9,600 Avios or 10,000 Virgin miles with Tesco Home Insurance – plus summary of other Tesco offers

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These days we are able to do pretty much everything online and usually we’d say taking out home insurance is one of those things that can be done with a few clicks.  However Tesco Bank seems to be missing its telephone customers and has got a generous offer on their home insurance which can not be claimed or even found online.

(The real reason for doing this is to avoid having to pay commission to cashback or comparison sites!)

home insurance 4000 tesco clubcard points

Until 29th April Tesco Bank is giving 4000 Clubcard points to everyone who takes out home insurance (contents and building) via telephone (0345 366 8632) when quoting the code H4000GR.  That would convert into 9600 Avios points or 10000 Virgin Flying Club miles.

This is a very generous deal if you live in a low risk area and don’t pay much for your insurance.  However, because of the need to take out contents and buildings insurance, it is no use if you live in a flat where your buildings insurance is arranged centrally.  There is no offer for just taking out contents insurance.

You also need to have your existing coverage ending in the next 2-3 months.  There is no point paying for two lots of overlapping insurance as it will soon eat away the value of the points.

If you want to get a rough quote from Tesco before calling, you can do so on their website – but you must call to buy if you want the 4000 points.  The Tesco website will accept the promotional code but are breaking the rules of the deal by buying online so I wouldn’t risk it.

Other Tesco deals currently available

Here is a summary of other Tesco deals which have been covered on Shopper Points in the last couple of weeks.  All are still valid.

None are generous enough to be worth buying the product purely for the points, but if you are in the market for that particular item then it is worth a look.

In particular, the new Harry Potter book is unlikely to be a better deal elsewhere.  Tesco has reduced the price from £20 to £10 and is throwing in 240 Avios on top.

Remember that 100 Clubcard points = 240 Avios or 250 Virgin Flying Club miles.

Ends 30th July – 100 Clubcard points with Harry Potter & The Cursed Child

Ends 27th April – 100 free Clubcard points when you make a MoneyGram transfer in-store

Ends 17th March – 150 extra Clubcard points when pre-ordering NOW93

Ends 8th March – 1000 Clubcard points with Dyson cleaners, fans and humidifiers

Ends 7th March – 500 or 1000 extra Clubcard points with LEGO Duplo and LEGO Super Heroes – ends TOMORROW

Ends 6th March – 300 Clubcard points with selected BT home telephones – ends TODAY

Love Clubcard, don’t collect Avios?  You should be reading our sister site, Shopper Points (www.shopperpoints.co.uk), which covers the latest Clubcard and Nectar offers without any distracting frequent flyer talk!  Why not check it out now?

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  1. Andrew says:

    Better points deals on some of the BT phones in store:

    BT8600 phones, in store: 2 pack, £79 (400 cc points), 3 pack, £99 (500 cc points), 4 pack, £119 (600 pts)

    Similar structure with 6600 models

    Prices not always the same in store vs direct…

    • James says:

      Not sure how that’s considered a better points deal? Even at the cheapest you’d have to spend £790 on phones to get 4,000 points?

      • Genghis says:

        I think Andrew was saying better than the phone deals in Raffles’ article, not better than the home insurance offer.

  2. e1ghty says:

    Is it not possible to take out the insurance so that it’s activated at the time of your existing renewal so that you can receive the points but not overlap

    • Genghis says:

      Depends when your current insurance expires. Tesco policies can be started 30 days into the future.

      • Genghis says:

        I should also add that with the offer I received for 4,000 cc points, I could apply online and enter the code that Raffles mentions in the article.

  3. Gavin says:

    Insurance expires mid May so this should be nicely timed if a good price.

    Don’t think I can call up to say my house has died when the points post though

  4. HayMow says:

    So presumably this being a Tesco financial product the 40,000 points don’t fall under Tesco’s Clubcard earning rule that “Members can earn a maximum of 30,000 points in any one collection period.” which Raffles has told us is being more strictly enforced lately???

  5. Tilly71 says:

    Seems people were reassured last Q points from certain channels were not counted as part of the cap at 30k but still had those points removed at Q end.
    Tip- spread your points over two cards or more.

    • harry says:


      We’ve also had Tesco Bank points included in the 30K cap – and ‘change’ points as well, which have an even better case for not being included in the limit.

      Tesco’s systems are simply not that sophisticated, the 30K limit is either applied or not, regardless of whence the points originated.

  6. Gordon says:

    What are the rules for taking the insurance, paying monthly, getting the ponts then cancelling. for example, due to a change of circumstances

    • harry says:

      The main thing is to avoid taking out a finance deal (loan).

      If it is simply a direct debit monthly payment on an insurance policy, you can cancel any time.

