Bits: earn Avios with the Malaysia / Emirates partnership?, changes to BA peak and off peak pricing?

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News in brief:

Earn Avios with the new Malaysia / Emirates partnership?

It is a little known fact, unless you read HFP, that you can earn Avios points and British Airways tier points when you fly with Emirates.  The secret, as I explained here, is to book your Emirates flights under the Qantas flight code and not the Emirates one.

Malaysia Airlines has just launched its own codeshare arrangement with Emirates.  Most Emirates flights outside Asia can now be booked as Malaysia Airlines codeshares with an MH flight number.

Do these earn Avios and BA tier points too?  No.

As you can see on this page of, a flight with a oneworld flight code but operated by a non-oneworld airline does NOT earn Avios or tier points.  The Qantas / Emirates partnership is an exception to this rule as the small print shows:

“Flights booked under the Qantas code (QF) operated by a non-oneworld airline will earn Avios and Tier Points unless operated by Jetstar in a class other than L class.”

If you book an Emirates flight on a Malaysia flight number, you will be out of luck.  Stick with the Qantas flight codes.

Malaysia Emirates

Changes coming to Peak and Off Peak BA pricing?

British Airways has been reticent about publishing new ‘peak’ and ‘off-peak’ redemption calendars recently.  This is why it is impossible to know if this situation is a bug or not.

If you go to and try to book a redemption flight for Tuesday 14th February or Wednesday 15th February 2017, they are pricing at peak rates.  This will be half term for most schools.

When the new peak and off-peak timetable was introduced, BA promised that every Tuesday and Wednesday would be off-peak, whatever the season.  Something has either gone wrong with the IT or BA is planning changes.

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  1. I’ve tried booking a flight from CPT -LHR (would be Emirates for all sectors) on the Qantas website on numerous occasions but to no avail.
    Any idea if this is possible or does at least one sector have to be with Qantas?

    • Not all EK routes have QF codeshare/fares. In the main it is just Europe to Asia/Pacific.

      • You may need a travel agent, otherwise you will struggle to do it. The Qantas site struggles with those that don’t touch Australia. My wife had hers done by the corporate TA. No requirement to have a Qantas operated segment.

  2. BA have also marked Thursday 9th and Friday 10th February as off peak. That’s another variation as previously any peak weekends like the start of half term would be Thursday-Monday, before Tues/Wed off peak. Maybe Monday 20th will become off peak, unless they mark more than one week for half-terms (unlikely as Easter is early). It does look like a deliberate change.

  3. But on, all of February is shown as off peak.However, booking a return to Teneriffe, my return is shown as peak. Strange indeed.

  4. Just tried to book BA back to Gatwick next February, Wednesday 15th and they are insisting it has to be booked at Peak rates, no further clarification why. “Write in and complain “.

  5. The_Real_A says:

    Isnt most of BA IT on strike at the moment?

  6. I’m confused about MAS flights and the BA Exec Club at the moment. We flew two business class flights (HKG-KUL and KUL- SIN) last year and received zero status credits and zero Avios despite the fact that the flights were badged and operated by MAS. It wasn’t as though they lost it. The transaction is in our histories for BA Exec Club, but they show ‘0’ earnings on both. We submitted a complaint to BA Exec Club some months ago but did not receive a response. Has anyone else experienced this?

  7. OT – possibly a new low in my points hunting! (Although finding a £2 Tesco receipt on the floor and then going into the store saying I forgot to use my clubcard is possibly lower!!)

    Just discovered a 20 extra clubcard points coupon for buying a 39p pack of Maggi Noodles. I bought 10, and for all but the first I had to get the self-checkout supervisor to authorise for me. Thought more than 10 was pushing it but the supervisor was happy to scan them,

    Coupon expires tomorrow, but an easy source of a few hundred avios if you brave 10 plus some noodles (super noodle / pot noodle style) for very little outlay.

    • To be fair, Gavin, this is probably the low –

      This was so obscure that (and I’m not making this up) I was contacted by a well-regarded TV producer who was wondering if there was any potential for a TV show where people had to collect the most miles in the craziest way in the shortest possible time.

    • Leave no stone unturned. If you look after the points, the reward flights will look after themselves. No? Didn’t work did it…

      If you’re going to have some Maggi noodles today, let me know how they taste. Not a good deal for me on points alone but if they’re half decent, potentially worth a few quid.

    • Gavin you missed a trick there because for most of Feb they were doing 5 packs for a £1 – I bought a couple of batches – got some for my daughter at Uni and the rest went in the food bank box!

      • Liz, looks like I did miss a trick, still a good deal regardless though!

        Will have some tonight for the team, they look very much like student stodge convenience food but the avios is welcome.

    • Tilly71 says:

      You paid 39p for 20 cc points?

  8. Mr Fluff says:

    Not sure if this is the best place to ask, but looking for advice on BA Club World seating on A380? I’m travelling LHR-YVR in August with my wife and 6 mth daughter. Currently have seats 10J and K booked, but wondering what 14E and F would be like? I’ve read posts saying avoid the centre seats as you have to climb over the passenger in the aisle seats, but I was hoping this would be different on row 14 due to being the row before the bulkhead? Can anyone confirm?

    • Can’t answer your question (sorry) but you confirm what I thought that the flight to Vancouver is on A380, but on 1 Oct 16 according to the timetable on BA web site it changes to 747.
      I am not intending to go until May/Jun 17 so anything may happen in the meantime.

  9. Anybody know if this works on either of the emirates from New Zealand to Aus (SYD or MEL), and if so how do you book it?

  10. OT but I received a letter today from Amex about a closed Amex Gold account. In Sep 15 they told me that I’d earn 2MR points on petrol, supermarkets and travel for 12 months and in Nov 15 that said that this was a mistake. Today I’ve been awarded GBP9.29 (the cash value of the missing MR points on the points I should have been awarded between Sep and Nov as informed). Has anyone else had this?

  11. Also OT – I need to send some money to a Swedish bank account in SEK (paying in GBP). Any advice on the cheapest (with points earning?) method of doing this? TIA.

  12. Quick FYI for anyone struggling with the Emirates / Avios trick. No go with NRT-DXB-LHR. Although there is a codeshare on the DXB-LHR leg which can be booked on a QA flight number (via a travel agent), there is no codeshare on the NRT-DXB leg.

  13. nick smith says:

    I notice that Emirates points are transferable to Quantas.
    Does this not mean that you can earn Emirates points (via a non code share flight) and just transfer them to Quantas ff programme then move them to Avios. (i’m sure not otherwise you would have suggested it !)

    • They are NOT transferable to Qantas. You can earn Emirates points when flying Qantas (and vice versa) and redeem EK for Qantas (and vice versa) but you cannot do a straight transfer from Skywards into the Qantas scheme.

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