 🙂

  7. O/T (kinda) – if flying BA business from T3, can I use any lounge other than BAs? The lounge is quite nice (actually writing this from there now), but in my two experience over the last 6 weeks, its been difficult to get a nice seat (unlike T5 which had lots and lots of room) – I’d be interested to check out the other lounges. As an aside, all-in-all, I think a very good lounge experience, and leagues above the BA lounge at Tegel airport where I recently had to sit with my wooly hat on since it was rather cold.

  8. flyforfun says:

    I was well impressed with the Plaza Premium at HKG (the one by gates 40, not the internal one), so much so that chose to fly via HKG so I could use it again!

  9. The_Real_A says:

    Very OT: I have a late flight booked tomorrow (RFS with AVIOS on BA) and its possible i may be able to turn up to LHR very early. There are a number of flights that day, so does BA have a policy like easyjet that (space dependent) i could swap to an earlier flight at checkin for free?

    • Nope – BA are in the “if you wanted a flexible ticket, you should have dug deep and paid for it!’ camp.

      • Which is fair enough, really – after all, the late flights are generally those which are cheapest and/or have RFS availability. If you could just get on any flight, you’d have people booking the later flight and turning up early to get a cheaper deal.

        • The_Real_A says:

          I see your point, but the same could be said for EasyJet or any other airline that has this policy – the fact is that the risk of not being able to take a flight is probably the deterrent to prevent such a behaviour.

          Looking at the BA changes that Raffles is covering tomorrow – it seems BA are implementing this policy on some tickets.

        • The_Real_A says:

          Plus i can drink a lot of champagne in the lounge!

    • No, not yet – the new ticket structure will allow this.

      • Assuming RFS tickets get treated as ‘with checked bag’

        They could always go miserly with Avios redemptions in some way

        Not likely, I hope

  10. Jim McGuigan says:

    Good news as Aspire is very poor in T5.
    Went to try on Sunday at about 18.30, no seating for 2 and selection of food terrible.
    Straight out and up to BA lounge.
    Quick question: If I book Hilton with BA will I still get Hilton points?

    • Stuart F says:

      No points will post, no stay will be credited and no HHonours benefits will be given.

      I found this out the hard way in Vienna 🙁

    • Additionally HHonors members now get the lowest room rate – it’s cheaper than the rate offered to Joe Public who aren’t a member of the HHonors program.

  11. Lady London says:

    H*** even retaining BA lounge access who’s going to go to the current BA lounges (even for Gold) in T5 if they can pay to go to Plaza Premium? My favourite lounges (other than SQ lounges) I’m ecstatic.

    Does anyone know anything about what is Aerotel btw?

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