      • Genghis says:

        With this tesco home insurance you do enter into a loan (at 19% from memory). That’s why I paid the premium up front.

        • harry says:

          Good info.

          Also, by law, you can pay 12 months insurance in 1 sum, then cancel @ any time & get a pro rata refund, though there might be a processing charge.

      • Tilly71 says:

        I thought all the pet insurance policies were on this finance deal as mine is but lots of people cancelled their DD and didnt bother to even call up and tell them they are cancelling?
        So what happens in this instance, will all those people get chase letters for the missing policy payments?

        • Genghis says:

          Some companies don’t like people like (us?) me. I got banned from a well known gambling website for winning too much from their £50 in play (made risk free by my laying) offers.

        • harry says:

          Definitely us.

          Been there, got the T-shirt.

          It’s about averages – you win, you lose.

          I win.

        • mark2 says:

          I cancelled by letter and have received a £3.04 refund out of the two premiums totalling £8.09 that I paid.
          I also persuaded Tesco to convert the points to Virgin out of cycle getting the 20% bonus.

    • Genghis says:

      See page 12. Though not sure what the ‘administrator’s cancellation charge’ is. http://www.tescobank.com/assets/sections/homeins/pdf/home-insurance-policy-booklet-0116.pdf?_=cachebuster18022016

      • harry says:

        It would have to be reasonable & with Tesco & partners, it would not be anything to worry about.

  7. Tilly71 says:

    I think when I closed early a home insurance policy they charged me £20.

    • Genghis says:

      Tilly71 – I remember you asked about the Amex Plat 20k MR point bonus last week. We spent £1k earlier this week and the MR bonus points posted a day or two later.

      • Tilly71 says:

        Brilliant, thanks for remembering my previous Q. I’m just awaiting my last few transactions to go and update my balance over 1k I made in the week. I expect these to update overnight so maybe by Wednesday my 21k MR will be ready to redeem.

      • Tilly71 says:

        Can I just confirm that was from an upgrade from gold rewards to plat using the email link offer?

        • Genghis says:

          Yes, that’s right. I remember your worry was that there wasn’t a ‘count down’ to your points on the Amex website.

        • Tilly71 says:

          Yes, I got used to that reminder tool in your account on gold showing how much spend until you reach your bonus. Once again thanks for remembering me, your a star!

        • Tom H says:

          Hi Tilly, did you get a targeted email for the upgrade from gold or did you just use the link that was posted previously?

        • Genghis says:

          We used the link that was posted on HfP comments and got the points

    • Fenny says:

      Similar to when I cancelled my car insurance last summer. They charged me around £25-30 to cancel and sent me a refund of the net premiums paid.

  8. harry says:

    Well this game is not for the curtain twitchers lol

    If you are worried about gaming it, don’t game it 🙂

    No problem with that.

    • Genghis says:

      Completely agree. This hobby is a bit of a game for me – I get pleasure knowing I’m getting a good deal.

  9. Scott says:

    I read on the shopper points article comments that someone bought online and just quoted the code will this work does anyone know? Cba to ring up

    • Genghis says:

      Hi Scott. That was me. I only applied on Tuesday and so no points yet posted but the leaflet I received said I could apply online.

      • Scott says:

        Hi genghis
        Thanks for the reply I did a quote online and see there was a box for putting a code in so the shouldn’t be any reason why it won’t work?. Only thing that worries me is the article says it’s for phone customers only so it would be a waste of time doing it online if the points weren’t awarded.

        • Genghis says:

          I’m hoping the points post! If not, I still have the flyer showing I could apply online and get 4,000 cc points so a complaint will be duly made.

        • Someone else told me they had a leaflet saying that online applications were OK. This is definitely not what the original version on the leaflet said – perhaps it drove no business so they decided to change it?

        • Scott says:

          Would be nice if someone put a scan of said leaflet to confirm this….. Anyone? Wink wink

  10. Tilly71 says:

    I dont think we will see the bonus points posted in a few days, I would expect the same 5-6 weeks but maybe a little sooner. I’m not sure if this is relevant but last year I took out their home insurance for the £30 gift card offer, it arrived just after 4 weeks.

  11. Simon says:

    Anyone know how quickly the 4000 points will post?

    I’m shortly about to complete on a house I’m going to renovate then going to run it as a holiday rental once done. Just need basic house insurance to start then a more specialised insurance thereafter so this may work.

  12. Tilly71 says:

    I would estimate 4-6 weeks to get the bonus points added to your account.

    • I’ve just got a policy today saving me £70 a year with more cover than my previous policy.. Points will post in 6 weeks I was told … Happy Bunny.

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